New Little Project.

I am starting up something that I think will be fun, and just something little to do on the side. I am going to start playing around with CSS code to work with my blog, I want to make it more me. I also making banners/ headers in photoshop. My English teacher was telling my about something that is real easy to do, but I forgot what it is called. It started with a G it like photoshop. Anyways. Today in English class I had to make a logo and I didn’t want to use just any old logo from word or powerpoint. So I had my photoshop on my thumb drive so I started playing around on it. Which it turned out pretty cute, which its very basic. but Chic. So my teacher is wanting me to make her a header. banner for her blog. She wants Italy theme with words embellish on it. So I am going to start working hers.  I am going to start posting what I come up with and process and everything, just I am going to need some help. I want you my readers to get the word out about my little project to bloggers. I am doing this for the bloggers that are tried of the boring old headers/ banners and want something new.  

As you can see that my banner now is a care bear. I am thinking of adding something cute to it. but I dont know yet. I might just start something new all together. 

This is the one i am using for class...

This is the one i am using for class...

made smaller just for space on post. So what do you think? Its just one small start. This is just some of the basic i can do. the more I do as soon as I post them.  

My Teachers blog

this is the 1st one i came up with.

this is the 1st one i came up with.










one little update before I go to the readers of my last post, i am not going back to Ana she won’t be happy but I am just going to do a low cal diet. I update on diet page….






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3 responses to “New Little Project.

  1. Your Sis

    So the care bear is one you made? Is it the little care bear I saw in your pic? I wish I could do these things. I was trying to think of the picture thing you were talking about that is like photoshop but I cant think of it. I really want photoshop! You know how I love working with the pictures. You are going to be great at what you do when you graduate. There is so much you can do already. You ought to think about web page design or something on the side. Also those little sites I go to that do the pics for me, you know the siggys, they actually get paid. You could go to there and become a designer in training, then start getting paid to do them. If I had the time I know I would. Oh, before I go. I graduated CNA clinicals tonight!! Got some great pics, you should se the cake I made , its awesome!!! Ok girl, I need to be studying! Lovers you!!!!!

  2. Hey,
    Yes its the little care bear, it was Chris’s when he was little I sleep with it every night, So i want to add something really cute to it. Oh and congrats!!

  3. Your Sis

    Aww, thats sweet! ( about the care bear). Thanks too. We had so much fun! I will have my pics up on myspace nd facebook soon. Just havent had much time. I miss you! Hope school is going good. Im glad I have more time now to focus on Biology, Im going to need! Talk to you laters. kisskiss =x

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