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happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a great Easter and everyone remembers why we celebrate Easter! Curtis and I had a great Easter Weekend. We had his Family gathering Saturday. The Richey Easter Egg Hunt. Which is his whole family!! Then Sunday we went to Enon for Easter Service and had  a lovely Easter lunch with my family. It was so good to spend the weekend with family! Also Curtis and I went for a ride on the motorcycle, went up to a tunnel in the mountains. We had to stop there because we were getting to close to NC which we would have to wear helmets. It was a good weekend!



Also I have a launching date for my new blog!! U can click on the Icon for the new blog or type the address in the web bar. courtneyrevels.blogspot.com (:


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Coming soon

Hey Yall!

I am still here and well!!!!

I will be launching my New blog here soon!!! Hopfuly after Easter if not MAY 1st!!!!! So check back for link and all the juicy details! A lot has happened this past month and I am hoping to share all that with you guys. I will be having cupcake pages, photography, art and everything is going to be very neat and clean!

Hope yall will follow me over!

lots of love


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Spring is in the Air…

It’s Spring, though it feels like summer.
So how was everybody Easter weekend? Ours was great.

Friday I went to the lake with Curtis and Kayla and her sister and her good friend Cathy.. It was a blast. We laid out, tanned and swim in Ice cold lake water. Curtis got super burned!! His poor belly is our bedroom red!! I also got a little sun. We also got some yard work done.. can’t wait to start planting some flowers.. I am wanting a yellow bush and some firms.. Curtis has basically cut down all the bushes in the front yard.  here is a photo I know.. they are super cute. if only I knew what they were called.. But when I went to pick the girls up. Everytime Kayla  saw a yellow bush she yelled out “YELLOW BUSH’!! haha good times good times. To the right is me and Kayla and her sister Jessi.. we are all crazy.. We went to target and wanted to buy new swim suits. Which Kayla brought a super cute yellow tube 2 piece suit.. its is super cute.. I also got a teal tube 2 piece suite.. Its girly but it reminds me of pin-up girls. I love it and its fits perfect!!  I want to upload the photo of it.. its not wanting to let me upload it.. ugh i hate At&t internet. it so slow

As soon I can I will post it.

Saturday We went to the Richey Egg Hunt. Which was really fun. I got to meet his a lot of his family. I really enjoyed it and I think Curtis did too (: Ok so I can upload small pics. I can’t up load photos from my cam bc my dang net is too slow.

Sunday Easter! It was fun. We went to Curtis’ Sisters’ house, Amanda. We were going to go to church and my family’s from lunch. But I woke up not feeling well with a really bad headache. I baked a cake.. Cherry Coke Chocolate Cake!! It was very yummy!!! It was a big hit!!! I will post the recipe if anyone is wanting it. Or just email at courtneyrevels@gmail.com and I email you the recipe!! 🙂

Curtis and I being goofy… Our Easter Wear.

This weekend was really fun and good. I really enjoyed Curtis being home this weekend too and we got to spend some time together. I wish I could post more photos.


have a great week!!



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