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Pretty in Pink Monday!

Hey Yall!

I am working doing Pretty IN____ Mondays. I think it be a fun posting. I am not sure on how long, I guess intill I run out of ideas! Well today’s is Pretty in Pink Monday!

Some of the things I am going to post are things I would like to have or I think is just plain fun! Today I am going to post a few things and I hope you enjoy. The first thing is a Amy Adair Necklets She is a local jewelry designer and she is very creative. Her stuff reminds me of Besety Johnson. She has an Esty store too.  I am trying to sweet talk Curtis in to getting it for me, it would be a great Valentines’ Gift. 😉

Bubble Pink Electric (: 


So I went looking today trying to see what would look cute with this… so I ended up on my new favorite Brand; Be Be and well I found this very pretty classic white shirt.  It has a scoop neck with lace. WEll take a look (:  (click on the pic to enlarge)

Ok the next thing is what every girl loves ROSES! Now who loves it when your love Cupcake bring you home a dozen of  PINK roses? I do!

Cupcake cake pops something I am going to start try to do (: I might do a post on how to make cake pops. Who would like to see that?


Well I have been wanting to get my nails done, so I have been looking a nail designs and pink ones of course but I also found this. Its pink and has a cupcake! What a great combo right?

Last but not least I have to inculde the Movie Pretty In Pink!! YOu gotta love this 80’s movie, it is one of my favorites! She is also one of my favorite 80’s actress. She is so pretty and funny, thought Sixteen Candles is my favorite I do believe with her in it!

Well I hope you enjoyed my Pretty IN ____ Monday! You are more than welcome to join me in on this! I am working on a few things first! IF you please let me know by emailing or comment!

thanks yall for reading!



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