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Which Design?

I am creating a new business card for my online bakery Sweet Cupcakes by Courtney! I like your help please!

♥ Design 1


♥ Design 2


You can go to my page to like it or just leave a comment! I love both but can’t decide which I like more! Thanks yall for the help! (:


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Early Spring Special

For: Sweet Cupcake by Courtney

Who is ready for Spring?

Early Spring Special! $5 off of a $30 order!! Or $10 off of a $60 order! $15 for one dozen $30 for 2 dozen. (: All orders must be in by March 1st to receive discount. Email me with questions and orders! sweetcupcakes.courtney@gmail.com

Great for Birthday parties, family gatherings, Church gatherings, sweet cravings, school, and much more!

♥ Spring Fling Strawberry New Flavor! ♥

Strawberry cupcake with Strawberry cream cheese frosting. topped with sprinkles!


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Who loves photos!?

♥ Lovely Photos by me! ♥

Today I am just going to post some photos from this past weekend and some from this week, I hope you all enjoy them!!

(newer ones at bottom)

I love this photo of Carter… He is our boxer. He thinks he is a cat… He lay on the top of the chair and curl up and sleep. Just like a kitty cat!  He is the sweeties.

Green Bay Packers or Steelers??……

♥ Green Bay Packers for this chicky! ♥

Super Bowl Party Goodies!

Happy Cheese Heads!

Our Homemade Pizza that Curtis and I made last night, homemade crust too. Pineapples, cheese, pepps, bacon, and lots of sauces! yummy!!!

Ok there you have it a you are all updated with new photos! Well I am almost done with the door, gotta put the numbers back on. I can’t wait to show everyone! I hope everyone is having a good week! We only have 2 days left till we hit the road for Gatlinburg TN! We are all very excited!

Time to go. Talk to you all soon!

Court. ♥

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A little love

I first off wanna start off with a lovely song by Mindy Gledhill. I found this video over at A Fanciful Twisther blog is very lovely, which the song inspired me to do a love/Valentines post. I wasn’t going to do a post today but I said why not! Over at her blog she made some lovely Valentine’s Day Cards, which you can go on over there and print them out if you like. (:


This is one of her lovely cards, I saw this and I fell in love! She made these herself!

I am going to post some lovely thing today, some photos, some lovelies of Curtis and I, cupcakes, and a recipe.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Movies:

The Notebook ♥
Hope Floats
Eat Pray Love ♥
10 Things I hate About You ♥
Valentine’s Day
The House Sitter
Dear John ♥
The Proposal
Pride and Prejudice ♥
AND….. Pretty Woman ♥
♥ = My favorites!

Those are some really lovely dovely movies some new and some old! If you have any to share please do!

Now who wants that Cupcake Recipe! I love this one, its a Red Velvet cupcake… It so moist and tasty! top it with some cream cheese frosting and you have a little taste of haven!!

For Recipe go here : Recipegirl Let me know if you try it!! I use apple Cider vinegar  makes it a little more sweeter.

Here are some lovely gift ideas for your special someone!

If you someone a gal:

M&M You can go on over their and you can custom the M&Ms with photos, words and different colors!

Roses every girl wants flowers the simple things is what gets us the most!
Box of chocolate
And every girl would love a personal love note, hand written. Something us girls can keep and love!

Now what are we going to get are guys??? Guys are not picky so don’t stress out.  If you don’t want to spend a lot of moo-la here are some cute, fun ideas!

Bake him something! My guy loves Cupcakes with out the frosting or no  bake oatmeal cookies. But want to make it more Valentine’s Make some yummy sugar cookies and make them into hearts!

Arent these cute!

You can also make him a tee, or get him some crazy boxers. There are many things you could do.

here are some lovely photo of Curtis and I:

So who are you celebrating Valentine’s Day with? What is something you love?






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Happy Thursday (:

Its a Raining, cold day here in the good old south… So I get down in the blues because of the rain, sometimes it just messes up all my plans. So I am trying to look a happy things and think of ways to stay happy and not be blue…

5 ways to be happy!

  • Cupcakes, I love cupcakes as you all know! I love going somewhere I can get a cupcake or something sweet. Either a cupcake shop which there is none here in Anderson, sc so I like to go to the local coffee shop. Ecity Java. When I get down in the blues and tired of being in the house, so I grab my laptop or iPad and head on over and get a warm cup of coffee and a little treat. ( if you go to Ecity java their peanut butter cookies are amazing!)
  • Taking your doggie for a walk, not only you are in the bright warm sun you are getting to spend good, fun time with your dog. And while you enjoying this you are getting a good dose of Vitamin D. If you don’t have a dog, take a small walk, grab your iPod or mp3 player. Put on some up beat music and smile!
  • funny movies and pjs, one pick-me up is that I love to grab my favorite funny movie and some comfy pjs. Laughing is the greatest thing to make you feel better so watching something sunny helps.. Dont watch some crazy lifetime movie, they can be depressing!
  • Bubble baths. Need to get unstressed from a long hard day…. run you a big warm bubble bath, light some candles, and some wine… now thats is very relaxing and if you are relaxed it helps with your happiness.
  • Hanging with your girlfriends. Have a girls night.

Well those are some of my happy pick-me ups… do you have any you like to share? Email me and I will post them if you like. Thanks for stopping by!


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Pretty in Pink Monday!

Hey Yall!

I am working doing Pretty IN____ Mondays. I think it be a fun posting. I am not sure on how long, I guess intill I run out of ideas! Well today’s is Pretty in Pink Monday!

Some of the things I am going to post are things I would like to have or I think is just plain fun! Today I am going to post a few things and I hope you enjoy. The first thing is a Amy Adair Necklets She is a local jewelry designer and she is very creative. Her stuff reminds me of Besety Johnson. She has an Esty store too.  I am trying to sweet talk Curtis in to getting it for me, it would be a great Valentines’ Gift. 😉

Bubble Pink Electric (: 


So I went looking today trying to see what would look cute with this… so I ended up on my new favorite Brand; Be Be and well I found this very pretty classic white shirt.  It has a scoop neck with lace. WEll take a look (:  (click on the pic to enlarge)

Ok the next thing is what every girl loves ROSES! Now who loves it when your love Cupcake bring you home a dozen of  PINK roses? I do!

Cupcake cake pops something I am going to start try to do (: I might do a post on how to make cake pops. Who would like to see that?


Well I have been wanting to get my nails done, so I have been looking a nail designs and pink ones of course but I also found this. Its pink and has a cupcake! What a great combo right?

Last but not least I have to inculde the Movie Pretty In Pink!! YOu gotta love this 80’s movie, it is one of my favorites! She is also one of my favorite 80’s actress. She is so pretty and funny, thought Sixteen Candles is my favorite I do believe with her in it!

Well I hope you enjoyed my Pretty IN ____ Monday! You are more than welcome to join me in on this! I am working on a few things first! IF you please let me know by emailing or comment!

thanks yall for reading!



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Is on Trashy Betty

Hey everyone!

Sweet Cupcakes by Courtney and It’s a Southern Thing are being feature over at Trashy Betty. Go on over and check it out!


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2 Year Blog Anniversary and Give Away!

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are enjoying your new year! I am sitting here watching the Green Bay Packer and then I realized it is my 2 year blog anniversary! So I thought about doing a little Give away for all the lovely readers and a little survey.  But 1st I want to write about the past 2 years that I have been blogging, and what I want and need out of the lovely new year! I hope to set some goals and see new places and meet new people.

During 2009 and 2010 I have noticed going back that I wrote a lot more and it was a little more personal. And lets not forget very random. I think that what makes a more real life blog and that it is written by a real life person. I went back to read to try see which was my favorite post and/or  meaningful post, but I couldn’t choose just one.  So I have picked two one from 2009 and 2010. ( years linked to read the posts) Since its 2011 I would like to do new things to my blog and write about different topics than before. So here is a list of things I like to do/see for 2011, on my blog.

  1. have more crafty things.
  2. photography work
  3. recipe post
  4. have a once a week post about one certain type of topic.  ( ideas?)
  5. Guest Bloggers
  6. Blog parties
  7. try to do more daily posting

hmm… I have a feeling this is going to be a good blogging year!! Ok Now who is ready for the give away!!??

How to enter: Answer my little survey; Below there is some questions I like for you all to answer, you can either email me the answers at: courtneyrevels@gmail.com or comment the answers. The steps: Answer survey and leave a comment saying that you like to enter. I would  like for you to be a regular reader to enter.  To enter twice: blog about the give away or do a Facebook post and comment again with the link.  ( you can use my button and/or the give away one.) The winner will be choosen random.  ( when commenting please make sure your email is active because I will be emailing the winner info)

It’s a Southern Thing Survey:

  1. What do you like most about blogging?
  2. What do you hope for out of the new year?
  3. What are your favorite type of blogs?
  4. What would you like to see from this blog this new year?
  5. What you like to see more of?
  6. How did you find my blog?

Ok thats it! Now what are you entering for?? This is what you will be getting: A Purple Flower candle holder with a Raspberry Grape Tealight. With a Cupcakes Blue Chiffon Anti. Bact. hand gel from Bath and Body Works! All will come in a little pink bag!! 🙂  A great little gift to one of my lucky lovely readers!  I will post the winner number and name on Jan. 10th.

Here is a Button you can use if, you choose to enter twice and link it back to me. (:

Thank you and love yall!


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Christmas Wish List…

Hi! Since I was going to post a recipe today, but I remember that I did earlier this week so I am going to post my Christmas Wish List! I am just wishing and well I thought to share…  I hope everyone is having a great Christmas Month. I am baking a lot more, and needing to get some more shopping done! Then Wrapping, my favorite part of the shopping! My mom is flying down on the 25th! I am very excited about seeing her! This is a busy month! I am also working on Christmas cards and finishing up making the home Christmasy, so look out for some more Christmas post! In the mean time enjoy this post!

H0 Ho Merry Christmas!

I saw this in the Bed Bath and Beyond Paper, and well I fell in Love!! It makes 8 mini Cupcakes.


(Rudolph Red Velvet Cupcake; pic from Georgetowncupcake.com) They ship cupcakes, so why not. Their Red Velvet are my favorite from GeorgeTown Cupcakes! $30 for a dozen 🙂


Black UGG boots!! I have been wanting some boots to wear over my skinny jeans. They are are super cute.

And here is something wear with the lovely boots!

Lovely White Wool Coat from Old Navy! $80 (:

Last but not least!


A pink stand mixer! i am needing a new one, so why not pink!

Thanks for Reading and Wishing with me!



ps here is Taylor Swift ~ Last Christmas 🙂


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Glitter and Cupcakes

Ok so yesterday I brought glitter Eyeshadow and cupcake lotion. My two favorite things cupcakes and glitter!! The lotion is amazing, nice and creamy. The Eye shadow goes on really smooth, it has a creamy texture. I brought these lovely items at Ulta. The bigger, and nicer “sallys” So I made a little collage for you to enjoy!! 🙂 Now I need some glitter heels and a little black dress to wear on a night out on the town!!! Well I better go, a storm is coming and its raining very hard. I think I might go get under the covers till it passes!!! Have a good night my lovely readers!!

xoxo, Court! ❤

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