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Hello everyone!!

I just want to do a little post for this lovely warm Saturday!!

What is in my make-up bag!

I love make up and i like sharing what I like to use and what I think are great things to use. For me I don’t use anything that test on animals. Because you can buy great things from companies that don’t  have to harm animals!! I only use a few things but I love trying new make-up and different types. (:  I love glitter and lots of it and I like to play up my eyes! You can do a lot of neat and pretty styles of eye make-up!

There you have it! Just a few things that I love that is in my make-up bag!!

What is in your make-up bag?


Courtney !

ps here is one of my faves from our Gatlinburg trip!


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Its Almost time…

… to head on out on our adventured!

♥ Hi Y’all! Happy Thursday lovelies!! ♥

This time tomorrow we will be in good old Gatlinburg, TN! We are super excited and can’t wait to hit the road!
I have cleaned, washed, and freshen our cozy house! And don’t forget about laundry and painting the door red!!!  I have been all this week. While Curtis is been working. But is all nice and ready for our House-sitter and when we get home.

I am also having to pack for the both of us. Oh-My!

Curtis, Justin, Ingrid and I will be heading on out at 7AM  and won’t be returning till Tuesday. Us girls will be spending a romantic 4 days with our love muffins in a warm cozy cabin! What a great way to spend Valentines!

Things we hope to be doing!

♥ Ice Skating

♥ Skiing

♥ Shopping!

♥ Drinking yummy Drinks!!

♥ haunted Houses??! :/

♥ Hopefully playing in snow! 🙂

♥ Relaxing!

♥ And hot tubing!

…. & much more!

I hope every one has a wonderful  weekend and Valentine’s Day!!! I will be back for a smoky post!!!

♥ xoxo ♥


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Who loves photos!?

♥ Lovely Photos by me! ♥

Today I am just going to post some photos from this past weekend and some from this week, I hope you all enjoy them!!

(newer ones at bottom)

I love this photo of Carter… He is our boxer. He thinks he is a cat… He lay on the top of the chair and curl up and sleep. Just like a kitty cat!  He is the sweeties.

Green Bay Packers or Steelers??……

♥ Green Bay Packers for this chicky! ♥

Super Bowl Party Goodies!

Happy Cheese Heads!

Our Homemade Pizza that Curtis and I made last night, homemade crust too. Pineapples, cheese, pepps, bacon, and lots of sauces! yummy!!!

Ok there you have it a you are all updated with new photos! Well I am almost done with the door, gotta put the numbers back on. I can’t wait to show everyone! I hope everyone is having a good week! We only have 2 days left till we hit the road for Gatlinburg TN! We are all very excited!

Time to go. Talk to you all soon!

Court. ♥

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Spring is in the Air! Hello Wednesday! No Mid week blues here!

Today has been a very lovely day, I went to lunch with my love muffin to Summa Joe’s and had some yummy Bob Marley pizza. Well i talked to my mama this afternoon and she is doing good,  just she is not feeling to well. I am going to call her later to check up on how she is feeling. HMMM… Well I have a 8 day goal; who wants to hear it??? I am starting spring cleaning!!! We are leaving in 8 days for the mountains, so during these 8 days I planning on cleaning the house from top to bottom! SO when we come home the house will be spotless and the house will be nice and clean for miss Latoya (:  So I hope to blog each day of what I finish, though yall might not care. lol. I also want to finish the door within this these days.

Today I am going to be working on the laundry. Finishing washing and folding them. We have the problem after we wash our clothes we just put them on the table and not fold them. So thats whats I am doing today. Which I am almost done. I have taken a photo of the huge pal of clothes to share but I post it later tonight. Well I might. its kinda embarrassing. I am going to go now.. gotta get to cleaning! (:


Happy Imbolc!! Spring is coming!! 🙂





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It been awhile

Hey everyone! It has been a few weeks since I have posted anything. There are many reason why I haven’t one, I had no internet for about week, 2 been really busy, and 3 have been working on some DIY . I have a few things to share with the Project Restyle. I gotta get them posted!

So how was everyone weekend/Monday? Mine was good, Curtis was off so we got to spend some time together.  We started painting the the front door red, I will post photos once its finished. It has been raining and so its hard to get painted, I want it to dry right. It is going to take lots of coats. which its a pain!!!

Well we have 9 days left till we leave for the Mountains!! I am very excited! We rented a cabin with Ingrid and Justin for Valentine’s Day. I haven’t been a really long time, so I am very excited. hmmm Well I am going to go this is just a little update to let everyone know I am still alive! Be back laters.



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Long Time.

Since I have done any post! I am sorry! I have missed 2 blog parties! I have been so busy with cupcakes and party planning  that I have been forgetting to blog!

I promise to pop in to see everyones party posts. SO how is everyones fall season? Halloween is this weekend and my party. I am so excited!! halloween is my favorite.

This past weekend Curtis and I went to the mountains (: here are some lovely photos


I post more soon!! Thanks for all the lovely comments!




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Friday’s Post

It’s the weekend! Today is the day everyone is jumping up and down because its the weekend. Well If you ask Curtis Friday is everyday for me. lol Sometimes I think this is the truth for me. But today was an ok day, though I didn’t get up till 6 today. I slept a little better last night. I drink half cup of tea before bed. The first night it didn’t really work. But it does relax you. Taking a bath before bed helped to, last night. I am not sleepy at all now .  Well yesterday was fun, I had a girls day yesterday with my friend. I got some goodies and printed some photos and took some silly ones. (:

Plans for the weekend… hmm I am wanting to go to the flea market. Might go tomorrow. I am wanting to look for a dresser or a book case. I am wanting to unpack my books and put them out. And I am wanting to find a gothic photo frame.  what other than a great place to look.

Well I am going to call it a night!


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Washington DC Photos and whatever lol

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It has been forever since I have updated!!!!!!!

Well things are going good, getting ready for our DC trip!! WE are getting really excited! We are leaving Sunday night and staying about a week. Also I am reading a good book! Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which I am wanting another one lol.

I am learning a lot these days too oh and baking. Please Check out my Cupcake Blog. ( sweetcupcakesbycourtney.blogspot.com)

I am thinking of Changing my blog name since that is what I am using for my cupcakes. I am trying to think a cute name. But I have a really good idea what it is going to be. SO look out for that new name, but I am going to keep the same banner and design. I will be posting photos soon. I can’t remember my flickr account password…

I can’t wait for Sept!! Sept 6th is our 1 year!!! We I think will be in DC. I am hoping to get photos made again!! Also my sister is having twin girls!! She is wanting me to plan the baby shower, hmm what else is new??? Oh my mother is coming down in DEC! I can’t wait!!!!

Anyways going to go update more laterS! This summer is coming to an end!!! ):

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Its August

Just a quit update!

How is everyone? I have  stopped of some what of dieting, I just don’t think too and I just dont eat as much I as I have been.  Anyways I am trying to get my Cupcake Buss. up and running. Anyways the summer has been really good. Its going by super fast and its almost to an end… Though its not over till Sept.

Well to end our summer we are going to Washington DC!! I can’t wait! We are going after Curtis birthday, we will be staying with our friend Justin and we are seeing a concert.. But we are staying a week.

Also in Dec, my mama is coming down from Christmas!! Hopefuly my little brother will come down too! I just can’t wait for the cooler weather to get here!

Well i am going to call it a night!



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