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Happy Thursday (:

Its a Raining, cold day here in the good old south… So I get down in the blues because of the rain, sometimes it just messes up all my plans. So I am trying to look a happy things and think of ways to stay happy and not be blue…

5 ways to be happy!

  • Cupcakes, I love cupcakes as you all know! I love going somewhere I can get a cupcake or something sweet. Either a cupcake shop which there is none here in Anderson, sc so I like to go to the local coffee shop. Ecity Java. When I get down in the blues and tired of being in the house, so I grab my laptop or iPad and head on over and get a warm cup of coffee and a little treat. ( if you go to Ecity java their peanut butter cookies are amazing!)
  • Taking your doggie for a walk, not only you are in the bright warm sun you are getting to spend good, fun time with your dog. And while you enjoying this you are getting a good dose of Vitamin D. If you don’t have a dog, take a small walk, grab your iPod or mp3 player. Put on some up beat music and smile!
  • funny movies and pjs, one pick-me up is that I love to grab my favorite funny movie and some comfy pjs. Laughing is the greatest thing to make you feel better so watching something sunny helps.. Dont watch some crazy lifetime movie, they can be depressing!
  • Bubble baths. Need to get unstressed from a long hard day…. run you a big warm bubble bath, light some candles, and some wine… now thats is very relaxing and if you are relaxed it helps with your happiness.
  • Hanging with your girlfriends. Have a girls night.

Well those are some of my happy pick-me ups… do you have any you like to share? Email me and I will post them if you like. Thanks for stopping by!


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July, My Birthday Month. lol

Hey everyone!!!

How is all my beautiful readers???
I am doing great! Summer has been awesome so far! We just got back from the Smokeout on Sunday, we had a really good time. We made some new friends and kept the old ones. lol There was some drama, drinking, and some good old burnouts. It just wasn’t I thought it would be. I thought it was going to be bigger and lots of people don’t get me wrong there was a lot of people but still not as big as what I thought. I hope I get to go next year with Curtis bike. lol He going to try and start working on it soon. He said he is going to rebuild it himself insead of paying someone to fix it.

Well Its July and my Birthday is this month!! I still don’t know what I am going to do.  Also this month I am have a Pure Romance Party on the 24th.   Miss. Heather Moore is the one that I know that sells it. I thought it would be fun to have us girls over at the house for some drinks and some fun.. I hope it all works out and just fun!

hmm Well I am going to post some pics.. below.. I’ll will try to update more often!!! love yall

I have more I just post some more later… They are also on my Facebook

lots of love



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Spring is in the Air…

It’s Spring, though it feels like summer.
So how was everybody Easter weekend? Ours was great.

Friday I went to the lake with Curtis and Kayla and her sister and her good friend Cathy.. It was a blast. We laid out, tanned and swim in Ice cold lake water. Curtis got super burned!! His poor belly is our bedroom red!! I also got a little sun. We also got some yard work done.. can’t wait to start planting some flowers.. I am wanting a yellow bush and some firms.. Curtis has basically cut down all the bushes in the front yard.  here is a photo I know.. they are super cute. if only I knew what they were called.. But when I went to pick the girls up. Everytime Kayla  saw a yellow bush she yelled out “YELLOW BUSH’!! haha good times good times. To the right is me and Kayla and her sister Jessi.. we are all crazy.. We went to target and wanted to buy new swim suits. Which Kayla brought a super cute yellow tube 2 piece suit.. its is super cute.. I also got a teal tube 2 piece suite.. Its girly but it reminds me of pin-up girls. I love it and its fits perfect!!  I want to upload the photo of it.. its not wanting to let me upload it.. ugh i hate At&t internet. it so slow

As soon I can I will post it.

Saturday We went to the Richey Egg Hunt. Which was really fun. I got to meet his a lot of his family. I really enjoyed it and I think Curtis did too (: Ok so I can upload small pics. I can’t up load photos from my cam bc my dang net is too slow.

Sunday Easter! It was fun. We went to Curtis’ Sisters’ house, Amanda. We were going to go to church and my family’s from lunch. But I woke up not feeling well with a really bad headache. I baked a cake.. Cherry Coke Chocolate Cake!! It was very yummy!!! It was a big hit!!! I will post the recipe if anyone is wanting it. Or just email at courtneyrevels@gmail.com and I email you the recipe!! 🙂

Curtis and I being goofy… Our Easter Wear.

This weekend was really fun and good. I really enjoyed Curtis being home this weekend too and we got to spend some time together. I wish I could post more photos.


have a great week!!



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Talking Dogs. . .

Hahaha Watching UP! and there are talking odd dogs. lol
What if our pet dogs could to talk, what would they say. hahaha

Chelsea say… I don’t know. Maybe where is my  toy.

Kobie would yell at his damn Tail.

Carter would say Play with me!!

hahaha I am crazy. Anyways I am super bored.

post later.


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Wednesday Update… Baby it’s Cold Outside.

Yes, it is very cold outside. Staying indoors today/ night.
Have not done much to day. Been working on school work, I had to call in today just so I can get it done. I really don’t know what to write about today. I have catching up on others blogs and reading new ones like my friend brandy’s which you can go read hers. under Brandy M under my favorite blog. She is house wife and she and her hubby are trying to adopt a child. Real sweet girl.

a real fast update…. Craiglist scams if u are finding a place to rent be careful. Just heard on fox that a renter was renting from a company that was not real and the real owner came down from the upstate to check on her house and found someone living there.. hmm

Anyways. I am still living with my sweetie. In my last post which was super short I said that we got a new puppy. Carter Blue Richey our new edition to the family.  He is a beautiful boxer. He is loving his new home, you should see Chelsea and Carter play, it a super cute sight. I’ll to add photos at the end of the post.

I started classes this week, which are 4 class that are all online. Which I hope won’t to much to handle and go to work. Ah the news just said snow this weekend. haha I believe it when I see it. ya know.

Well this spring and summer we are planning some new things. I give details later. Also I am planning a St Pattys Party. But it going to be the saturday before the big day. I am also going to bake a Heart cake for Feb. 14. Just need some ideas on cake type and all that good stuff. Well I am going to head out.

Be sure to add me on Facebook and follow me on twitter. (:

Though today has not been good. I have been down and my knees hurt. I just want to go lay down and sleep today. I just dont feel like doing anything today. I have been doing school work, but I think I am going to take a shower. But I need to finish school work, clean the house, and eat real food other than oreos.

❤ Court


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A Holiday to Remember. . .

Happy December!!
It’s not the 1st day of winter, but it sure does feel like it this morning. I woke up at 6:30 AM went out to my car and there was frost. How crazy is that? I got to wear my winter coat for the real 1st time. lol I am real excited about this holiday which I say that is bc 1oth is the last day of 1st semster. So I have month off of school. This Dec. is going to be exciting I am spending Christmas and doing Christmas with Curtis this year. That I never thought I would do. After Christmas Curtis and I are driving up to Maine to spend New Year’s with my Mother. !!! This is going to be so much fun. We get to see real snow and lots of it.

One thing I love about the holidays is that I get to make all kinds of goodies (: I was looking at Better Homes Mag this morning and saw many things I like to try this year. When it comes to sweets that is. So whatever I bake will post photos and if any good I post the awesome part that makes it. lol I also post them on Twitter and Facebook. Which u find my Twitter updates on the right and my Facebook link is in my About me page.  


Also started the Christmas season off by riding for toy for tots in Anderson on last Sunday. That was a big thing. I say there were over 600 bikers. This is not the best of photo…. I forgot my Cam. so This is all I have of that day. (sorry) 

Well I am not sure what else to write at the moment. Had a Great Thanksgiving with Curtis. Hurt by some of my family but thats another post of another day. I post some more later.



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Halloween Weekend o)

Hey everyone!!

Ahhh its the spookiest time of the year…. yay!! I want to wish everyone a happy spooky safe and fun HALLOWEEN!!!

My Plans:
Cory a friend of a friend is having a party tonight, so I might go check it out while my baby Curtis is working. I am trying to get Kayla to go with me. I don’t like going alone to these types of things. Then Curtis and I are going Line Dancing this weekend. lol I never been and think it would be a blast. lol Also Another friend wants me to come to their party… its a maybe… Saturday Kayla and I might do something together. Thats HAlLOWEen (: I want to give out candy… I love doing that its so much fun seeing all the kids dressed up. Since Curtis is working this weekend I will be in Anderson/Easley this weekend and I am up with anything till he gets off. Since I crash at his place on the weekends lol I am silly. Ryan wants to get together too….

HMMM… I GOT MY BRACES OFF!!!!!! (:  My ED well it comes and goes… like yesterday didn’t eat all day till like real late and it was barely anything. The day before I don’t remember eating. But today I did have breakfast. But small. I tell myself I am fat all the time.. what if I just loose 10 pounds or at least 5 then I would be 140 to 145… thats not too bad??  Well I think it drives Curtis Crazy. He doesn’t really say anything about it, just that he worries and that he here for me… idk. Curtis is one amazing person. Thats all I can say… I am smitten … yes I am (: Right now I am watching Peyton 🙂

The dogs are doing great… Blue and Chelsea… I will soon update the doggie blog…. having two blogs is hard. Welll I hope every is good. I still do not have net at my place. BUt I might one day. lol

Also I have an awesome new hair style 🙂 I post photos at the end…. hmmm… I hope this weekend will be fun and awesome. lol I am so so bored hahaha laters my friends.

court THis is what my costume kinda looks like lol I am a pin up girl 🙂



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A New Week, New goals, & New Things to See :]

Its me again, Sorry I have not updated again I am really going to try and do this daily. But anyways, how is everyone’s week/ July the 4th went? Mine was really good, Saw some old/new friends and just had a good old time. Saw some wonderful fireworks and listened to some great music and had some amazing brownies!!! 🙂 (dark chocolate) Anyways Its Monday night, about to be tomorrow. I have one or two photos of this week I might post them at the end or put them on my photo stream. Today I did not do much of anything, I got home early this morning, I got lunch about 11 and for some reason I fell asleep and did not get up till 5:30 p.m., so I am wide awake with nothing to do. I guess thats why I am updating this thing. haha So this week I am going to set some short term goals or maybe some for this month. I am taking down the diet page, I lost the 10 or so pounds and I am stopping at that. 🙂 OK so I am going to post some goals and see where it takes me.  

  • Find a job this month
  • Finish a book
  • Finish house breaking Chelsea ( did I post a photo of her?) 
  • Mix up the Ipod 
  • I am thinking of going jogging in the mornings i have been thinking of this for awhile and think  I might do it. 
  • I need a new hobby haha
  • oh yea stick with operation beautiful (.com) 
  • Add a photo to my book 🙂 
  • NO ICE CREAM  (alan been great at helping me at this one.. kinda )
  • Call Ervin. 

Ok so thats a lot I guess.. Anyways I think if i set this good but some silly goals it will make life more fulling Ok So that like 10 goals, I will update with I start or finish one. and give you details. I think this is good things. umm

Do you ever feel like something is missing in your life, but you think you found something to fill that missing spot? I think I have many missing spots in my life and I am trying to fill them. Thats why i go to college to fill that having a meaning or something to work for. I think we all have these so call holes and we go through life trying to fill them… Though right now happiness is the real big one for me right now, I am happy just trying to stay that way. Ya know what I mean? But I could go on and on about all this, but I am not. I am just trying to live life the way I want and be happy, and one day find love. Which I am in no hurry on that one. haha Moving on… 

Operation Beautiful: 
Ok I saw this on a friends blog and I thought this is an awesome idea… What you doing is your are taking post it notes and you are writing something good on it. Like you are beautiful and then you stick it wherever to promote self confidence. like the other day i went around wal mart taking little notes and putting it on diet foods and mags, basically you are saying don’t let society tell how to act, dress, live, and what to eat. (to stop fat talk)…. check the web site.  I think this is a great because you go around in stores and you see all this stuff promoting the thin/skinny is what the world wants and what men and so on wants. (sex sells) yea sex does sell, look at the tv and you see all the ads and the women and men are super hot and sexy. But a lot times that not real, you can do so much with a computer it ain’t funny. You can take a photo put it on photoshop and I can make you skinny, fat, blonde or whatever. So my point is we should not let the world tell us what to do. Love yourself, love what you do, be happy, and make love. Its your life and your life is what you make it. but still don’t let others tell you aint beautiful, because you are the most beautiful person inside and out. 🙂 So go out and spread the love. visit the sire http://www.operationbeautiful.com 

well I think this is it for now. i am at 734 words. 


love who you are, you are beautiful so smile like there ain't a tomorrow :)

love who you are, you are beautiful so smile like there ain't a tomorrow 🙂

Chelsea <3

Chelsea ❤


kourt ❤

Nightly night 


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Twilight and its still raining.

Twilight quote Pictures, Images and Photos

k, I was on photobucket and found this quote from Twilight and I like it because One its still pouring down raining and this is so true about me!! So I guess Bella and me have something in common. 🙂

I still love the rain, its so nice and has a neat smell to it.


Ps updating diet page tonight so check back around 9 or so. 🙂

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New Little Project.

I am starting up something that I think will be fun, and just something little to do on the side. I am going to start playing around with CSS code to work with my blog, I want to make it more me. I also making banners/ headers in photoshop. My English teacher was telling my about something that is real easy to do, but I forgot what it is called. It started with a G it like photoshop. Anyways. Today in English class I had to make a logo and I didn’t want to use just any old logo from word or powerpoint. So I had my photoshop on my thumb drive so I started playing around on it. Which it turned out pretty cute, which its very basic. but Chic. So my teacher is wanting me to make her a header. banner for her blog. She wants Italy theme with words embellish on it. So I am going to start working hers.  I am going to start posting what I come up with and process and everything, just I am going to need some help. I want you my readers to get the word out about my little project to bloggers. I am doing this for the bloggers that are tried of the boring old headers/ banners and want something new.  

As you can see that my banner now is a care bear. I am thinking of adding something cute to it. but I dont know yet. I might just start something new all together. 

This is the one i am using for class...

This is the one i am using for class...

made smaller just for space on post. So what do you think? Its just one small start. This is just some of the basic i can do. the more I do as soon as I post them.  

My Teachers blog http://tracilawrence.blogspot.com/

this is the 1st one i came up with.

this is the 1st one i came up with.










one little update before I go to the readers of my last post, i am not going back to Ana she won’t be happy but I am just going to do a low cal diet. I update on diet page….





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