A New Life, A New Town

2summer-2009Hey everyone!
It has been over a month since I haven’t updated my blog. So today I am going to do so. I am still in Greenwood at my sister’s house and is job hunting. I have had ok luck, I am hoping to get this job at the Sunshine House. It would be nice, plus I have the weekends off. Anyways I have been gone from Greenwood for two weeks. The first week I was gone to the beach, which was really nice. Just the area we were in I did not like that much. Myrtle Beach has gone down hill a lot. There are so many odd people down there, but I still had a great time.  I am going back down in Aug. at the end of the summer. Which will be fun, then I be able to drink!!

On July 16, 2009 I will be 21 years old!! I am hoping to have a party but I am not sure yet. I just don’t want to get wasted, maybe go out and get some drinks or something. I love to go to the Hard Rock Cafe or something like that for a night on my Birthday. Take a small beach trip, but who knows what I am doing. My sister is suppose to be planning something I think… Have any ideas though???

Anyways, I meant this other guy… Starbucks? haha anyways his name is Alan, he is from Greenwood. He is a sweet guy, that just cracks me up.  I am still talking to Jeremy I think, I am not big in on looking for a man, I just don’t want to rush into anything. But the way I look at it is that if its ment to be it will happen. Don’t ya think? Just he is older than me, but not by much….

I have lost weight. I no longer weigh 168, I at 150 to 155, I am in the middle I guess. Tiffany and I have been working out this week which is good. I want to be healthy, I am doing better I think when it comes to eating. I just barely eat though. I have ate lunch , but that’s it really. I just wish I could eat normal and don’t have to worry about it. But for some odd reason I can’t. I eat 2 meals a day along with a snack. Just sometimes its hard, I can’t have anything with mike or I get sick. So Its a working process, but I think I am getting better, no purging in two months!!!! yay I am so happy. Unless I count the other night.. but I didn’t make myself. Just had a little too much.. hahaha

Anywho I might get off of here. I add a beach pic or at the end. So how is everyone ? I am sorry I haven’t Updated, but I am going to try and keep up since its summer.  Well Talk to everyone later. ( working on new email I tell ya when its done)

Ryan, ME, & Mike on the Grand Strand.                                                                      Mary, ME, & Regan On the beach. beach2



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5 responses to “A New Life, A New Town

  1. Beautiful pictures! Love your attitude! Love, Goddess

  2. Just A Face In The Shadows

    Hey, im glad that things in your life are workin out better now. Hope that the rest will be just as rewarding for you. My life just took a sudden drop off and idk if ill ever recover from it, but dont worry about that. just wanted to tell you that i wish you the best of luck in life, love, and happiness. If you know who i am then thats great, but if not then the name i published with is enough. maybe we will cross paths again one day and you will be the happy person that i know you should be. hope everything works out for you.

    Just a face in the shadows

  3. hey thanks, I am very happy as of right now.

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