It been awhile

Hey everyone! It has been a few weeks since I have posted anything. There are many reason why I haven’t one, I had no internet for about week, 2 been really busy, and 3 have been working on some DIY . I have a few things to share with the Project Restyle. I gotta get them posted!

So how was everyone weekend/Monday? Mine was good, Curtis was off so we got to spend some time together.  We started painting the the front door red, I will post photos once its finished. It has been raining and so its hard to get painted, I want it to dry right. It is going to take lots of coats. which its a pain!!!

Well we have 9 days left till we leave for the Mountains!! I am very excited! We rented a cabin with Ingrid and Justin for Valentine’s Day. I haven’t been a really long time, so I am very excited. hmmm Well I am going to go this is just a little update to let everyone know I am still alive! Be back laters.




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4 responses to “It been awhile

  1. What mountians are you heading to? We hiked Paris Mt. this weekend! It was beautiful! I think we will head to Jones Gap next.

  2. We are going to Gatlinburg, we haven’t been together, I am hoping we can drive up through Blue Ridge park way! Yes I did see they photos! We like to hike, just not big on the cold weather, can’t wait for spring so we can more!

  3. Suzanne

    It was in the 70’s Saturday and Sunday so it was nice. Ill let you know when we go in the spring and maybe yall can come too!

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