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Day One/ Week One

Ok so its day one yay!! And well day one has been great so far! I have had a yummy lunch which was under 200 cals. Which is awesome..

Breakfast: none
Lunch: Salad with few small bite size grilled Chicken.

So for the rest of the day my goals are:

  • Clean my house
  • Walk the Pups
  • Cook Dinner
  • Drink water.

On Sunday I will weigh myself and post what goals I felt like I completed. Also I am trying to think of a name for my Diet Plan?? Any Ideas?? Well I will update this post tonight. 🙂 (4:01pm)

Hey! Its 10pm here at home.. and I thought about posting how today went before I finish my true blood. Ok so I had no sweets or anything that was really bad for me 🙂 I say today was about 800 cal day or less.. I am going to start keeping up more with the cals and write everything down. I didn’t get to jog with Chelsea today.. it started storming real bad and still is. So I thought to jog twice tomorrow.

So how was everyones day? I am still needing on buying a scale, just worries if I buy one I will weigh myself 20 times a day… hmm thats why I got rid of one to begin with and other reasons. But I am not going to back to Ana.. I have to do this the healthy way!!!!!

Well goodnight my friends! Update tomorrow 🙂

lots of love

Court. or Kourt

thinspo.. 🙂

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Sunday Afternoon


Well  today is a good day, I guess. I woke up around 10 which is early for me. I am doing good, I am relaxing with my pups and they are taking naps.  I am watching All about Steve and washing some clothes. I don’t know what I am going to do for lunch/ dinner. I just haven’t been in the mood to eat anything today. Later I am going to take Carter and Chelsea for a walk, just waiting for it to cool down some. Its still very hot out.

Goals for this afternoon and the rest of the day:

  • Finish washing some clothes
  • clean the dishes
  • find something to eat even if its a bowl of cereal
  • walk the dogs.

Hmmm… what else to write about… Oh my diet starts tomorrow!! yay!! I will keep yall updated!!

lots of love


ps if I think of some wise words or anything at all I will post them!!! 🙂

I found a cute tracker to track my weight loss… SO I want to loose about 40 pounds. 🙂

Created by MyFitnessPal – Free Calorie Counter


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A New Year…

Hello everyone!! It has been a really long time since I have posted anything. Well a lot has happened since I last post on Dec. 6th.

Lets start off by writing that Ana is not gone, but is you could say hiding. I am to the point at this very moment I don’t really think about what I put into my mouth. Though you can see a little pooch , but I am hoping to join the gym and eat right and get a hot foxy bod by this summer.  Which if I stick to it I belive it will happen. 

Also what yall missed was that Curtis and I went to Maine over Christmas Break. We left Dec. 26 and got  home Jan. 3 I think. This was a really fun trip. Just only the not so fun part was that when we were about 2 miles out of town we wrecked. We ran off the road into a huge snow bank, and the ones who live up north know what I am talking about.  We really enjoy out stay, I got to see my mother.  Also before we left for Maine…

I moved in with my Darling Curtis. Which Is going good. I enjoy spending time with him. And waking up to him. He is the love of life u could say.  ❤ Anyways I am trying to make the house feel like our home and that I not just some girl living there ya know what I mean? So First off I am making one one of the other extra bedrooms for the girls. I am so far got planned to paint the room Pink and lime green. Should be fun.

Altogether Curtis and I are doing great. We are like Ice Cream and Sprinkles.  🙂

Classes start pretty soon. Anyways I am going to get internet pretty soon, so I will be able to update my blog more often. Well I am going to go now. I Try and updated when I can. Thanks and love ya!!

Court. ❤



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Not Even Lions

Yes Not even Lions nor am I going to let Ana tear us apart. . .

Saturday night:  Meeting Curtis for dinner. . .  and damn Ana had to come with us.  Before we left I was wanting something to eat bc the last time I ate was about 10 that morning which we not a lot. 2 pancakes. So I got in the car and well Ana just had to join me on that. And well Curtis ask me what I wanted to eat I told him I really didn’t care.. then we started naming all the places in Anderson there is to eat. (there are lots of places to eat….) Then it started getting too much for me and I could not handle it. Then Ana started saying you don’t want anything to eat that you are already big and you don’t need anything just well she was messing with my head and making me think of bad things and talking bad about Curtis… saying her just like your father, Chris and so on…. We ended up at Sonic… I didn’t want anything. I told Curtis I didn’t want anything and that I was sick of eating fast food. So we left and I just yelled out well said why does everything have to revolve around food.  He got upset, but didn’t say anything to me. We got back to Mergon I would not talk to him. He went back to work I sat in the parking lot and cried… Ana won’t leave me alone.

But I am not going to let her take Curtis away I am not going to let her Push him away. Which well Ana is me. He said he was sorry as did I.

I love him.

Courtney ❤


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For the One that is Lost

I am here for you. You say I don’t understand, I do. I know it might a little strange talking to me, but I was raised not to judge and to love and to care for everyone. You are a beautiful young woman that can do anything. I might not know you all that well but you going to do great things. I just want to say I am always here if you need to talk, I am here if you need a shoulder, I am here if you want to have a good time, I am here if you ok. All u have to do is text or call me girly.

love u

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A Rainy but Amazedly Good Day (:

It is a new week, how great is that? haha Well my week started off by a crazy depressing stressful Monday. Which I did things that I shouldn’t have… Which I mean by that is WHY CAN’T I FOR GET I HAVE AN EATING DISORDER, WHY CAN’T IT JUST GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE?? WHY DID I LET YOU COME INTO MY LIFE? HELL I THOUGHT YOU WERE AMAZING AND YOU WERE THE ONLY THING THAT WOULD HELP THE PAIN AND SO ON!!!  but I was wrong. . . ok what I am getting at is well I purged last night…. stupid stupid stupid me.  You how much I just Hate my ED/Ana… but well after I did I felt awesome though really I felt sad, depressed. So I cried and cried. Because I knew I should have not done it. Just I wish I could have had the normal family… But I am scared if that person that I shouldn’t have to be scared of. I don’t go to their House.  So I asked Curtis… Why does God let things happen the way they do? His answer… its a test but he also told me that He never gives more than you can take. ( what yall think about this?)

Anyways…. the good part is.. That today/ Tuesday is its a good day.. my hair looks great.  Feeling happy…. and that he loves me for me and that he doesn’t judge me bc of my ED. That last night was when you got home my heart little more stronger… I don’t really know how.. but it did. Slowly I am giving you my heart… Just I am scared to give it to you… But I do love you… I am yours…
Satellite Heart
Anya Marina ❤

So Pretty, So Smart
Such A Waste Of A Young Heart
Whatta Pitty Whatta Sham
What’s The Matter With You Man?

Don’t You See What’s Wrong Can’t You Get It Right?
Outa Mind, And Outa Sight
Call On All The Girls, Don’t Forget The Boys, Put a Lid On All That Noise.

Im, A Satellite Heart
Lost In The Dark.
Im Spun Out So Far, You Stop I Start, But I’ll Be True To You

I Hear Your Living Out Of State Runnin In A Whole New Scene. You Know I Haven’t Slept In Weeks, Your The Only Thing I See

Im, A Satellite Heart
Lost In The Dark.
Im Spun Out So Far, You Stop I Start, But I’ll Be True To You (x2)

No Matter What You Do, Yeah I’ll Be True To You.

I love this song…. its so true… (:

Today is good…

Oh I found this mag today…. its a must read… For us women…

Thats it for today…

Court ❤

Ps. I got the New Moon Soundtrack… its really good, I like it better than the Twilight one. Also I am still not sure who is going with to the Opening night… I update on that later. Anyways… I better go I have Art class soon.


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I really don’t know what to say.

This post I am guessing is going to be short. I am just not feeling a post. But I still want to post so everyone out there still knows I am here. lol I am wanting to start posting things that might be worth reading, though the real reason why I blog is just to get out what think and feel. Right?

Well this week has been good. Been busy and lazy all week and now its the weekend for me that is. lol I want to do something. Though I have ton to do for school and I need to clean my apt again. Blue and Chelsea are at Curtis’ house, I have been at his house for like 7 days. lol And I am going back this afternoon.

I have an Art paper that is due the 30th… So I am going to be looking for some art work. I might keep yall posted on that. If I can remember. Also a New Moon Update…. My sister might not ever get to go opening night. Which really sucks. Now I am going to have to find someone to go with me. Maybe Curtis or I get some of the girls together that don’t have plans.. All I know is I am going lol. Alone or not. Tickets are on sell now (:

Right now I am at school writing this. I took my Art History test today I made a “c” on it. ugh which I can do so much better. Also I have set up my classes for the spring. Taking  Solar System Astronomy – AST 101 – 80, World Literature I – ENG 208 – 80, Western Civilization to 1689 – HIS 101 – 80, and Human Relations – PSY 103 – 80. They are online classes. I am looking for a job in anderson… Hmm I think thats about it for now.. If I get the time I might post something later.

Court ❤

ps I do want to point out that I wish all this crazy drama and people need to learn just to get over it. Life is life.. Move on. And idk.. Just chill, live, love, laugh, and enjoy the world around u. Because it wont last forever.

I updated chelsea  Check it out.Chelsea Blog!!!

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Halloween Weekend o)

Hey everyone!!

Ahhh its the spookiest time of the year…. yay!! I want to wish everyone a happy spooky safe and fun HALLOWEEN!!!

My Plans:
Cory a friend of a friend is having a party tonight, so I might go check it out while my baby Curtis is working. I am trying to get Kayla to go with me. I don’t like going alone to these types of things. Then Curtis and I are going Line Dancing this weekend. lol I never been and think it would be a blast. lol Also Another friend wants me to come to their party… its a maybe… Saturday Kayla and I might do something together. Thats HAlLOWEen (: I want to give out candy… I love doing that its so much fun seeing all the kids dressed up. Since Curtis is working this weekend I will be in Anderson/Easley this weekend and I am up with anything till he gets off. Since I crash at his place on the weekends lol I am silly. Ryan wants to get together too….

HMMM… I GOT MY BRACES OFF!!!!!! (:  My ED well it comes and goes… like yesterday didn’t eat all day till like real late and it was barely anything. The day before I don’t remember eating. But today I did have breakfast. But small. I tell myself I am fat all the time.. what if I just loose 10 pounds or at least 5 then I would be 140 to 145… thats not too bad??  Well I think it drives Curtis Crazy. He doesn’t really say anything about it, just that he worries and that he here for me… idk. Curtis is one amazing person. Thats all I can say… I am smitten … yes I am (: Right now I am watching Peyton 🙂

The dogs are doing great… Blue and Chelsea… I will soon update the doggie blog…. having two blogs is hard. Welll I hope every is good. I still do not have net at my place. BUt I might one day. lol

Also I have an awesome new hair style 🙂 I post photos at the end…. hmmm… I hope this weekend will be fun and awesome. lol I am so so bored hahaha laters my friends.

court THis is what my costume kinda looks like lol I am a pin up girl 🙂



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Things are Starting to Look Up

about the whole eating thing… It was two days ago I went to good old wal-mart and my sister went with me and I brought so things to eat and cook with. Which is good just I have not really cooked anything yet… I am not big on cooking anything as yall know I love to bake. I have ate today yay!! as the following

  • Breakfast Bowl of Cheerios with soy milk and a banana
  • Dinner/Lunch half of a cheese burger and some fries…

I know it aint much but it is better than nothing right? Maybe later on tonight I will have a midnight treat..
Well anyways I am at my sister’s washing some clothes then headed to the good old apt.. soon photos will come… I got to get the place looking super clean. Ryan and his gf, Brittany are coming over tomorrow night to stay… That should be fun. Curtis is coming over tonight!! He is off Thursday and all weekend.. We are going to go to the State Fair Friday… Maybe I think he said he go with me. lol I have not been since I was like 10 years old. It should be really funI take photos so I post them… We are doing good. Also I get my braces off Monday!!! .

Then Saturday it one of Curtis Birthday which we are going too. Hmm anyways I got Chelsea a new buddy his name is Blue or Blue Bear I will post all of that on her Blog. Hmm well i got to get back to my clothes then off to walk the dogs and clean some.. I will post more tomorrow if I can. lots of love

Court ❤ 

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Losing Control.

Ever since I have moved into my apartment, I feel like I am losing control again over Ana… (I will soon post photos) Living on my own I feel not the the need to eat. Its amazing feeling when I don’t eat.. sometimes. Today I have ate. For dinner I had a half sandwich at Panera Bread. Tiffany and Curtis worry that I don’t eat and its so hard to  since there is no one at the house telling me I should eat or cooking or eating. Beside Chelsea.. I do good when I am with them, but when I am alone food is the farest thing from my mind. I have not talked to anyone about I how I feel… I tried talking to Curtis about it yesterday but didn’t know how to say it. He knows about my ex ED but some how or another she trying to peak back into my life. Like if I say I am going to fast this weekend and if i was alone.. I could so do it.. I know its not something I should do. Just I am starting to lose control and its super hard not to.. I have to be in control of my life but its not looking good.. I am scared that if I I don’t gain control back soon its not going to look pretty. Though I love the feeling of being thin and the feeling that I don’t need to food.. though really for be to be able to live I need to eat.

All I know is Ana is trying to come back I can feel her.. I need to talk to Ervin..

Well I am at Panera Bread waiting on Curtis… He is becoming my everything… he is growing on me… I am falling for him… ( am scared silly of that.) I want to tell him.. I am not in love with him it is too early for that. But I care for him, I love him just not in love.. if that makes sense. It will just take time.. that is if I want it to lead down that way. I will never say it though… I love you are 3 strong words and you have to be strong and so on to be able to say them.. Wow I am rambling on..

Oh honey you are never getting him back

lots of love



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