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My new blog is up and running. Please go on over and become a follower of the new one I will not be posting from this one anymore. I would love to have all my readers to move on over to blogger (:

my link: 

there are a lot of new things to see to come!



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happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a great Easter and everyone remembers why we celebrate Easter! Curtis and I had a great Easter Weekend. We had his Family gathering Saturday. The Richey Easter Egg Hunt. Which is his whole family!! Then Sunday we went to Enon for Easter Service and had  a lovely Easter lunch with my family. It was so good to spend the weekend with family! Also Curtis and I went for a ride on the motorcycle, went up to a tunnel in the mountains. We had to stop there because we were getting to close to NC which we would have to wear helmets. It was a good weekend!



Also I have a launching date for my new blog!! U can click on the Icon for the new blog or type the address in the web bar. (:

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Coming soon

Hey Yall!

I am still here and well!!!!

I will be launching my New blog here soon!!! Hopfuly after Easter if not MAY 1st!!!!! So check back for link and all the juicy details! A lot has happened this past month and I am hoping to share all that with you guys. I will be having cupcake pages, photography, art and everything is going to be very neat and clean!

Hope yall will follow me over!

lots of love


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Pen-Pals and Egg Salad??

Hey Y’all! How is everyone on the fine Wednesday afternoon?? I am doing great, I have had a good day today, though it has been low-key and relax day… The weather man is calling for rain today… so the clouds are getting dark and I hear a storm coming. So I thought lets do a post before the storm and maybe take a nap (: I love some rainy day nap taken!!! 🙂

Well Today when I checked the mail I had a Pen-Pal letter!! I have also go another one last week… But this one was pink! lol I Have a couple I am going to get mailed out that I written today. I think it is so cool that people are still hand-writing letters. It is so old fashion and neat. 🙂 Miss Kellie has started the whole pen-pal thing… you can go on over there and sign up!! Just click on her name 🙂

Miss Cuppy is the one who sent me this pinky letter (: you can check her blog out too..   Her blog is super cute!

So you are probley thinking where is the egg salad???? Well Last night I made egg Salad which I craving… Odd?? So I made egg salad and Carter watched hoping he would get some! I added tuna to my egg salad to add some meat to it plus I love tuna!! I tried the new Olive Oil Mayo.. which it was pretty tasty for mayo.. Even though it wasn’t Dukes Mayo… hehe. So I took some photos! (:

My yummy Egg salad sandwich!

Carter, the goofy Boxer with his famous Puppy dog face!!

This was me last night waiting for the eggs to cook!

So there you have it!! A lovely post for today. I am still working on my new blog, I am thinking of launching it here pretty soon. Still not sure if I should move all my post over to blogger or I should just start new… Maybe this summer or first of May. Anywho have a great rest of a Wednesday!


Me and my love Muffin today before he left for work!! 🙂


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♥ Spring has made it! It has started today on this chilly, cloudy Sunday. Today has been a really good day and the weekend was great! Well everything was great… I have been a little down all because of my weight. But I am not really wanting to talk about it.  But talking about helps right? Lets just say I stepped on a scale and well I didn’t like what it said….

♥ The good part of this weekend was that Kayla and I had a mini girls night! We went to a new place in downtown Greenville, which it was packed of people! It was so pretty and warm!! Well we ate at Carolina Ale. It was amazing!! They have the greatest burgers we have ever ate!!

♥ So how was everyones weekend?? Today the car got a flat!! Curtis found a piece of metal from a car rim in the tire.. He hopes that he fixed the flat! I hope so too!! Curtis is off next weekend and I am glad he is!! Curtis is hoping to fix his bike or at least start it. He said we should be riding it sometime next week! Which will be awesome!! I am ready to start riding. All of our friends are out riding and do things together and we can’t! 😦 So hopefully soon we can be joining the gang here soon!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and going to be week!!

I hope you enjoy the photos!!! Oh the bible study went great and hope to keep on studying!! (:


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So Ready for Friday!

happy Wednesday!

I have been super busy today! I have been cleaning like crazy and I cooked a roast for dinner!! The house smells really good and nice. I wish it looked the clean all the time! haha!! (:  Well I tried using my chalk board paint to finish my frame for the kitchen, but it dried really funny.. Idk just looks odd now.

Well I am hoping to start painting the kitchen this Friday  and work in the yard Saturday! We are painting the kitchen Olive Green! I am super excited.. I think it will make the kitchen look ten times better than it does now! I can’t wait to get started. Anywho I did finish painting my front door red.. I have pics, but I can’t find my SD card to post a photo 😦 But as soon I as I find it I will post it! I know a few of you want to see it!!

Well Tomorrow my sister is coming up, we are having a Bible study with an old friend of the family’s. We are excited to see her again! I am not going to say names because she might not want me to. hmmm lets see what else is new…. Curtis is working this weekend, but on the 26th I am planning a girls night out… I hope I can get a good group of girls together. I am excited to have a night with us girls!

I have lost some weight!! I am not sure what my weight is, bc I am not wanting to put a scale in the house bc I will weigh myself 20 times a day!!! But I can fit into my Buckle jeans a size 6/8 not sure what the size is, but that good right? My butt has gotta smaller!!! yay! I have been taking green tea, cooking more, and doing work outs, and jogging everyday. Unless it rains I can’t jog. But I am happy. I am going to get fit for the summer!!! I gotta fit into that cute pink bikini! 🙂 and look good!! WEll i am going to go guys… I am going to get ready for bed time!

night! , xoxo



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Things I am in Love with

At the moment!

I have had a crapy day.. I have start my “girl thing” and the first day is always the worst!! SO I thought to post a post about what I am really into at the moment! There are so many things I love and I just want to share it with you all and maybe brighten your day if you are not doing well today like me!

SO enjoy!!

I am in love with this movie! Curtis and I rented it this past weekend and well I love it and so did Curtis! It was a wonderful movie and has some great songs too! I am going to have to get my hands on the soundtrack!! (:

Merlot Red Wine! I found this Saturday at Food Lion looking for a new wine to try and this one caught my eye. I have never tried Merlot before till Sat. and I fell in love with this one! Its soft, smooth and has a bust of fruits! I love it!! And only for $7 for a bottle!!!

Old Cut off  jean shorts! I have been seeing these around a lot this season!! I am so getting a pair for the summer at least one pair… But from where?? I am not wanting to spend no more than $30 for a pair! Any ideas be great!!! (:

Nude Colored Heels! Which I am wanting a pair for the new season!! I have lots of dresses I need a pair this color.. I haven’t worn them bc I have no shoes to match!! But I love these!!

Pretty chic pink things! I love this mail box… I wonder if Curtis will let me paint the mail box pink!!


Last but not least… Pink Swim suits! I love this one from Express!! I love it! And its on sale which is even better!! (:


Well Guys thats it for tonight! Thank you for stopping by! Still working on the new blog! I hope you guys got to take a look at it! Let me know what ya think if you did!!

GoodNight; XOXO


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When to launch new blog??

Its Coming but slowly Hey everyone! The blog is coming together but slowly. I am trying to decide if I shall import my blog post to this new blog, or just my popular ones??? What do yall think? Well Yall still should still be following my wordpress one till I start officially start post here, which I will have a big post and everything on the big day.. I might have a little party… launch date party… what do yall think on that?? hmmm Anywho.. Hope everyone is doing well Lent starts tomorrow… I am giving up facebook and Sweet Tea. What are yall giving up?

from a post on my blogger blog

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Sneak Peak…

At the new It’s a Southern Thing! Please visit leave a comment or such and let me know what you like to see! Or go ahead and start following if you like! I hope you like what you see.. Going for a new fresh and bright look!



Thank you!


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Which Design?

I am creating a new business card for my online bakery Sweet Cupcakes by Courtney! I like your help please!

♥ Design 1


♥ Design 2


You can go to my page to like it or just leave a comment! I love both but can’t decide which I like more! Thanks yall for the help! (:


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