Friday’s Post

It’s the weekend! Today is the day everyone is jumping up and down because its the weekend. Well If you ask Curtis Friday is everyday for me. lol Sometimes I think this is the truth for me. But today was an ok day, though I didn’t get up till 6 today. I slept a little better last night. I drink half cup of tea before bed. The first night it didn’t really work. But it does relax you. Taking a bath before bed helped to, last night. I am not sleepy at all now .  Well yesterday was fun, I had a girls day yesterday with my friend. I got some goodies and printed some photos and took some silly ones. (:

Plans for the weekend… hmm I am wanting to go to the flea market. Might go tomorrow. I am wanting to look for a dresser or a book case. I am wanting to unpack my books and put them out. And I am wanting to find a gothic photo frame.  what other than a great place to look.

Well I am going to call it a night!



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