Hello everyone!!

I just want to do a little post for this lovely warm Saturday!!

What is in my make-up bag!

I love make up and i like sharing what I like to use and what I think are great things to use. For me I don’t use anything that test on animals. Because you can buy great things from companies that don’t  have to harm animals!! I only use a few things but I love trying new make-up and different types. (:  I love glitter and lots of it and I like to play up my eyes! You can do a lot of neat and pretty styles of eye make-up!

There you have it! Just a few things that I love that is in my make-up bag!!

What is in your make-up bag?


Courtney !

ps here is one of my faves from our Gatlinburg trip!



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2 responses to “Hi!

  1. andro51

    I am just calling by your WordPress Space and have decided to make a small comment, for starters you have a most colourful environment here with some fine ideas attached, I like that you have included your partner inside it too as it is always nice to see the peeps that one blogs along with don’t you think?

    I doubt that you have had many Goths on your Space but you are welcome to call by and have a look inside My Gothic Realm, where you will find an array of different themes, okay there is some Gothic Horror but also some jovial offerings too, well I think they are jovial? lol

    Call by whenever you feel a Vampire moment coming on, just kidding but do bring along some garlic chewing gum for your journey, just in case? lol Yes a small comment I said…

    Have a wickedly excellent rest of week now Courtney.

    Androgoth – The Goth Prince

  2. I love vampires and some gothic stuff, but if you look at me or whatever you have never even think it lol!

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