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A little love

I first off wanna start off with a lovely song by Mindy Gledhill. I found this video over at A Fanciful Twisther blog is very lovely, which the song inspired me to do a love/Valentines post. I wasn’t going to do a post today but I said why not! Over at her blog she made some lovely Valentine’s Day Cards, which you can go on over there and print them out if you like. (:


This is one of her lovely cards, I saw this and I fell in love! She made these herself!

I am going to post some lovely thing today, some photos, some lovelies of Curtis and I, cupcakes, and a recipe.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Movies:

The Notebook ♥
Hope Floats
Eat Pray Love ♥
10 Things I hate About You ♥
Valentine’s Day
The House Sitter
Dear John ♥
The Proposal
Pride and Prejudice ♥
AND….. Pretty Woman ♥
♥ = My favorites!

Those are some really lovely dovely movies some new and some old! If you have any to share please do!

Now who wants that Cupcake Recipe! I love this one, its a Red Velvet cupcake… It so moist and tasty! top it with some cream cheese frosting and you have a little taste of haven!!

For Recipe go here : Recipegirl Let me know if you try it!! I use apple Cider vinegar  makes it a little more sweeter.

Here are some lovely gift ideas for your special someone!

If you someone a gal:

M&M You can go on over their and you can custom the M&Ms with photos, words and different colors!

Roses every girl wants flowers the simple things is what gets us the most!
Box of chocolate
And every girl would love a personal love note, hand written. Something us girls can keep and love!

Now what are we going to get are guys??? Guys are not picky so don’t stress out.  If you don’t want to spend a lot of moo-la here are some cute, fun ideas!

Bake him something! My guy loves Cupcakes with out the frosting or no  bake oatmeal cookies. But want to make it more Valentine’s Make some yummy sugar cookies and make them into hearts!

Arent these cute!

You can also make him a tee, or get him some crazy boxers. There are many things you could do.

here are some lovely photo of Curtis and I:

So who are you celebrating Valentine’s Day with? What is something you love?






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Past week in Photos

<a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/2316058/its-a-southern-thing?claim=yfff865rp45″>Follow my blog with bloglovin</a>

I meant to put these in my last post. But I decided to add them to a new post. enjoy!

Egg Turkey Sandwich for a midnight treat

Curtis and I at the Tattoo grand opening party

Shannon and I

Melissa aka trashy Betty

yummy cake!

The Door Before, soon to be after photo!


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Washington DC Photos and whatever lol

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Everything Went Down. Kate Tucker

Everything went down, on Tuesday
No one heard a sound
Songs are falling down, in star light
No one heard the sound of Tuesday,
On Tuesday

You know, you know, you can’t be late
You know, you know, you can’t be late

The sound of songs, now fading
This bed, these pills
Their painting
They make me feel like leaving
What will they say tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow

You know you know you can’t be late
You know you know you can’t be late

You know you know you can’t be late
You know you know you can’t be late

Wait downtown, ill be there
We won’t need a story
Wait downtown, ill be there
We won’t need a story

Wait downtown, ill be there
We won’t need a story
Wait downtown, ill be there
We won’t need a story

If you will just wait downtown
If you will just wait downtown
If you will just wait downtown
If you will just wait downtown

Wait downtown, ill be there
No one tells a story like I do

Like I do
Like I do
Like I do
Like I do with you

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Coney Island…

sitting on a carousel ride without any music or light. everything was closed at coney island, and i could not help from smiling.

i can hear the atlantic echo back roller coaster screams from summers past. and everything was closed at coney island, and i could not help from smiling. brooklyn will fill in the beach eventually and everyone will go except me. -Death Cab for Cutie

I feel like this sometimes… like when coney island is closed and you are sitting there so alone.. just you and the big ocean right in font of you and the big bad world has booted out and u end up on Coney Island. But for some odd reason its a good thing.
I have never been to Coney Island, but I would love to go. But I think I would want to go when no ones there. So you can here the ocean beat up against the shore.

Today I am not sure what I am going to write about. I have not posted anything and a fews weeks or days… I think. I have been getting really bad headaches. Again. We are painting the bedroom red.. and I mean red.. like the Red Queen red. 🙂 Which reminds me. to tell yall we went and saw Alice in Wonderland. Which was a super cute movie. Johnny Depp made the movie he is the Mad Hatter.

Also this weekend Curtis got a new tattoo.. a sugar Skull and I was told that I look like Blondie with black hair.

Oh yea. visit me here and you can ask me anything.

Hmm here is 2 photos

love ya

Court ❤

Started to paint.. Primed the walls and started painting with red.

Curtis new tattoo


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A Rainy but Amazedly Good Day (:

It is a new week, how great is that? haha Well my week started off by a crazy depressing stressful Monday. Which I did things that I shouldn’t have… Which I mean by that is WHY CAN’T I FOR GET I HAVE AN EATING DISORDER, WHY CAN’T IT JUST GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE?? WHY DID I LET YOU COME INTO MY LIFE? HELL I THOUGHT YOU WERE AMAZING AND YOU WERE THE ONLY THING THAT WOULD HELP THE PAIN AND SO ON!!!  but I was wrong. . . ok what I am getting at is well I purged last night…. stupid stupid stupid me.  You how much I just Hate my ED/Ana… but well after I did I felt awesome though really I felt sad, depressed. So I cried and cried. Because I knew I should have not done it. Just I wish I could have had the normal family… But I am scared if that person that I shouldn’t have to be scared of. I don’t go to their House.  So I asked Curtis… Why does God let things happen the way they do? His answer… its a test but he also told me that He never gives more than you can take. ( what yall think about this?)

Anyways…. the good part is.. That today/ Tuesday is its a good day.. my hair looks great.  Feeling happy…. and that he loves me for me and that he doesn’t judge me bc of my ED. That last night was when you got home my heart little more stronger… I don’t really know how.. but it did. Slowly I am giving you my heart… Just I am scared to give it to you… But I do love you… I am yours…
Satellite Heart
Anya Marina ❤

So Pretty, So Smart
Such A Waste Of A Young Heart
Whatta Pitty Whatta Sham
What’s The Matter With You Man?

Don’t You See What’s Wrong Can’t You Get It Right?
Outa Mind, And Outa Sight
Call On All The Girls, Don’t Forget The Boys, Put a Lid On All That Noise.

Im, A Satellite Heart
Lost In The Dark.
Im Spun Out So Far, You Stop I Start, But I’ll Be True To You

I Hear Your Living Out Of State Runnin In A Whole New Scene. You Know I Haven’t Slept In Weeks, Your The Only Thing I See

Im, A Satellite Heart
Lost In The Dark.
Im Spun Out So Far, You Stop I Start, But I’ll Be True To You (x2)

No Matter What You Do, Yeah I’ll Be True To You.

I love this song…. its so true… (:

Today is good…

Oh I found this mag today…. its a must read… For us women…

Thats it for today…

Court ❤

Ps. I got the New Moon Soundtrack… its really good, I like it better than the Twilight one. Also I am still not sure who is going with to the Opening night… I update on that later. Anyways… I better go I have Art class soon.


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I really don’t know what to say.

This post I am guessing is going to be short. I am just not feeling a post. But I still want to post so everyone out there still knows I am here. lol I am wanting to start posting things that might be worth reading, though the real reason why I blog is just to get out what think and feel. Right?

Well this week has been good. Been busy and lazy all week and now its the weekend for me that is. lol I want to do something. Though I have ton to do for school and I need to clean my apt again. Blue and Chelsea are at Curtis’ house, I have been at his house for like 7 days. lol And I am going back this afternoon.

I have an Art paper that is due the 30th… So I am going to be looking for some art work. I might keep yall posted on that. If I can remember. Also a New Moon Update…. My sister might not ever get to go opening night. Which really sucks. Now I am going to have to find someone to go with me. Maybe Curtis or I get some of the girls together that don’t have plans.. All I know is I am going lol. Alone or not. Tickets are on sell now (:

Right now I am at school writing this. I took my Art History test today I made a “c” on it. ugh which I can do so much better. Also I have set up my classes for the spring. Taking  Solar System Astronomy – AST 101 – 80, World Literature I – ENG 208 – 80, Western Civilization to 1689 – HIS 101 – 80, and Human Relations – PSY 103 – 80. They are online classes. I am looking for a job in anderson… Hmm I think thats about it for now.. If I get the time I might post something later.

Court ❤

ps I do want to point out that I wish all this crazy drama and people need to learn just to get over it. Life is life.. Move on. And idk.. Just chill, live, love, laugh, and enjoy the world around u. Because it wont last forever.

I updated chelsea  Check it out.Chelsea Blog!!!

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Lets All be Happy and Beautiful…

Hi!! Today is going great.. my head is going away I think its from the coffee I am about to go get some more.. we have starbucks on Campus!! Anyways… IT has been raining and its cold. I am at school and I wanted to do a fast post, but this ain’t real post post. So how is everyone? Good I hope.

Well There is one thing I want to say, I wish some people stop lying about their relationships with people and stop acting like they are wanted by everyone.. I guess I am trying to say is that not everyone has to like you. Though I try to be nice to everyone and make them feel welcome, but well I don’t have like you, or want to be your friend. I just wish we can all get alone, be happy the way we are, and of course BEAUTIFUl (: [oh he doesn’t want to be with you] (: So stop. Now go on about your life and leave us alone.. hmmm hahaha I guess thats a nice way to put it.. Don’t yall think? I think this person would be great for my Ex.. they act just a like.. haha

Anyways… I am going to head out. I said what I had to say… if they read it they read it, if not oh well.. She get the point one of these days..  Oh I am listening to the good old the KIllers!! ❤ (: Oh here is a photo and a very lovely note with it…


I took this yesterday afternoon and wrote it… My sis got a crack out of it.. I think it is cute and well its True (: have a great day my friends!

Court ❤


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Happiness is really out there :)

Hi! My Friends.. ok I needed to do a update…

This weekend was crazy I guess. I edited my last post on saying what I did.. Anyways everyday was good but Saturday which I am not going to talk about, but I did go to the lake that day.. Anyways Sunday was awesome 🙂

Well Tiffany, Jon, Peyton, Jen jen, Matthew, me and Curtis all week to the lake together.  Which that was really fun. we spent almost the whole day there. Later that night Curtis took me for the 1st time on his bike… which that was fun.. I haven’t been on a bike since I was like 12 on my dad’s bike. It was so relaxing you can just get lost in your own little world. If only I had my ipod on me.. now I would really lost in my crazy head of mine haha 😉  It makes me wanna learn how to drive one.. hmmm anyways then we went to awesome Waffle House.. Yummy waffles 🙂 Then rented an really good movie 17 Again. super cute.

But the one thing I want to point out on that one night is that when Curtis made it Official that we now together.. I thought it was sweet can he practice what he was going to say on the bike, which of course I could not here him… Sorry guys I am no longer single… He is a great guy someone I think it last for long time… I don’t get the crazy vibe or feeling that he going to be a heartbreaker i guess you could say. Just well I am me around him and I can talk to him. idk

I am just happy 🙂

Well I am going to call it night for tonight. class in the morning. night night

Court ❤

Ps look up Fireflies by Owl City :))


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Labor Day Weekend

I have really no plans for this weekend I don’t think.. Well Tomorrow I am going out with a friend, which I think it’s pretty crazy how we got to this point. Um this person we went to ECPI together.. hmm anywho we are going to the movies.

So here it is laid out for this weekend:

  • Friday… Listened to Jack Johnsontook photosabout to read some psychTiff got her Blackberry… Thats it.
  • Saturday… Lets just say there was no saturday
  • Sunday… Hoping to see Curtis… Ryan wants me to come over, but Rita is being odd; I think she is ignoring me for some reason and has been. I just had a very important question to ask her and well no reply. UGH!!!
  • Spent the day at the lake with Curtis, tiffany, and family and friends
  • Monday spent the day with Curtis. 🙂

Well thats about it.. sounds amazing right? Not really….

Update later Might post something later tonight… who knows.

Court ❤

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