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November in Anderson


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Cold November bur..

My 2nd post for today! Today for dinner I went to Denny’s because I wanted some breakfast and I wanted to see Curtis! Well They had Pumpkin pie but they were all out!!! So after dinner I went to Ingles and brought some Pumpkin Pie Creamer! There are so many different flavors and since its time for the holidays there are so many more!! I am wanting to go back and get many more!! So a nice big cup of coffee and a homemade chocolate cookies = warm November night, and the coffee made the house smell so good! So of course I took photos!! 

I am getting very excited about this Sunday! Curtis and I are getting photo taken! We are using the photos for Christmas Cards and for some frames. I am wanting to go for a Christmas feel so We are going to be wearing Black and Red. I hate matching and I just hope it wont freak me out to much. But I am wanting to a stylist matching look. Carter is also going to be the photos too, so I am going to look for a red sweater for him, since it will be chilly. Just trying to think were we going to take them at.  Any ideas??  ( here is her logo she makes beautiful photos!)

Also Please join me for The Good Witch Blog Party!! (: Have a good and warm night everyone!!



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Long Time.

Since I have done any post! I am sorry! I have missed 2 blog parties! I have been so busy with cupcakes and party planning  that I have been forgetting to blog!

I promise to pop in to see everyones party posts. SO how is everyones fall season? Halloween is this weekend and my party. I am so excited!! halloween is my favorite.

This past weekend Curtis and I went to the mountains (: here are some lovely photos


I post more soon!! Thanks for all the lovely comments!




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Rainy and Cold

Hey my lovely readers! How is everyone doing on this cold, rainy, fall day? It is starting to feel like fall here in the good old south and I am very happy aboutthat part!!  This past weekend it has rained and stormed and today. It was a sunny cool day yesterday. Which was amazing! Fall is really in the air 🙂

Curtis and I are preparing for our Halloween party! I think we are going for a gothic vampire feel. We are getting really excited about the party!! This coming weekend a friend and I are going to Greenville to look for costumes 🙂 I have an idea of what I am going to do! But I ain’t telling just yet 😉

September is coming to an end and October will begin.. I think out of all the 12 months October is my favorite beside my birthday month.. October is the month with the perfect weather! To some it starts a new year, when everything is changing… Everyone is storing food for the long winter ahead. Digging out the fall/ winter clothes and warm cozy blankets. Joy to my ears! Oh and lets not forget the warm apple cider and some pumpkin bread fresh out the oven.. yummy

At this very moment: it’s raining, cold, somewhat dark, coffee brewing, and Carter is pouting.  And well I think this is the end of my post.

Thank you for stopping by if I think of anything else to write I will be back . I also want to say thank you for all the wonderful comments on the Practical Magic Party Post!! It was such a wonderful blog party and a great way to start off Halloween (: Also thank you to the wonderful ladies who hosted the party!  Many Blessings !!

ps.. Here a wonderful photo of Mr. Kobie wearing his wonderful pink bow! he is going to Ms. Stacy’s Friday to get pampered!! Which he loves going (: This was taking this weekend… Trying to get his hair out of his eyes! Have a great evening!! 🙂

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A Rainy but Amazedly Good Day (:

It is a new week, how great is that? haha Well my week started off by a crazy depressing stressful Monday. Which I did things that I shouldn’t have… Which I mean by that is WHY CAN’T I FOR GET I HAVE AN EATING DISORDER, WHY CAN’T IT JUST GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE?? WHY DID I LET YOU COME INTO MY LIFE? HELL I THOUGHT YOU WERE AMAZING AND YOU WERE THE ONLY THING THAT WOULD HELP THE PAIN AND SO ON!!!  but I was wrong. . . ok what I am getting at is well I purged last night…. stupid stupid stupid me.  You how much I just Hate my ED/Ana… but well after I did I felt awesome though really I felt sad, depressed. So I cried and cried. Because I knew I should have not done it. Just I wish I could have had the normal family… But I am scared if that person that I shouldn’t have to be scared of. I don’t go to their House.  So I asked Curtis… Why does God let things happen the way they do? His answer… its a test but he also told me that He never gives more than you can take. ( what yall think about this?)

Anyways…. the good part is.. That today/ Tuesday is its a good day.. my hair looks great.  Feeling happy…. and that he loves me for me and that he doesn’t judge me bc of my ED. That last night was when you got home my heart little more stronger… I don’t really know how.. but it did. Slowly I am giving you my heart… Just I am scared to give it to you… But I do love you… I am yours…
Satellite Heart
Anya Marina ❤

So Pretty, So Smart
Such A Waste Of A Young Heart
Whatta Pitty Whatta Sham
What’s The Matter With You Man?

Don’t You See What’s Wrong Can’t You Get It Right?
Outa Mind, And Outa Sight
Call On All The Girls, Don’t Forget The Boys, Put a Lid On All That Noise.

Im, A Satellite Heart
Lost In The Dark.
Im Spun Out So Far, You Stop I Start, But I’ll Be True To You

I Hear Your Living Out Of State Runnin In A Whole New Scene. You Know I Haven’t Slept In Weeks, Your The Only Thing I See

Im, A Satellite Heart
Lost In The Dark.
Im Spun Out So Far, You Stop I Start, But I’ll Be True To You (x2)

No Matter What You Do, Yeah I’ll Be True To You.

I love this song…. its so true… (:

Today is good…

Oh I found this mag today…. its a must read… For us women…

Thats it for today…

Court ❤

Ps. I got the New Moon Soundtrack… its really good, I like it better than the Twilight one. Also I am still not sure who is going with to the Opening night… I update on that later. Anyways… I better go I have Art class soon.


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Twilight and its still raining.

Twilight quote Pictures, Images and Photos

k, I was on photobucket and found this quote from Twilight and I like it because One its still pouring down raining and this is so true about me!! So I guess Bella and me have something in common. 🙂

I still love the rain, its so nice and has a neat smell to it.


Ps updating diet page tonight so check back around 9 or so. 🙂

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Today is Earth hour!

Hey everyone!! I Hope everyone is ready for tonight, at 8:30 PM shut off all lights, tvs, computers, and so on for 60 minutes. The Earth is going Green and help by joining me and the world.  


Starts at 8:30 to 9:30

Starts at 8:30 to 9:30

I found this on yahoo its a part about Earth hour and about it last year. I didn’t even know we had Earth Hour last year. This is a big different from last year to this year. So lets take action and Go Green!! 



BONN, Germany – From an Antarctic research base to the Great Pyramids of Egypt and beyond, the world switched off the lights on Saturday for Earth Hour, dimming skyscrapers, city streets and some of the world’s most recognizable monuments for 60 minutes to highlight the threat of climate change.

Time zone by time zone, nearly 4,000 cities and towns in 88 countries joined the event sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund to dim nonessential lights from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Last year, only 400 cities participated; Sydney held a solo event in 2007.  


So wow, this is a big thing, and I think its a good thing. My soon to be mom was telling me about it during dinner and I think this is a great thing. At 8:30 we are going to cut out all lights, includes fish tanks, though we will only have one TV on which is the living room. I think this is something everyone should be apart of. If you want you can join and vote and be apart of this amazing thing.  God created this beautiful earth and I think we should take care of the earth and all the beautiful things that live on the earth. a lot of us take for granted what we have and misuse, and we need to stop and look at what the world has become over the years and there is a lot that has gone wrong and which is going to get worst, this is one small step that make the Earth a better place to live. We don’t have another Earth to go to, so lets make it a better place to live, so join and go green! I am going to post the link and it gives links and tools and info about the Earth Hour.  There are photos, videos, and its a really neat site. Its part of the Wild life fund. WWF.org 🙂 


(ps done great on diet) 


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It has been forever!!

hey everyone, how are all my readers doing?? It has been a while till i posted something. So i thought to write a little something and to update everyone on my boring but not so boring life. Well To start with it is spring time; I am very happy about that because I do better with warm weather.  Also i already took my 1st camping trip of the year which it was awesome!! We went to

This is a pretty camp grounds, Table Rock South Carolina

This is a pretty camp grounds, Table Rock South Carolina

Table Rock and camp for two nights. It was our recover trip. Which that is another story to tell, but I can update that a little if ya want to know. Ok so we took break, we got into huge fight and everything. But i had the problem of not talking to him, what bother me or what was going through my crazy mind. SO I THOUGHT TO Be OPEN!!!!!! lol I just fell out of love with him, and that I wasn’t happy anymore. SO we talked some more and we are trying to work things out. We are going to do little outings and spend more time alone and grow back together. I also thought to make a blog about both of us. I think and he kinda thinking it might help us. He just kinda like why, but he see where I am coming from. 


anywho… I have gain weight!!!!! 8 POUNDS I hate it… I am going to try and get back on my Spring Diet again, I went 3 weeks not doing it. I am going to try and stay on track and loose those 8 pounds plus more. I want to loose 15 pounds. I want to be 145. I weight right now 168, so I think  i can do i want to do it the healthy way and not do it my Ana way, Chris said he will try and help. So total I have to loose 23 pounds… But right now this week starting saturday I am going to loose 2 to 3 pounds. So I am only drink juice, water, and a glass of tea at dinner time. No fried foods!!! I am going to workout once a week to start out. Then go up to 3 times.  ALSO NO CaNDY at school, or at home or anywhere. AND NO ICE CREaM!!!!! So this is my plan. So my goal for this week SAt to sat is to loose 3 pounds max. ( i love to lose 5 pounds) 

This Sunday my Friend Morgan is having a Twilight party. I am making a good basket. I am taking these little Twilight candies, apples, the twilight book, twilight making book, cam. I think this is going to really fun. I can’t wait, i haven’t watched my DVD yet. But I am hoping to watch it Sunday. oh and taking the Twilight CD 🙂 Hmmm I post pics and other things on here MOnday… 

oh I almost forgot.. i start new class on MONDAy!! its term 3 i am taking speech and some writing class. I think speech is going to be really fun. I kinda can’t wait. I am just ready to be out of school. I am thinking of taking a term off this summer. I am wanting to have a summer trip to the beach or something, i don’t know yet. But I let everyone know laters.. 

well i am thinking of going now. I am really sleepy and I think i am going to go get some zzz’s 🙂 So toodles for now, and goodnight everyone!!! 



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