Early Spring Special

For: Sweet Cupcake by Courtney

Who is ready for Spring?

Early Spring Special! $5 off of a $30 order!! Or $10 off of a $60 order! $15 for one dozen $30 for 2 dozen. (: All orders must be in by March 1st to receive discount. Email me with questions and orders! sweetcupcakes.courtney@gmail.com

Great for Birthday parties, family gatherings, Church gatherings, sweet cravings, school, and much more!

♥ Spring Fling Strawberry New Flavor! ♥

Strawberry cupcake with Strawberry cream cheese frosting. topped with sprinkles!


Filed under winter/spring 2011

3 responses to “Early Spring Special

  1. Well, how was your trip?

  2. it was great! I plan on posting some photos… Posted one on the post before this one… I miss it already.

  3. peytonsmommy07

    Hey Sweetie! I love the new page design. I need to get you to redo mine :)! Love you, and I love the little face cupcakes near the bottom of the page with the different little eyes and smiles. They are so cute!!!

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