Summer is Coming to an End.

hey everyone,
I have not done a true real post in forever so I am going to do that now. This summer has really been good to a point anyways. There was drama and still is, that is something that will never go away. I have made some awesome new friends and still was able to keep most of my old ones. I have been through a crazy break-up and now hoping to be with an amazing person. Made some amazing cakes, had awesome birthday… kinda. Saw some awesome birthday parties. haha.. Went on two amazing beach trips. A lot of this you already know, but just some not in depth.

Goals I have completed.. remember the really long list I made of all the different goals I wanted to complete?? Well I did.. maybe… haha

  • Finished a book 🙂  Blink.. awesome book
  • Chelsea is now house broken…. and crate trained
  • I did added a new photo well a lot just not printed out.. got to get that done.
  • Ipod is now has new music it is completely FULL all  8 Gs haha
  • New hobby… umm does twitter count??
  • Jogging in the evenings 🙂 Chelsea comes sometimes.
  • oh and i don’t think i posted it, but I am fixed into school.. Classes started today.

Yes today was the first day of class. On Monday and Wednesdays I have Psych 212… On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Art 101, Theatre 101, and Photography 1. Yes I am taking a photography class to improve my skills and plus I love it 🙂 Art 101 is about the history and theatre was just something I picked. I have to have like so many hours in electives so it works. I am so excited about school.  Well my schools plans are the following: Get my AAS  or next year trans to Lander I can do either or. But I am going to get my BA in Psych and English.  Teach both for a high school with my BA and also work on my masters while teaching. USC upstate or College of Charleston. Then I can teach for a Tech school with a masters and many other things, but I want my PHD . I want to work with people with eating disorders.  I am just glad its my 2nd year of college, the 1st is always the hardest, ya know?

Anyways… I am suppose to be talking about this summer.. Well I still talk to Alan, just friends.. Shawn came to visit me. He is teaching networking which i was taking at ECPI as yall know. He is going overseas this coming year 😦 I am going to miss him very much as I already do. He is a great friend.  Anyways There is this one person i am talking to, we really like each other. He is sweet, funny, loving, caring, and so much more. Also he is really tall, just well there is one little problem he lives about hour away and he has a crazy ex that is obsessed over him.  That another story to tell. But this guy is older than me. Just he wants more and I want it too just sometimes I don’t. I like the feeling of being free and enjoying the moment. Plus I feel like I get him and I just end up pushing him away. Like I do with all the good people in the past. I sometimes think I might scare him away or just anyone away. IDK I think way too much about everything that happens and whats going to happen. I am too nice, loving, caring, and i drink too much when i do drink.

This fall I am going to try and change a few things and make the old stronger. I just need to stay positive and try and live life to the fullest.. I am 21 years old.


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Court ❤

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