July, My Birthday Month. lol

Hey everyone!!!

How is all my beautiful readers???
I am doing great! Summer has been awesome so far! We just got back from the Smokeout on Sunday, we had a really good time. We made some new friends and kept the old ones. lol There was some drama, drinking, and some good old burnouts. It just wasn’t I thought it would be. I thought it was going to be bigger and lots of people don’t get me wrong there was a lot of people but still not as big as what I thought. I hope I get to go next year with Curtis bike. lol He going to try and start working on it soon. He said he is going to rebuild it himself insead of paying someone to fix it.

Well Its July and my Birthday is this month!! I still don’t know what I am going to do.  Also this month I am have a Pure Romance Party on the 24th.   Miss. Heather Moore is the one that I know that sells it. I thought it would be fun to have us girls over at the house for some drinks and some fun.. I hope it all works out and just fun!

hmm Well I am going to post some pics.. below.. I’ll will try to update more often!!! love yall

I have more I just post some more later… They are also on my Facebook

lots of love



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2 responses to “July, My Birthday Month. lol

  1. imaginenamaste

    Haha July is my birthday month, too! I love the pics!

  2. Really!! well happy birthday!!

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