The New Term… :) Topics?


Chris and my new hair! <3

Chris and my new hair! ❤

Hello my readers! How is everyone doing? I am doing great, I just started my new classes this week. I am taking English 120 and Psychology 105. I am really excited about my Psych class, I am going to learn a lot from this class. I am going to have to write one paper in this class and I get to pick the topic. I just haven’t pick one yet. I am have thought of a lot, just can’t make up my mind. Here are the ones I came up with. 


  • Eating Disorders
  • Controlling parents and how their doing effect their children growth and emotion health.
  • What is the sex drive… and/or what is the emotion views of sex, and so on. 
  • DID its when you milt personalities. 
  • Dreams 

Ok so that is many ideas/ topics I can write about. The whole sex thing got me thinking because of personal reasons. (orgasm) haha and the eating disorder we all know about that. And the parent thing is big on me too. Just I can only pick one. But some of these can relate. But I don’t know. I have till Sunday to pick and submit my topic, if any of you have comments or any ideas please let me know. I need all the help I can get. 

Well my English class is good, its English. 

I got my hair colored. If I didn’t tell you i am sorry, its really cute, thanks to my sis and heather. I try to remember to post a new picture. Oh I just remember to tell yall about my new job, I am thinking really hard about taking the job, I start training tomorrow it three day training. ITs… .Sales job. I will be sales Rep. for Cutco Knives. I will be making $15 dollars per app. which run about hour long, so $15 hour. hmm I thinking about taking it but I don’t know yet.  

Well readers I am thinking of heading to bed. Its 10PM and I am getting sleepy. So I talk to yalls laters. Sorry this became real short.


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