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SC 1st Snow Fall

The last South Carolina White Christmas was 47 years ago, till 2010 Christmas. It starting Snowing Christmas Day around 3pm. It was pretty! There was about 2 inches on the ground about 11 Pm that night. I have never seen a white Christmas here in SC. I have seen snow during Christmas time last year while in Maine. Well Here are some Chilly Photos!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and if you got snow, a fun snow day! Of Course our snow only lasted about a day or so. But we enjoyed all of the snow. Carter was scared of the snow, he didn’t want to go outside, he just didn’t really know what to think of it I suppose. I am not a big fan of snow either but it was nice and I like to look at it. Maybe we get some more snow soon. SO  who is ready for the new year? I am making a list the list for 2011. On Jan 1st is my 2 year date from when I started this blog. Which My blog has came a long way from then. I hope to do a fun post then! Well i am going to go I hope to update soon! I am going to my Grandmothers tomorrow for a Christmas Gathering. It should be fun.

Night my lovely Readers!


Our House Christmas Night all lit up! Very pretty!!

Us in the Snow at my Aunts for Christmas Dinner.

Cute Little Snowman



The Day After Christmas! So pretty!

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Thanksgiving Week in the South

Happy Thanksgiving Week everyone! This is the week is when Curtis and I start getting ready for the big dinner! This is our 2nd Thanksgiving together, we cooked last year and we are cooking again this year too! Our loving dinner menu:

  • Turkey and Dressing
  • Green beans
  • and green bean casserole
  • Sweet potatoes casserole
  • Mash Potatoes
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Rolls
  • Pumpkin Cheese Cake
  • Homemade Cranberry Sauce.

I am wanting to make something with Chocolate but I am not sure on what yet. Any ideas?

Thanksgiving to me is the day to give thanks and the day that fall ends and to start getting ready for Christmas. I am wanting to put up our tree Friday or Saturday. I made a pretty Christmas wreath under $10 yesterday, which I love! Now I am needing a wreath holder so I can hang it on the door! Well this week I am hoping to blog little something about Thanksgiving. Like my favorite recipe, what I am thankful, photos, and maybe something more (:

the lovely wreath I made.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and Holiday!

xoxo, Court!


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Giggles of Fun!

Here is a fun little post!!

I brought these socks Thursday.. They are Betsey Johnson, and I think they are meant for Halloween. But I love them!! They go over the knee and they are warm! I am wearing them with shorts and a hot pink tee tonight for a mid-night dinner with Curtis. Cute?!

Today has been good, I slept better last night again 🙂 Tomorrow we are going to try and make it to the flea-market!! I hope we do! I am wanting some Doughnuts!!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! !  Hmm… I am thinking of planning a Halloween Party. Looking up different things to do and so on. is anyone planning on having one? Would you like to share your ideas?? I am also do the Countdown to Halloween this year. It starts Oct. 1st. Everyday of OCT you have to do a post related to Halloween…. I am excited I love Halloween!! Anyways hope everyone has a great night!!! Also what yall think of my new Sig??


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Granny’s Coffee and CatNip Tea.

Hey I went to my Granny’s today. She gave me some coffee cups. I really like them (:

I brought some CatNip today, I was told it will help with Sleep. I have been having problems  sleeping here lately so I am going to try it. I hope it works! I will let you know if it does! All I was told to do is boil some water then add the Cat Nip in a tea bag and boil for 10 mins to add honey or lemon. Also its good for headaches.

I will post tomorrow if it works!



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It has been forever since I have updated!!!!!!!

Well things are going good, getting ready for our DC trip!! WE are getting really excited! We are leaving Sunday night and staying about a week. Also I am reading a good book! Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which I am wanting another one lol.

I am learning a lot these days too oh and baking. Please Check out my Cupcake Blog. ( sweetcupcakesbycourtney.blogspot.com)

I am thinking of Changing my blog name since that is what I am using for my cupcakes. I am trying to think a cute name. But I have a really good idea what it is going to be. SO look out for that new name, but I am going to keep the same banner and design. I will be posting photos soon. I can’t remember my flickr account password…

I can’t wait for Sept!! Sept 6th is our 1 year!!! We I think will be in DC. I am hoping to get photos made again!! Also my sister is having twin girls!! She is wanting me to plan the baby shower, hmm what else is new??? Oh my mother is coming down in DEC! I can’t wait!!!!

Anyways going to go update more laterS! This summer is coming to an end!!! ):

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Its August

Just a quit update!

How is everyone? I have  stopped of some what of dieting, I just don’t think too and I just dont eat as much I as I have been.  Anyways I am trying to get my Cupcake Buss. up and running. Anyways the summer has been really good. Its going by super fast and its almost to an end… Though its not over till Sept.

Well to end our summer we are going to Washington DC!! I can’t wait! We are going after Curtis birthday, we will be staying with our friend Justin and we are seeing a concert.. But we are staying a week.

Also in Dec, my mama is coming down from Christmas!! Hopefuly my little brother will come down too! I just can’t wait for the cooler weather to get here!

Well i am going to call it a night!



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Summer Photos

I have more, but here is just a few. I will post the rest on my Flickr (: and the they are on facebook too. If you haven’t already you can add me on there!! (: Well goodnight my beautiful readers, its 4 in the morning.

Courtney ❤


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Goodbye Weekend

This weekend has been good…  How has everyones weekend been? I didn’t really do anything to hot I guess.. lol Well Friday it was suppose to be my party, but that didn’t happen. A lot of people that I invited cancel on me last minute. Which I am not going to have a party with very few people. So I didn’t do anything Friday, I ended up feeling sick and I had awful cramps that I could barely get out of bad.

Saturday was a fun day. That morning Curtis and I went looking at 1972 Orange Beetle. It was super cute. We drove it, just it was really small. Also that day I went to the Azalea Festival with Kayla. Her sister was dancing there so I wanted to see her dance. We did a little shopping and ate some yummy food.

Hmm and today is Sunday!! I am not really doing anything right now I washed a little bit of clothes and Watching WE tv. Well I update some more later.. maybe I post some photos. 🙂




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Red is how I feel right now

Ok this post is just really about venting. Here in the past few days, weeks, months… some are basically not talking to me. And they are the ones that should never stop talking to you.

You see their facebook updates and postings and it to others.. and they just disregurd your post or question or just hey how are you questions. The people you love and care about and they act like they don’t give a damn. Then there are friends that you thought were your friends but they just really don’t care. They act like you are even there when you try and talk to them. And I have known these handful of people a really long time.

Oh and there is this one person that sometimes makes me so ill at times and this person can be so rude and hateful. And you would never think this person would ever be this why, bc they are suppose to be there for you and care for you and love you. But they judge you, get jealous of you, think that they are always right. Oh and they look down on you. And they say they are a godly, loving, caring person but this person is not that way to me. Ok this person loves me and care for about me, but they treat you like crap.

We suppose to be there for each other but I feel like I can’t talk to this person and that when i do I am judge or just idk… I just wish it was different.

Curtis tells me that I get too upset on what people think or say about me. I shouldn’t care what people think about me. I am me and friends and family should love you for you. But around some I feel like I have to a different person or I just feel out a place. And gosh people can be nosey at times.

And I miss my mother.. one person I can tell everything too! Though I can tell everything to Curtis but hey a girl still needs her mother. 🙂

Well I going to go. I post more laters. 🙂

Court ❤

OH I love my hot pink nike shoes.. its like walking on Marshmallows!!

Hoping of going to the lake tomorrow!!!


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Spring is in the Air…

It’s Spring, though it feels like summer.
So how was everybody Easter weekend? Ours was great.

Friday I went to the lake with Curtis and Kayla and her sister and her good friend Cathy.. It was a blast. We laid out, tanned and swim in Ice cold lake water. Curtis got super burned!! His poor belly is our bedroom red!! I also got a little sun. We also got some yard work done.. can’t wait to start planting some flowers.. I am wanting a yellow bush and some firms.. Curtis has basically cut down all the bushes in the front yard.  here is a photo I know.. they are super cute. if only I knew what they were called.. But when I went to pick the girls up. Everytime Kayla  saw a yellow bush she yelled out “YELLOW BUSH’!! haha good times good times. To the right is me and Kayla and her sister Jessi.. we are all crazy.. We went to target and wanted to buy new swim suits. Which Kayla brought a super cute yellow tube 2 piece suit.. its is super cute.. I also got a teal tube 2 piece suite.. Its girly but it reminds me of pin-up girls. I love it and its fits perfect!!  I want to upload the photo of it.. its not wanting to let me upload it.. ugh i hate At&t internet. it so slow

As soon I can I will post it.

Saturday We went to the Richey Egg Hunt. Which was really fun. I got to meet his a lot of his family. I really enjoyed it and I think Curtis did too (: Ok so I can upload small pics. I can’t up load photos from my cam bc my dang net is too slow.

Sunday Easter! It was fun. We went to Curtis’ Sisters’ house, Amanda. We were going to go to church and my family’s from lunch. But I woke up not feeling well with a really bad headache. I baked a cake.. Cherry Coke Chocolate Cake!! It was very yummy!!! It was a big hit!!! I will post the recipe if anyone is wanting it. Or just email at courtneyrevels@gmail.com and I email you the recipe!! 🙂

Curtis and I being goofy… Our Easter Wear.

This weekend was really fun and good. I really enjoyed Curtis being home this weekend too and we got to spend some time together. I wish I could post more photos.


have a great week!!



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