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Things I am in Love with

At the moment!

I have had a crapy day.. I have start my “girl thing” and the first day is always the worst!! SO I thought to post a post about what I am really into at the moment! There are so many things I love and I just want to share it with you all and maybe brighten your day if you are not doing well today like me!

SO enjoy!!

I am in love with this movie! Curtis and I rented it this past weekend and well I love it and so did Curtis! It was a wonderful movie and has some great songs too! I am going to have to get my hands on the soundtrack!! (:

Merlot Red Wine! I found this Saturday at Food Lion looking for a new wine to try and this one caught my eye. I have never tried Merlot before till Sat. and I fell in love with this one! Its soft, smooth and has a bust of fruits! I love it!! And only for $7 for a bottle!!!

Old Cut off  jean shorts! I have been seeing these around a lot this season!! I am so getting a pair for the summer at least one pair… But from where?? I am not wanting to spend no more than $30 for a pair! Any ideas be great!!! (:

Nude Colored Heels! Which I am wanting a pair for the new season!! I have lots of dresses I need a pair this color.. I haven’t worn them bc I have no shoes to match!! But I love these!!

Pretty chic pink things! I love this mail box… I wonder if Curtis will let me paint the mail box pink!!


Last but not least… Pink Swim suits! I love this one from Express!! I love it! And its on sale which is even better!! (:


Well Guys thats it for tonight! Thank you for stopping by! Still working on the new blog! I hope you guys got to take a look at it! Let me know what ya think if you did!!

GoodNight; XOXO


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Christmas Wish List…

Hi! Since I was going to post a recipe today, but I remember that I did earlier this week so I am going to post my Christmas Wish List! I am just wishing and well I thought to share…  I hope everyone is having a great Christmas Month. I am baking a lot more, and needing to get some more shopping done! Then Wrapping, my favorite part of the shopping! My mom is flying down on the 25th! I am very excited about seeing her! This is a busy month! I am also working on Christmas cards and finishing up making the home Christmasy, so look out for some more Christmas post! In the mean time enjoy this post!

H0 Ho Merry Christmas!

I saw this in the Bed Bath and Beyond Paper, and well I fell in Love!! It makes 8 mini Cupcakes.


(Rudolph Red Velvet Cupcake; pic from Georgetowncupcake.com) They ship cupcakes, so why not. Their Red Velvet are my favorite from GeorgeTown Cupcakes! $30 for a dozen 🙂


Black UGG boots!! I have been wanting some boots to wear over my skinny jeans. They are are super cute.

And here is something wear with the lovely boots!

Lovely White Wool Coat from Old Navy! $80 (:

Last but not least!


A pink stand mixer! i am needing a new one, so why not pink!

Thanks for Reading and Wishing with me!



ps here is Taylor Swift ~ Last Christmas 🙂


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Glitter and Cupcakes

Ok so yesterday I brought glitter Eyeshadow and cupcake lotion. My two favorite things cupcakes and glitter!! The lotion is amazing, nice and creamy. The Eye shadow goes on really smooth, it has a creamy texture. I brought these lovely items at Ulta. The bigger, and nicer “sallys” So I made a little collage for you to enjoy!! 🙂 Now I need some glitter heels and a little black dress to wear on a night out on the town!!! Well I better go, a storm is coming and its raining very hard. I think I might go get under the covers till it passes!!! Have a good night my lovely readers!!

xoxo, Court! ❤

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Giggles of Fun!

Here is a fun little post!!

I brought these socks Thursday.. They are Betsey Johnson, and I think they are meant for Halloween. But I love them!! They go over the knee and they are warm! I am wearing them with shorts and a hot pink tee tonight for a mid-night dinner with Curtis. Cute?!

Today has been good, I slept better last night again 🙂 Tomorrow we are going to try and make it to the flea-market!! I hope we do! I am wanting some Doughnuts!!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! !  Hmm… I am thinking of planning a Halloween Party. Looking up different things to do and so on. is anyone planning on having one? Would you like to share your ideas?? I am also do the Countdown to Halloween this year. It starts Oct. 1st. Everyday of OCT you have to do a post related to Halloween…. I am excited I love Halloween!! Anyways hope everyone has a great night!!! Also what yall think of my new Sig??


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