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Happy Thursday (:

Its a Raining, cold day here in the good old south… So I get down in the blues because of the rain, sometimes it just messes up all my plans. So I am trying to look a happy things and think of ways to stay happy and not be blue…

5 ways to be happy!

  • Cupcakes, I love cupcakes as you all know! I love going somewhere I can get a cupcake or something sweet. Either a cupcake shop which there is none here in Anderson, sc so I like to go to the local coffee shop. Ecity Java. When I get down in the blues and tired of being in the house, so I grab my laptop or iPad and head on over and get a warm cup of coffee and a little treat. ( if you go to Ecity java their peanut butter cookies are amazing!)
  • Taking your doggie for a walk, not only you are in the bright warm sun you are getting to spend good, fun time with your dog. And while you enjoying this you are getting a good dose of Vitamin D. If you don’t have a dog, take a small walk, grab your iPod or mp3 player. Put on some up beat music and smile!
  • funny movies and pjs, one pick-me up is that I love to grab my favorite funny movie and some comfy pjs. Laughing is the greatest thing to make you feel better so watching something sunny helps.. Dont watch some crazy lifetime movie, they can be depressing!
  • Bubble baths. Need to get unstressed from a long hard day…. run you a big warm bubble bath, light some candles, and some wine… now thats is very relaxing and if you are relaxed it helps with your happiness.
  • Hanging with your girlfriends. Have a girls night.

Well those are some of my happy pick-me ups… do you have any you like to share? Email me and I will post them if you like. Thanks for stopping by!


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Granny’s Coffee and CatNip Tea.

Hey I went to my Granny’s today. She gave me some coffee cups. I really like them (:

I brought some CatNip today, I was told it will help with Sleep. I have been having problems  sleeping here lately so I am going to try it. I hope it works! I will let you know if it does! All I was told to do is boil some water then add the Cat Nip in a tea bag and boil for 10 mins to add honey or lemon. Also its good for headaches.

I will post tomorrow if it works!



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In Love I am.

With the man of my dreams…

It has been awhile since I updated my blog. I am doing really good and Curtis is doing good too.  I am so glad its becoming summer! I get to add a Summer 2010 category. For the month of May I am wanting to set some goals.. Though its not May 1st but May 5th is better than nothing. I post them in a min.   We are planning some beach trip.. We want to go to Charleston and FL if we go to FL we going to try and get his sisters together and we can rent a house and we can go for Amanda and I’s birthdays. Hmm what else… Curtis and I are madly in love!!! ❤ ❤

I did get my VW Beetle its super cute!! Its a 2000 and yes its the one that I posted earlier. I am trying to make it girly.. and since I love the color pink I am adding pink to different. Here is a photo of the little pink Curtis painted for me (:

So.. what yall think?? lol I love it!! Anywho… I am still learning how to drive it. I can drive it, just I hate stopping on hills. So I am trying to get better at stopping and taking off.  Ok so now I am going to post some goals. lol

May Goals:

  1. Learn how to stop in hills.
  2. Fix the flower beds out front. (they are a mess)
  3. Start jogging again
  4. Have a new job
  5. Finish a book
  6. Have Carter house broken

Ok those are some goals, if I think of anymore I post them.. And when I complete them I post it. So new this week I got my hair cut and colored. I am trying to go back blondish again. I am letting Kristy from blondies to do it. And well she is awesome.

Yes me in my new little bug.. I love it.. and my new hair!! I did took out my lip ring. Hmm what else so I write. Curtis and I are looking to get some new ink together!! here a pic of what it might look like We just want the sparrow to be more cartoony… I will post pics.. later.. Ok Well I am going to go now.. I post tomorrow.. Love yall and ttyl.. Let me know how yall are doing… Miss my readers.. and I want to say thank you for reading and for you comments!!!



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Happiness is really out there :)

Hi! My Friends.. ok I needed to do a update…

This weekend was crazy I guess. I edited my last post on saying what I did.. Anyways everyday was good but Saturday which I am not going to talk about, but I did go to the lake that day.. Anyways Sunday was awesome 🙂

Well Tiffany, Jon, Peyton, Jen jen, Matthew, me and Curtis all week to the lake together.  Which that was really fun. we spent almost the whole day there. Later that night Curtis took me for the 1st time on his bike… which that was fun.. I haven’t been on a bike since I was like 12 on my dad’s bike. It was so relaxing you can just get lost in your own little world. If only I had my ipod on me.. now I would really lost in my crazy head of mine haha 😉  It makes me wanna learn how to drive one.. hmmm anyways then we went to awesome Waffle House.. Yummy waffles 🙂 Then rented an really good movie 17 Again. super cute.

But the one thing I want to point out on that one night is that when Curtis made it Official that we now together.. I thought it was sweet can he practice what he was going to say on the bike, which of course I could not here him… Sorry guys I am no longer single… He is a great guy someone I think it last for long time… I don’t get the crazy vibe or feeling that he going to be a heartbreaker i guess you could say. Just well I am me around him and I can talk to him. idk

I am just happy 🙂

Well I am going to call it night for tonight. class in the morning. night night

Court ❤

Ps look up Fireflies by Owl City :))


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Summer is Coming to an End.

hey everyone,
I have not done a true real post in forever so I am going to do that now. This summer has really been good to a point anyways. There was drama and still is, that is something that will never go away. I have made some awesome new friends and still was able to keep most of my old ones. I have been through a crazy break-up and now hoping to be with an amazing person. Made some amazing cakes, had awesome birthday… kinda. Saw some awesome birthday parties. haha.. Went on two amazing beach trips. A lot of this you already know, but just some not in depth.

Goals I have completed.. remember the really long list I made of all the different goals I wanted to complete?? Well I did.. maybe… haha

  • Finished a book 🙂  Blink.. awesome book
  • Chelsea is now house broken…. and crate trained
  • I did added a new photo well a lot just not printed out.. got to get that done.
  • Ipod is now has new music it is completely FULL all  8 Gs haha
  • New hobby… umm does twitter count??
  • Jogging in the evenings 🙂 Chelsea comes sometimes.
  • oh and i don’t think i posted it, but I am fixed into school.. Classes started today.

Yes today was the first day of class. On Monday and Wednesdays I have Psych 212… On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Art 101, Theatre 101, and Photography 1. Yes I am taking a photography class to improve my skills and plus I love it 🙂 Art 101 is about the history and theatre was just something I picked. I have to have like so many hours in electives so it works. I am so excited about school.  Well my schools plans are the following: Get my AAS  or next year trans to Lander I can do either or. But I am going to get my BA in Psych and English.  Teach both for a high school with my BA and also work on my masters while teaching. USC upstate or College of Charleston. Then I can teach for a Tech school with a masters and many other things, but I want my PHD . I want to work with people with eating disorders.  I am just glad its my 2nd year of college, the 1st is always the hardest, ya know?

Anyways… I am suppose to be talking about this summer.. Well I still talk to Alan, just friends.. Shawn came to visit me. He is teaching networking which i was taking at ECPI as yall know. He is going overseas this coming year 😦 I am going to miss him very much as I already do. He is a great friend.  Anyways There is this one person i am talking to, we really like each other. He is sweet, funny, loving, caring, and so much more. Also he is really tall, just well there is one little problem he lives about hour away and he has a crazy ex that is obsessed over him.  That another story to tell. But this guy is older than me. Just he wants more and I want it too just sometimes I don’t. I like the feeling of being free and enjoying the moment. Plus I feel like I get him and I just end up pushing him away. Like I do with all the good people in the past. I sometimes think I might scare him away or just anyone away. IDK I think way too much about everything that happens and whats going to happen. I am too nice, loving, caring, and i drink too much when i do drink.

This fall I am going to try and change a few things and make the old stronger. I just need to stay positive and try and live life to the fullest.. I am 21 years old.


girlsroundedMy girlies- Hunting Island

Court ❤

Ps follow me on twitter.com/kourtneyrevels

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New Little Project.

I am starting up something that I think will be fun, and just something little to do on the side. I am going to start playing around with CSS code to work with my blog, I want to make it more me. I also making banners/ headers in photoshop. My English teacher was telling my about something that is real easy to do, but I forgot what it is called. It started with a G it like photoshop. Anyways. Today in English class I had to make a logo and I didn’t want to use just any old logo from word or powerpoint. So I had my photoshop on my thumb drive so I started playing around on it. Which it turned out pretty cute, which its very basic. but Chic. So my teacher is wanting me to make her a header. banner for her blog. She wants Italy theme with words embellish on it. So I am going to start working hers.  I am going to start posting what I come up with and process and everything, just I am going to need some help. I want you my readers to get the word out about my little project to bloggers. I am doing this for the bloggers that are tried of the boring old headers/ banners and want something new.  

As you can see that my banner now is a care bear. I am thinking of adding something cute to it. but I dont know yet. I might just start something new all together. 

This is the one i am using for class...

This is the one i am using for class...

made smaller just for space on post. So what do you think? Its just one small start. This is just some of the basic i can do. the more I do as soon as I post them.  

My Teachers blog http://tracilawrence.blogspot.com/

this is the 1st one i came up with.

this is the 1st one i came up with.










one little update before I go to the readers of my last post, i am not going back to Ana she won’t be happy but I am just going to do a low cal diet. I update on diet page….





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what if heaven had an ATM?


I got this question in an email from a god friend of mine, and the question got me thinking. You can get really creative, and there are many answers to this and none of them are wrong. So here are my thoughts on the idea.  (Here is my list)

©       Prayer list; this could be a list of your family and friends that are still on earth and this list would contain of their prayers, and what are going on in their lives.  Also what they need help have and who in their lives need help. I think this is a way for the ones down on earth and the ones up in heaven can know and talk to each other.          

©       I was also thinking movies… movies of your memories. This is a way to remember you past good memories and you could go in and choose the ones you want to watch and then return them later. 

©           Tokens for things that you have up in heaven. This would be silly but I think that you don’t need money in heaven, but it could be for games, and such things. 

©       Pictures, these pictures could be from your memories or love ones and/or of childhood pets. These would be nice to have and to remember the good times we had while on earth.  But I think we would already remember these very well once we are there. Because we would be perfect in all ways.

Ok this is what I think… What do you think? To a point I think this is a silly question and something is not much to think about. But do we really know what heaven going to be like?? Here are some verses I found about heaven.

©       MAT 5:12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

©       Matthew

©       6:20 But store up for you treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, 
and where thieves do not break in and steal.
©       18:10 "See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. 
For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.
©       REV 2:7 He, who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the Churches. 
To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.

©       Here is a link that has many verses just about heaven and so on:



©       Also check out the love chapter in 1 Corinthians which is chapter 13.  

Written by: Courtney Revels



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The New Term… :) Topics?


Chris and my new hair! <3

Chris and my new hair! ❤

Hello my readers! How is everyone doing? I am doing great, I just started my new classes this week. I am taking English 120 and Psychology 105. I am really excited about my Psych class, I am going to learn a lot from this class. I am going to have to write one paper in this class and I get to pick the topic. I just haven’t pick one yet. I am have thought of a lot, just can’t make up my mind. Here are the ones I came up with. 


  • Eating Disorders
  • Controlling parents and how their doing effect their children growth and emotion health.
  • What is the sex drive… and/or what is the emotion views of sex, and so on. 
  • DID its when you milt personalities. 
  • Dreams 

Ok so that is many ideas/ topics I can write about. The whole sex thing got me thinking because of personal reasons. (orgasm) haha and the eating disorder we all know about that. And the parent thing is big on me too. Just I can only pick one. But some of these can relate. But I don’t know. I have till Sunday to pick and submit my topic, if any of you have comments or any ideas please let me know. I need all the help I can get. 

Well my English class is good, its English. 

I got my hair colored. If I didn’t tell you i am sorry, its really cute, thanks to my sis and heather. I try to remember to post a new picture. Oh I just remember to tell yall about my new job, I am thinking really hard about taking the job, I start training tomorrow it three day training. ITs… .Sales job. I will be sales Rep. for Cutco Knives. I will be making $15 dollars per app. which run about hour long, so $15 hour. hmm I thinking about taking it but I don’t know yet.  

Well readers I am thinking of heading to bed. Its 10PM and I am getting sleepy. So I talk to yalls laters. Sorry this became real short.

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