Granny’s Coffee and CatNip Tea.

Hey I went to my Granny’s today. She gave me some coffee cups. I really like them (:

I brought some CatNip today, I was told it will help with Sleep. I have been having problems  sleeping here lately so I am going to try it. I hope it works! I will let you know if it does! All I was told to do is boil some water then add the Cat Nip in a tea bag and boil for 10 mins to add honey or lemon. Also its good for headaches.

I will post tomorrow if it works!




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2 responses to “Granny’s Coffee and CatNip Tea.

  1. Catnip is nice. It is helpful with dreaming, as well as sleep. I usually make a tea of: Lemon Verbena, Catnip, Mugwort, Passionflower, & Chamomile as our official Sleepy Tea. My hubby swears by it!

    Sweet Dreams.

  2. Hmm I might have to go back to the Herbal store. Thanks! It worked a little at first. But didn’t make me sleepy enough. Thanks for sharing!

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