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Washington DC Photos and whatever lol

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Southern Sweet Tea

Hi! I know this is a kinda Random post, but I have had some friends ask how do I make my tea. Because its “real Sweet” Which to sweet tea is not sweet tea unless its sweet. So I thought to share how I make my sweet tea the southern way and Courtney’s way.

Step one! You need Lipton tea bags.. family size! And you need 3 of the bags. Get a pot fill with water, add  the bags and add to stove top. Bring to boil.

Step Two. While pot on stove put 2 Cups of real sugar in 1 gal pitcher!

Step Three! Pour the hot tea in the pitcher, stir till sugar is melted. Fill with cold water. let it sit out for about 10 mins then let it chill.

To serve fill glasses with lots of ice if serving warm.. then pour! If serving cold just add some ice! Enjoy!!  Oh yea don’t forget the lemon!

Now if you wanting to have a nice little cocktail add some firefly to some sweet tea or to some lemon. Which just for a fun fact, firefly is made here in the good old south in good old Charleston!!!!

I hope you enjoy!



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It has been forever since I have updated!!!!!!!

Well things are going good, getting ready for our DC trip!! WE are getting really excited! We are leaving Sunday night and staying about a week. Also I am reading a good book! Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which I am wanting another one lol.

I am learning a lot these days too oh and baking. Please Check out my Cupcake Blog. (

I am thinking of Changing my blog name since that is what I am using for my cupcakes. I am trying to think a cute name. But I have a really good idea what it is going to be. SO look out for that new name, but I am going to keep the same banner and design. I will be posting photos soon. I can’t remember my flickr account password…

I can’t wait for Sept!! Sept 6th is our 1 year!!! We I think will be in DC. I am hoping to get photos made again!! Also my sister is having twin girls!! She is wanting me to plan the baby shower, hmm what else is new??? Oh my mother is coming down in DEC! I can’t wait!!!!

Anyways going to go update more laterS! This summer is coming to an end!!! ):

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Sweet Cupcakes by Courtney link

Hey everyone! Please check out my Bakery cupcake blog!

Let me know what you think! thanks.

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Its August

Just a quit update!

How is everyone? I have  stopped of some what of dieting, I just don’t think too and I just dont eat as much I as I have been.  Anyways I am trying to get my Cupcake Buss. up and running. Anyways the summer has been really good. Its going by super fast and its almost to an end… Though its not over till Sept.

Well to end our summer we are going to Washington DC!! I can’t wait! We are going after Curtis birthday, we will be staying with our friend Justin and we are seeing a concert.. But we are staying a week.

Also in Dec, my mama is coming down from Christmas!! Hopefuly my little brother will come down too! I just can’t wait for the cooler weather to get here!

Well i am going to call it a night!



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Its been too long

Hey yall!

I am still here and I am sorry I haven’t updated!! I had almost went over my internet so I had to stop using for a week… till the new month starts… Well I am back and still alive.. some good news is that, well i lost 3 pounds… Not a lot but hey its better than nothing.

two weekends ago it was birthday which was great. I have photos. I put them up as soon as I can. It has been somewhat busy. My sister had surdgy, she had kidney stones, but don’t worry the babies are fine.. Next week she gets to find out what they are!!! I can’t wait!!! I need to start thinking of baby shower ides!

Well today we took Kobie to the Groomers.. I am going to try and open a Cupcake Bakery… But I am going to start from home. I am going to start a little blog/website for it.. anyways.. I will update later and upload some photos!!

lots of love



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Day 3

Hey yall sorry I didn’t post anything but a photo yesterday, but I went to my sisters and well I blew it… I ate chocolate pie and ate like 4 mini  things.. SO YESTERDAY I ate 1200 cals maybe more.. But today!!

Has been awesome!! I got my hair which is super cute!

But my food intake


Grilled Chicken Salad
Chichen: 170 cals
Salad: 6 cals
low fat dressing: 25 cals

total: 201 🙂

Anyways here is my new hair. I well update this post tonight!! (4:51)

at 8:30pm –

Chicken, same type that was used in the salad: 170 cals

Broccoli 27 cals 1/2 serving.

total: 197 🙂

Oh Goals:

  • Try to clean up some cutler
  • walk Chelsea /jog

I have done really well today.. and I am happy! ❤ I hope everyone is doing good this week!! My birthday is Friday and I am hoping to do something, but I am not sure yet.  Anyways Have a good night everyone!!

lots of love



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The old

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Day One/ Week One

Ok so its day one yay!! And well day one has been great so far! I have had a yummy lunch which was under 200 cals. Which is awesome..

Breakfast: none
Lunch: Salad with few small bite size grilled Chicken.

So for the rest of the day my goals are:

  • Clean my house
  • Walk the Pups
  • Cook Dinner
  • Drink water.

On Sunday I will weigh myself and post what goals I felt like I completed. Also I am trying to think of a name for my Diet Plan?? Any Ideas?? Well I will update this post tonight. 🙂 (4:01pm)

Hey! Its 10pm here at home.. and I thought about posting how today went before I finish my true blood. Ok so I had no sweets or anything that was really bad for me 🙂 I say today was about 800 cal day or less.. I am going to start keeping up more with the cals and write everything down. I didn’t get to jog with Chelsea today.. it started storming real bad and still is. So I thought to jog twice tomorrow.

So how was everyones day? I am still needing on buying a scale, just worries if I buy one I will weigh myself 20 times a day… hmm thats why I got rid of one to begin with and other reasons. But I am not going to back to Ana.. I have to do this the healthy way!!!!!

Well goodnight my friends! Update tomorrow 🙂

lots of love

Court. or Kourt

thinspo.. 🙂

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Sunday Afternoon


Well  today is a good day, I guess. I woke up around 10 which is early for me. I am doing good, I am relaxing with my pups and they are taking naps.  I am watching All about Steve and washing some clothes. I don’t know what I am going to do for lunch/ dinner. I just haven’t been in the mood to eat anything today. Later I am going to take Carter and Chelsea for a walk, just waiting for it to cool down some. Its still very hot out.

Goals for this afternoon and the rest of the day:

  • Finish washing some clothes
  • clean the dishes
  • find something to eat even if its a bowl of cereal
  • walk the dogs.

Hmmm… what else to write about… Oh my diet starts tomorrow!! yay!! I will keep yall updated!!

lots of love


ps if I think of some wise words or anything at all I will post them!!! 🙂

I found a cute tracker to track my weight loss… SO I want to loose about 40 pounds. 🙂

Created by MyFitnessPal – Free Calorie Counter


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