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Who loves photos!?

♥ Lovely Photos by me! ♥

Today I am just going to post some photos from this past weekend and some from this week, I hope you all enjoy them!!

(newer ones at bottom)

I love this photo of Carter… He is our boxer. He thinks he is a cat… He lay on the top of the chair and curl up and sleep. Just like a kitty cat!  He is the sweeties.

Green Bay Packers or Steelers??……

♥ Green Bay Packers for this chicky! ♥

Super Bowl Party Goodies!

Happy Cheese Heads!

Our Homemade Pizza that Curtis and I made last night, homemade crust too. Pineapples, cheese, pepps, bacon, and lots of sauces! yummy!!!

Ok there you have it a you are all updated with new photos! Well I am almost done with the door, gotta put the numbers back on. I can’t wait to show everyone! I hope everyone is having a good week! We only have 2 days left till we hit the road for Gatlinburg TN! We are all very excited!

Time to go. Talk to you all soon!

Court. ♥

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Modern Dog Magazine

Hello my lovelies! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Yesterday I brought a magazine a dog one. Modern Dog. I have never seen a dog magazine like this before.

There are few things I like to share with you out of the magazine. I have found 3 or so things/ topics that are perfect for my three Pups, Chelsea, Kobie, and Carter. There is also a great story in the mag. that is about Food Allergies. It is a must read! All dog owners need to know about all the different food allergies. It is importnet for our babies to be healthy and free of theses! For a small peek in; At a glance:

  • Some of the breeds most prone to food allergies
    include: Boxer, cocker spaniel, springer spaniel, collie, dalmatian, German shepherd, Lhasa Apso, Miniature schnauzer, retriever, Shar Pei, Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, Dachshund, and West Highland White Terrier.
  • Most Common Food Allergies
    include: beef, dairy, and wheat.
  • Least common Food Allergies
    are fish and rabbit
  • General Signs and symptoms of allergies
    include: dry itchy skin, excessive scratching or licking, bald patches, a high frequency of hot spots, eat infections, skin infections, diarrhea, and vomiting.

[from Modern Dog; by Elizabeth Pask and Laura Scott; pg. 82. Winter 10-11]


Miss Chelsea. I saw this and I thought Chelsea and Carter need this food bowl set. It is super cute! They are both very messy when it come to dinner time. I also think this might help them eat a little slower wouldn’t you think? Here is their website, they come in many different sizes and they even have videos! http://www.neaterfeeder.com/

I love to try some of these products for Kobie, I am not sure he would play with the ball, but the bed and the treats would bed a hit. He loves to lay one something soft and a bed that is made just for his age would be perfect for him!

I saw this and read this and thought of Carter! Running to the door is most favorite thing to do beside chewing on a big dog bone. He has a really bad problem of darting for door when we are want to go outside, letting guest in, or when someone just comes to the door. It is becoming a really bad problem. I read this and it tells you how to teach your dog not to run to the door every time you go the door or answer it. It seems pretty easy, but it going to take some time I see. But I willing to try it and I hope it works!! I will keep you updated on it, if yall like.

I have one thing to share and then I am going to call it a night I am almost on 500 word count!

A dog photo contest, I am very temped to enter it!!

Well my readers I hope you enjoy this post tonight! I had fun writing it!! Also don’t forget about my 2 year Giveaway!!! Please enter if you can I know you will enjoy it! Thank you and love you all!!!

Courtney! 🙂


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Rainy and Cold

Hey my lovely readers! How is everyone doing on this cold, rainy, fall day? It is starting to feel like fall here in the good old south and I am very happy aboutthat part!!  This past weekend it has rained and stormed and today. It was a sunny cool day yesterday. Which was amazing! Fall is really in the air 🙂

Curtis and I are preparing for our Halloween party! I think we are going for a gothic vampire feel. We are getting really excited about the party!! This coming weekend a friend and I are going to Greenville to look for costumes 🙂 I have an idea of what I am going to do! But I ain’t telling just yet 😉

September is coming to an end and October will begin.. I think out of all the 12 months October is my favorite beside my birthday month.. October is the month with the perfect weather! To some it starts a new year, when everything is changing… Everyone is storing food for the long winter ahead. Digging out the fall/ winter clothes and warm cozy blankets. Joy to my ears! Oh and lets not forget the warm apple cider and some pumpkin bread fresh out the oven.. yummy

At this very moment: it’s raining, cold, somewhat dark, coffee brewing, and Carter is pouting.  And well I think this is the end of my post.

Thank you for stopping by if I think of anything else to write I will be back . I also want to say thank you for all the wonderful comments on the Practical Magic Party Post!! It was such a wonderful blog party and a great way to start off Halloween (: Also thank you to the wonderful ladies who hosted the party!  Many Blessings !!

ps.. Here a wonderful photo of Mr. Kobie wearing his wonderful pink bow! he is going to Ms. Stacy’s Friday to get pampered!! Which he loves going (: This was taking this weekend… Trying to get his hair out of his eyes! Have a great evening!! 🙂

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Its been too long

Hey yall!

I am still here and I am sorry I haven’t updated!! I had almost went over my internet so I had to stop using for a week… till the new month starts… Well I am back and still alive.. some good news is that, well i lost 3 pounds… Not a lot but hey its better than nothing.

two weekends ago it was birthday which was great. I have photos. I put them up as soon as I can. It has been somewhat busy. My sister had surdgy, she had kidney stones, but don’t worry the babies are fine.. Next week she gets to find out what they are!!! I can’t wait!!! I need to start thinking of baby shower ides!

Well today we took Kobie to the Groomers.. I am going to try and open a Cupcake Bakery… But I am going to start from home. I am going to start a little blog/website for it.. anyways.. I will update later and upload some photos!!

lots of love



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Sunday Afternoon


Well  today is a good day, I guess. I woke up around 10 which is early for me. I am doing good, I am relaxing with my pups and they are taking naps.  I am watching All about Steve and washing some clothes. I don’t know what I am going to do for lunch/ dinner. I just haven’t been in the mood to eat anything today. Later I am going to take Carter and Chelsea for a walk, just waiting for it to cool down some. Its still very hot out.

Goals for this afternoon and the rest of the day:

  • Finish washing some clothes
  • clean the dishes
  • find something to eat even if its a bowl of cereal
  • walk the dogs.

Hmmm… what else to write about… Oh my diet starts tomorrow!! yay!! I will keep yall updated!!

lots of love


ps if I think of some wise words or anything at all I will post them!!! 🙂

I found a cute tracker to track my weight loss… SO I want to loose about 40 pounds. 🙂

Created by MyFitnessPal – Free Calorie Counter


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In Love I am.

With the man of my dreams…

It has been awhile since I updated my blog. I am doing really good and Curtis is doing good too.  I am so glad its becoming summer! I get to add a Summer 2010 category. For the month of May I am wanting to set some goals.. Though its not May 1st but May 5th is better than nothing. I post them in a min.   We are planning some beach trip.. We want to go to Charleston and FL if we go to FL we going to try and get his sisters together and we can rent a house and we can go for Amanda and I’s birthdays. Hmm what else… Curtis and I are madly in love!!! ❤ ❤

I did get my VW Beetle its super cute!! Its a 2000 and yes its the one that I posted earlier. I am trying to make it girly.. and since I love the color pink I am adding pink to different. Here is a photo of the little pink Curtis painted for me (:

So.. what yall think?? lol I love it!! Anywho… I am still learning how to drive it. I can drive it, just I hate stopping on hills. So I am trying to get better at stopping and taking off.  Ok so now I am going to post some goals. lol

May Goals:

  1. Learn how to stop in hills.
  2. Fix the flower beds out front. (they are a mess)
  3. Start jogging again
  4. Have a new job
  5. Finish a book
  6. Have Carter house broken

Ok those are some goals, if I think of anymore I post them.. And when I complete them I post it. So new this week I got my hair cut and colored. I am trying to go back blondish again. I am letting Kristy from blondies to do it. And well she is awesome.

Yes me in my new little bug.. I love it.. and my new hair!! I did took out my lip ring. Hmm what else so I write. Curtis and I are looking to get some new ink together!! here a pic of what it might look like We just want the sparrow to be more cartoony… I will post pics.. later.. Ok Well I am going to go now.. I post tomorrow.. Love yall and ttyl.. Let me know how yall are doing… Miss my readers.. and I want to say thank you for reading and for you comments!!!



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The Meaning of Courtney. . .

Well I was goofing off on Urban Dictionary and I search my name. There was some funny stuff on there and this is one of the meanings I like most. 😉

1. The name of a girl who is beautiful, strong, and intelligent. One who is easy to fall in love with but impossible to let go. She is funny, exciting, and enthusiastic. Courtney has an amazing personality that appeals to every person fortunate enough to meet her. Her eyes are captivating, her smile, intoxicating, and her heart lights the darkest, coldest souls and fills them with happiness. She is the reason why I believe in love.

2. Another word for perfection.

3. God’s most precious and wonderful angel.

So anyways. Thats What I have been up today. I skipped out on work because I started my time of month and it has been one of the worst ones. I am lots of pain. I am updating this while laying in bed and eating chocolate ice cream. I have been in bed all day. I didn’t even get up till 2 this after, and then I went back to bed. I have seen Curtis today about for an hour. He doesn’t talk to me when I don’t feel good. He has been acting odd anyways for the past two days. The House is a mess again!! It drives me crazy. The dogs are driving me crazy. I feel like right now is to get in my car and go some where. But I can’t. There are thing that got to be done.

Well my dad birthday is Monday we are going to dinner with the family. I am going to bake a yummy cake. Also the big V-day is coming up. What to get my Darling Curtis. . . I want to get him some big, but nice, and unique. hmm  any ideas???

Well I am not getting my Tattoo till a week from today. Its is going to be a cupcake, and its going to be super cute!! I will post photos later and throughout the week. Night everyone.

Court ❤

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Talking Dogs. . .

Hahaha Watching UP! and there are talking odd dogs. lol
What if our pet dogs could to talk, what would they say. hahaha

Chelsea say… I don’t know. Maybe where is my  toy.

Kobie would yell at his damn Tail.

Carter would say Play with me!!

hahaha I am crazy. Anyways I am super bored.

post later.


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Wednesday Update… Baby it’s Cold Outside.

Yes, it is very cold outside. Staying indoors today/ night.
Have not done much to day. Been working on school work, I had to call in today just so I can get it done. I really don’t know what to write about today. I have catching up on others blogs and reading new ones like my friend brandy’s which you can go read hers. under Brandy M under my favorite blog. She is house wife and she and her hubby are trying to adopt a child. Real sweet girl.

a real fast update…. Craiglist scams if u are finding a place to rent be careful. Just heard on fox that a renter was renting from a company that was not real and the real owner came down from the upstate to check on her house and found someone living there.. hmm

Anyways. I am still living with my sweetie. In my last post which was super short I said that we got a new puppy. Carter Blue Richey our new edition to the family.  He is a beautiful boxer. He is loving his new home, you should see Chelsea and Carter play, it a super cute sight. I’ll to add photos at the end of the post.

I started classes this week, which are 4 class that are all online. Which I hope won’t to much to handle and go to work. Ah the news just said snow this weekend. haha I believe it when I see it. ya know.

Well this spring and summer we are planning some new things. I give details later. Also I am planning a St Pattys Party. But it going to be the saturday before the big day. I am also going to bake a Heart cake for Feb. 14. Just need some ideas on cake type and all that good stuff. Well I am going to head out.

Be sure to add me on Facebook and follow me on twitter. (:

Though today has not been good. I have been down and my knees hurt. I just want to go lay down and sleep today. I just dont feel like doing anything today. I have been doing school work, but I think I am going to take a shower. But I need to finish school work, clean the house, and eat real food other than oreos.

❤ Court


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Things are Starting to Look Up

about the whole eating thing… It was two days ago I went to good old wal-mart and my sister went with me and I brought so things to eat and cook with. Which is good just I have not really cooked anything yet… I am not big on cooking anything as yall know I love to bake. I have ate today yay!! as the following

  • Breakfast Bowl of Cheerios with soy milk and a banana
  • Dinner/Lunch half of a cheese burger and some fries…

I know it aint much but it is better than nothing right? Maybe later on tonight I will have a midnight treat..
Well anyways I am at my sister’s washing some clothes then headed to the good old apt.. soon photos will come… I got to get the place looking super clean. Ryan and his gf, Brittany are coming over tomorrow night to stay… That should be fun. Curtis is coming over tonight!! He is off Thursday and all weekend.. We are going to go to the State Fair Friday… Maybe I think he said he go with me. lol I have not been since I was like 10 years old. It should be really funI take photos so I post them… We are doing good. Also I get my braces off Monday!!! .

Then Saturday it one of Curtis Birthday which we are going too. Hmm anyways I got Chelsea a new buddy his name is Blue or Blue Bear I will post all of that on her Blog. Hmm well i got to get back to my clothes then off to walk the dogs and clean some.. I will post more tomorrow if I can. lots of love

Court ❤ 

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