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Holiday Diet Plan.

Ok this is  a note/Blog for a diet I am wanting to do and I want to start now. I  think If I diet before and after each holiday (thanksgiving and Christmas) that It wont be so bad to eat like crazy on those too days.

I copied this from my Facebook Notes

So for every diet you have to have some type of plan with goals, right? I would love to get down back to my normal weight when I 1st met Curtis back in Summer of 09 (150 lbs) Ok some say that is too low, but that is normal for my height and age. Some say I am normal now, but the facts and numbers say different. I am over weight. I am not sure on how much I weight and I am a little scared on looking. But I plan on looking. I am thinking I weight at least 180 to 190

  • Main Goal weight 150
  • End of November Goal weight 175
  • End of Dec. Goal weight 1 60
  • By the new year 150

By finding out my true weight this will Change.

The diet I am thinking of doing is a High Protein, low carb diet, by eating Fish/Seafood.

NO: Sweets unless sugar free, no bread unless wheat and only once a day, no pasta, Chicken, Beef.

For being active jog/walk every morning/evening.


Plan to Start Nov. 12, 2010

Update almost everyday (:



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Friday’s Post

It’s the weekend! Today is the day everyone is jumping up and down because its the weekend. Well If you ask Curtis Friday is everyday for me. lol Sometimes I think this is the truth for me. But today was an ok day, though I didn’t get up till 6 today. I slept a little better last night. I drink half cup of tea before bed. The first night it didn’t really work. But it does relax you. Taking a bath before bed helped to, last night. I am not sleepy at all now .  Well yesterday was fun, I had a girls day yesterday with my friend. I got some goodies and printed some photos and took some silly ones. (:

Plans for the weekend… hmm I am wanting to go to the flea market. Might go tomorrow. I am wanting to look for a dresser or a book case. I am wanting to unpack my books and put them out. And I am wanting to find a gothic photo frame.  what other than a great place to look.

Well I am going to call it a night!


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Day 3

Hey yall sorry I didn’t post anything but a photo yesterday, but I went to my sisters and well I blew it… I ate chocolate pie and ate like 4 mini  things.. SO YESTERDAY I ate 1200 cals maybe more.. But today!!

Has been awesome!! I got my hair which is super cute!

But my food intake


Grilled Chicken Salad
Chichen: 170 cals
Salad: 6 cals
low fat dressing: 25 cals

total: 201 🙂

Anyways here is my new hair. I well update this post tonight!! (4:51)

at 8:30pm –

Chicken, same type that was used in the salad: 170 cals

Broccoli 27 cals 1/2 serving.

total: 197 🙂

Oh Goals:

  • Try to clean up some cutler
  • walk Chelsea /jog

I have done really well today.. and I am happy! ❤ I hope everyone is doing good this week!! My birthday is Friday and I am hoping to do something, but I am not sure yet.  Anyways Have a good night everyone!!

lots of love



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The old

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Sunday Afternoon


Well  today is a good day, I guess. I woke up around 10 which is early for me. I am doing good, I am relaxing with my pups and they are taking naps.  I am watching All about Steve and washing some clothes. I don’t know what I am going to do for lunch/ dinner. I just haven’t been in the mood to eat anything today. Later I am going to take Carter and Chelsea for a walk, just waiting for it to cool down some. Its still very hot out.

Goals for this afternoon and the rest of the day:

  • Finish washing some clothes
  • clean the dishes
  • find something to eat even if its a bowl of cereal
  • walk the dogs.

Hmmm… what else to write about… Oh my diet starts tomorrow!! yay!! I will keep yall updated!!

lots of love


ps if I think of some wise words or anything at all I will post them!!! 🙂

I found a cute tracker to track my weight loss… SO I want to loose about 40 pounds. 🙂

Created by MyFitnessPal – Free Calorie Counter


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Diet Plan

Our Plan for the summer, my diet plan that is.

Ok I am in need for loosing weight, I was at Curtis’ sisters house and I weigh myself… the mean bad scale told me that I weighed 185.7!!! I about pooped in my pants.. 😦 Then I was thinking back a year ago when I met Curtis and I weighed 153.  I have gain over 20 pounds. I wish I would have stood on that scale over 2 months ago. Anyways so my plan and Curtis’ plan to loose weight.

I am starting on Monday so I have tonight and tomorrow to eat all the sweets and junk before Monday. !!

Week One goals:

  • loose 2 to 5 pounds by Sunday.
  • no sweets unless its sugar free and only one to two sugar free a week
  • no white bread
  • Jog/walk every evening with the pups.  (:
  • oh and buy a scale.
  • drinks lots of water

I will do at least one post every day to keep up with my daily goals and feelings of how I feel. and if I get urges to get any sweets. 🙂

Curtis plan is to cut out carbs and bread and anything white. Till next time..

lots of love

Court ❤


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5:30 in the Morning.

And I am up and about…

Good Morning from South Carolina.. I can’t sleep… I am sitting here looking up stuff on Esty and Curtis is in the bed asleep.. We gotta be up at 8 and I got up at 5. I have not been to sleep though.. I might just make it all nighter.. I can’t sleep because I have a really bad headache and the meds I took has caffeine in them which doesn’t help.

So how is everyones week going? Mine is going ok, I haven”t felt good.. I am doing some reading. I went to the Library this week and I got a card. So I am spending some time there. They are also needing help.. so I might get a little part time job there. who knows. Well I am looking for someone to watch my pups… We are still going to Charleston, we can’t wait!! We are going to have to so much fun!! Curtis friend from work might be down there with his wife when we are there. So we might meet up with them one day. I just can’t wait to get out the house and see the beach. ya know?

Well Curtis and I are doing good. I love him lots.. Anyways I am going to go. I might try and get some sleep.. Have a great day everyone!! 🙂




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Hey everyone!
Today has been a much better day than yesterday. Today I woke up at 1 Pm, yes I slept super later, but I had a major headache and I had to try and sleep it off. Which didn’t really help. My headaches are getting worst. Though I think it also caused by this spring weather. But I still get them all the time and just don’t know what to do about them.  I should go to the doctor but really can’t at the moment. Well anyways today I went over to Debs. Curtis’ sister. We went walking and talked bit. It was fun… I had yummy Zaxby’s for dinner. Oh yes before I for get to write I talked to a lady about a car. Which I am needing a new one. Its VW Beetle and its 2001. Its at a great price and its super cute. Just the door has a dent, but it can so be fixed. Since she out of town right now I am going Sunday or Monday to check it out and see if I like it. Its also a 5-Speed manual so I have to learn how to drive it. Which Curtis said he will teach me. I  so can’t wait. I just hope its worth getting and everything will work out. Just pray for me!! Here are some photos of it. 🙂

This is the font view.. cute!!

Back/side view

So what do yall think?? I really like it.. I just hope I really like when I see it. Ya know. Anywho. So how is everybodies week going? I haven’t really talked to anyone on here. I need to get back reading blogs that I do read.

Also today I bake some CUPCAKES! They are chocolate yummy!! here are some pics.

They looks so cute lol..

I made the Cherry..

I think they turned out to be cute. I love the cherry one its my favorite. 🙂 Well I think I am going to call it a night. I am super tired and I am going to take a shower then go to bed. I also want to remind the ones that i mail invite to the party on friday is this Friday and please Call me or text me to let me know you are coming!! Thank you!

Well goodnight everyone and sweet dreams. I update tomorrow. Love ya and God Bless.

Courtney ❤


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Summer where are u?

Hey everyone.

It has been awhile since I have posted anything.  I posted anything because I really don’t know what to write about. But a few things has happened. I am no longer working Big Lots. Which I am kinda happy about that, since I hated working their… Though I thank Amanda for getting me the job.  It meant a lot to me.

It is been warm these past few weeks. Which has been great.. I have been getting to wear springy clothes..  I love spring and I can’t wait for it get here.. I can’t wait for the beach, the lake, the bonfires…. Just Summer period!!!

Curtis and I are redoing the bedroom.. which I do think I have posted that already. Its going to red, black and white.. It going to look so good when we are done!!!!

So how is everyone doing? I am doing ok. I have been getting headaches a lot more lately. I have one right now that I have had for two days. I feel really bad here lately. Maybe I just have a flu bug or something. I need to go to the doctor about many things. But I just haven’t went. Anyways. Curtis and I are doing really good. I love him so much you know he means the world to me.

Anywho.. Since I have not current job, I am thinking of selling Initial, INC… its a Monogram company. They do purses, bags, totes, glasses and different thing. I think it would be fun and also a way to make extra money.  You can check out the web site if you want.

http://www.initial-inc.com Well I am going to call it a night



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Cupcake Love <3

My new tattoo. Which I am in love with. It is an custom drawn cupcake, which is everything I wanted!!!! I am sorry I have not posted anything in forever. It has been crazy around here. Though I seem to have had time to post thing, but I just haven’t posted anything. I am going to try and do better. Anyways how is everyone???

My love cupcake!! I love him so much!! He is my world and he means so much to me. I hope he knows that.

Well I am going to get off of here!! love yall!!!



ps new email courtneyrevels@gmail.com

Send me some love or crazy stuff.. anything really lol


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