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SC 1st Snow Fall

The last South Carolina White Christmas was 47 years ago, till 2010 Christmas. It starting Snowing Christmas Day around 3pm. It was pretty! There was about 2 inches on the ground about 11 Pm that night. I have never seen a white Christmas here in SC. I have seen snow during Christmas time last year while in Maine. Well Here are some Chilly Photos!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and if you got snow, a fun snow day! Of Course our snow only lasted about a day or so. But we enjoyed all of the snow. Carter was scared of the snow, he didn’t want to go outside, he just didn’t really know what to think of it I suppose. I am not a big fan of snow either but it was nice and I like to look at it. Maybe we get some more snow soon. SO  who is ready for the new year? I am making a list the list for 2011. On Jan 1st is my 2 year date from when I started this blog. Which My blog has came a long way from then. I hope to do a fun post then! Well i am going to go I hope to update soon! I am going to my Grandmothers tomorrow for a Christmas Gathering. It should be fun.

Night my lovely Readers!


Our House Christmas Night all lit up! Very pretty!!

Us in the Snow at my Aunts for Christmas Dinner.

Cute Little Snowman



The Day After Christmas! So pretty!

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Christmas Wish List…

Hi! Since I was going to post a recipe today, but I remember that I did earlier this week so I am going to post my Christmas Wish List! I am just wishing and well I thought to share…  I hope everyone is having a great Christmas Month. I am baking a lot more, and needing to get some more shopping done! Then Wrapping, my favorite part of the shopping! My mom is flying down on the 25th! I am very excited about seeing her! This is a busy month! I am also working on Christmas cards and finishing up making the home Christmasy, so look out for some more Christmas post! In the mean time enjoy this post!

H0 Ho Merry Christmas!

I saw this in the Bed Bath and Beyond Paper, and well I fell in Love!! It makes 8 mini Cupcakes.


(Rudolph Red Velvet Cupcake; pic from Georgetowncupcake.com) They ship cupcakes, so why not. Their Red Velvet are my favorite from GeorgeTown Cupcakes! $30 for a dozen 🙂


Black UGG boots!! I have been wanting some boots to wear over my skinny jeans. They are are super cute.

And here is something wear with the lovely boots!

Lovely White Wool Coat from Old Navy! $80 (:

Last but not least!


A pink stand mixer! i am needing a new one, so why not pink!

Thanks for Reading and Wishing with me!



ps here is Taylor Swift ~ Last Christmas 🙂


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Christmas Cookies!

Hey! I was going to post this yesterday for the Dec. 1st, but I didn’t get around to it. Tuesday I made home made sugar cookies, they turned out yummy! They were so much fun to decorate them. I am trying to get into the Christmas spirit! So who is ready to start counting down to Christmas!! Well Everyone should try this recipe! They are very soft when done and stay soft. Tip before cooking them. After cutting them out put them back in the fridge to chill for a sec, they will keep shape. Well if anyone does make them let me know!! happy Thursday, I gotta run!

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My Thanksgiving and Weekend.


I have had a busy weekend and some news! Thanksgiving was great, just we cooked way too much food!! Which was nice to have family over and having people to cook a big dinner for. All the food turned out to be yummy and everything came out like it was planned! Also I went Black Friday shopping which it was crazy!!!! I went to Old Navy at 12 and stood in line for 2 hours to check just for some $5 pjs, which don’t get me wrong it was so worth it! I got some cute gifts and some pretty Christmas things for our Christmas tree. I am so excited about the Christmas Season and that I get to spend this season with my mommy that is coming down to the end of Dec. Also I will be coming an Aunt to twin Girls too! Well Also this weekend Chelsea had puppies!!, I am a nanny! She had five beautiful puppies! Also this weekend we put the tree and lights outside the house! Sunday we went to a Green Bay Packer game in GA. Which we lost 😦 but hey it was a great game and a close one. I think the Flacons went the crowed way out of the game. They won by a field goal, they should have man up and went into over time. Just saying. But if the Packers had a few more sec. they could have won!! Well this week I am going to try to stay on my diet, I can’t jog tomorrow it suppose to rain, if it doesn’t I am going to try and get out and walk/run some. Hmmm I am not sure what I have plan for this week, I brought a book today so I hope to start reading it this week!

Well Here are some photos enjoy!!

They are Mixed with Lab and Aussie Shep. Some have white feet, they are getting so big!

Our Thanksgiving Turkey, it was so yummy!!

Care Bear Toppers that I made for a cupcake order. For this past Saturday, they were so much fun to make! 🙂


Our Christmas Tree. Pink, red, and lime Green is our Christmas colors oh and sliver!

Curtis and I 2nd Christmas together! 2010. so pretty!!

Ok so now I am going to post photos from the game, just a few though~ I have so many!!!

Well thats going to be all the photos for now! I post something fun tomorrow.. Thinking of doing a Things I love day… thinking of doing once a week and do a baking post on Sundays. Hmmm Ideas Ideas 🙂 Night and Good Morning my lovely Readers!

xoxo, Courtney


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Thanksgiving Week in the South

Happy Thanksgiving Week everyone! This is the week is when Curtis and I start getting ready for the big dinner! This is our 2nd Thanksgiving together, we cooked last year and we are cooking again this year too! Our loving dinner menu:

  • Turkey and Dressing
  • Green beans
  • and green bean casserole
  • Sweet potatoes casserole
  • Mash Potatoes
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Rolls
  • Pumpkin Cheese Cake
  • Homemade Cranberry Sauce.

I am wanting to make something with Chocolate but I am not sure on what yet. Any ideas?

Thanksgiving to me is the day to give thanks and the day that fall ends and to start getting ready for Christmas. I am wanting to put up our tree Friday or Saturday. I made a pretty Christmas wreath under $10 yesterday, which I love! Now I am needing a wreath holder so I can hang it on the door! Well this week I am hoping to blog little something about Thanksgiving. Like my favorite recipe, what I am thankful, photos, and maybe something more (:

the lovely wreath I made.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and Holiday!

xoxo, Court!


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The Good Witch Blog Party!

Saturday I sat down and watched all three movies! I love them all, but since I am in the Christmas spirit I love the new one!  The Good Witch’s Gift. I love Christmas and I can’t wait for December to get here so I can put my tree and everything! I hoped everyone enjoyed the movies! I am going to post some lovely photos! I am going to be baking a small goodie later and re-watch the movie tonight! 

The Wedding was my favorite party! And their Wedding Cookie Cake was so Cute with all the sugar cookies! (: Very Lovely!



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Sweet Cupcakes Special

“Like”  us on Facebook! Merry Christmas from Sweet Cupcakes by Courtney!

If you have any questions comment or email me! If you like to place an order email or call! Please place orders 2 days ahead. Thank you!

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Cold November bur..

My 2nd post for today! Today for dinner I went to Denny’s because I wanted some breakfast and I wanted to see Curtis! Well They had Pumpkin pie but they were all out!!! So after dinner I went to Ingles and brought some Pumpkin Pie Creamer! There are so many different flavors and since its time for the holidays there are so many more!! I am wanting to go back and get many more!! So a nice big cup of coffee and a homemade chocolate cookies = warm November night, and the coffee made the house smell so good! So of course I took photos!! 

I am getting very excited about this Sunday! Curtis and I are getting photo taken! We are using the photos for Christmas Cards and for some frames. I am wanting to go for a Christmas feel so We are going to be wearing Black and Red. I hate matching and I just hope it wont freak me out to much. But I am wanting to a stylist matching look. Carter is also going to be the photos too, so I am going to look for a red sweater for him, since it will be chilly. Just trying to think were we going to take them at.  Any ideas??  ( here is her logo she makes beautiful photos!)

Also Please join me for The Good Witch Blog Party!! (: Have a good and warm night everyone!!



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A Holiday to Remember. . .

Happy December!!
It’s not the 1st day of winter, but it sure does feel like it this morning. I woke up at 6:30 AM went out to my car and there was frost. How crazy is that? I got to wear my winter coat for the real 1st time. lol I am real excited about this holiday which I say that is bc 1oth is the last day of 1st semster. So I have month off of school. This Dec. is going to be exciting I am spending Christmas and doing Christmas with Curtis this year. That I never thought I would do. After Christmas Curtis and I are driving up to Maine to spend New Year’s with my Mother. !!! This is going to be so much fun. We get to see real snow and lots of it.

One thing I love about the holidays is that I get to make all kinds of goodies (: I was looking at Better Homes Mag this morning and saw many things I like to try this year. When it comes to sweets that is. So whatever I bake will post photos and if any good I post the awesome part that makes it. lol I also post them on Twitter and Facebook. Which u find my Twitter updates on the right and my Facebook link is in my About me page.  


Also started the Christmas season off by riding for toy for tots in Anderson on last Sunday. That was a big thing. I say there were over 600 bikers. This is not the best of photo…. I forgot my Cam. so This is all I have of that day. (sorry) 

Well I am not sure what else to write at the moment. Had a Great Thanksgiving with Curtis. Hurt by some of my family but thats another post of another day. I post some more later.



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