Hey everyone!! I love getting emails and IMs. Feel free to email me or if you have yahoo Massager Im me!! I also on myspace and Facebook. Just use my email to find me! Well Gots to go. ttyl!! :]


IM lovers30stm (yahoo)


4 responses to “Contact

  1. mom

    Hey Sweetie, hope you feel better. Here is the link to the filled cupcakes

  2. I just sumbled apon your blog and realized you are from SC! I am in the upstate! I cant wait to follow!

  3. Mommy

    Hi Sweetheart
    Just looking at your pics, remembering our visit, the puppies, chocolate balls, flat cookies. I miss you, your beautiful smile, sweet laugh and all the specialness of you. I see you in the photos and wish I could see your face, hear you laugh, and hug you close. My baby girl, you are so very precious to me. I love you

    Your Mommy

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