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Holiday Diet update/goals

Here is a small update; I am doing ok. I did really bad yesterday. I had pie and muffins. I made homemade apple spiced muffins. They were amazing though! I am going to have some re do some of my goals and eating.


  • buy water; drink it too
  • get up at 9 to jog
  • start working on some crafts I want to do
  • eat less sweets
  • workout more
  • try not to eat out
  • start my new book

Things not to eat:

  • beef
  • chicken
  • white bread
  • candy
  • chips
  • no soda

Things to eat less of:

  • sweet tea
  • coffee
  • chocolate
  • pork

Things to get more and do

  • fish
  • turkey
  • milk
  • eggs
  • veggies
  • fruit
  • salads
  • tofu
  • jog

I have do good today just the rain the past two days I haven’t been able to get out and jog. I hoping I get out tomorrow and go jogging and my bug should be fixed too. I am wanting to start eating 6 small meals a day. Breakfast (big) Snack (fruit, yogurt) Lunch ( salad, sandwich) snack (smoothie or snack bar) Dinner ( something small) snack Try not to eat after 7 pm

I am going to try not to get upset, I am going to try and stay positive!

Here are some photos of dinner

Tofu with noodles and veggies in soy sauce. Good but too salty






well this is it for now.

xoxo, Court. ❤


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Diet Plan

Our Plan for the summer, my diet plan that is.

Ok I am in need for loosing weight, I was at Curtis’ sisters house and I weigh myself… the mean bad scale told me that I weighed 185.7!!! I about pooped in my pants.. 😦 Then I was thinking back a year ago when I met Curtis and I weighed 153.  I have gain over 20 pounds. I wish I would have stood on that scale over 2 months ago. Anyways so my plan and Curtis’ plan to loose weight.

I am starting on Monday so I have tonight and tomorrow to eat all the sweets and junk before Monday. !!

Week One goals:

  • loose 2 to 5 pounds by Sunday.
  • no sweets unless its sugar free and only one to two sugar free a week
  • no white bread
  • Jog/walk every evening with the pups.  (:
  • oh and buy a scale.
  • drinks lots of water

I will do at least one post every day to keep up with my daily goals and feelings of how I feel. and if I get urges to get any sweets. 🙂

Curtis plan is to cut out carbs and bread and anything white. Till next time..

lots of love

Court ❤


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In Love I am.

With the man of my dreams…

It has been awhile since I updated my blog. I am doing really good and Curtis is doing good too.  I am so glad its becoming summer! I get to add a Summer 2010 category. For the month of May I am wanting to set some goals.. Though its not May 1st but May 5th is better than nothing. I post them in a min.   We are planning some beach trip.. We want to go to Charleston and FL if we go to FL we going to try and get his sisters together and we can rent a house and we can go for Amanda and I’s birthdays. Hmm what else… Curtis and I are madly in love!!! ❤ ❤

I did get my VW Beetle its super cute!! Its a 2000 and yes its the one that I posted earlier. I am trying to make it girly.. and since I love the color pink I am adding pink to different. Here is a photo of the little pink Curtis painted for me (:

So.. what yall think?? lol I love it!! Anywho… I am still learning how to drive it. I can drive it, just I hate stopping on hills. So I am trying to get better at stopping and taking off.  Ok so now I am going to post some goals. lol

May Goals:

  1. Learn how to stop in hills.
  2. Fix the flower beds out front. (they are a mess)
  3. Start jogging again
  4. Have a new job
  5. Finish a book
  6. Have Carter house broken

Ok those are some goals, if I think of anymore I post them.. And when I complete them I post it. So new this week I got my hair cut and colored. I am trying to go back blondish again. I am letting Kristy from blondies to do it. And well she is awesome.

Yes me in my new little bug.. I love it.. and my new hair!! I did took out my lip ring. Hmm what else so I write. Curtis and I are looking to get some new ink together!! here a pic of what it might look like We just want the sparrow to be more cartoony… I will post pics.. later.. Ok Well I am going to go now.. I post tomorrow.. Love yall and ttyl.. Let me know how yall are doing… Miss my readers.. and I want to say thank you for reading and for you comments!!!



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