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Spring is in the Air! Hello Wednesday! No Mid week blues here!

Today has been a very lovely day, I went to lunch with my love muffin to Summa Joe’s and had some yummy Bob Marley pizza. Well i talked to my mama this afternoon and she is doing good,  just she is not feeling to well. I am going to call her later to check up on how she is feeling. HMMM… Well I have a 8 day goal; who wants to hear it??? I am starting spring cleaning!!! We are leaving in 8 days for the mountains, so during these 8 days I planning on cleaning the house from top to bottom! SO when we come home the house will be spotless and the house will be nice and clean for miss Latoya (:  So I hope to blog each day of what I finish, though yall might not care. lol. I also want to finish the door within this these days.

Today I am going to be working on the laundry. Finishing washing and folding them. We have the problem after we wash our clothes we just put them on the table and not fold them. So thats whats I am doing today. Which I am almost done. I have taken a photo of the huge pal of clothes to share but I post it later tonight. Well I might. its kinda embarrassing. I am going to go now.. gotta get to cleaning! (:


Happy Imbolc!! Spring is coming!! 🙂





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Wednesday Update… Baby it’s Cold Outside.

Yes, it is very cold outside. Staying indoors today/ night.
Have not done much to day. Been working on school work, I had to call in today just so I can get it done. I really don’t know what to write about today. I have catching up on others blogs and reading new ones like my friend brandy’s which you can go read hers. under Brandy M under my favorite blog. She is house wife and she and her hubby are trying to adopt a child. Real sweet girl.

a real fast update…. Craiglist scams if u are finding a place to rent be careful. Just heard on fox that a renter was renting from a company that was not real and the real owner came down from the upstate to check on her house and found someone living there.. hmm

Anyways. I am still living with my sweetie. In my last post which was super short I said that we got a new puppy. Carter Blue Richey our new edition to the family.  He is a beautiful boxer. He is loving his new home, you should see Chelsea and Carter play, it a super cute sight. I’ll to add photos at the end of the post.

I started classes this week, which are 4 class that are all online. Which I hope won’t to much to handle and go to work. Ah the news just said snow this weekend. haha I believe it when I see it. ya know.

Well this spring and summer we are planning some new things. I give details later. Also I am planning a St Pattys Party. But it going to be the saturday before the big day. I am also going to bake a Heart cake for Feb. 14. Just need some ideas on cake type and all that good stuff. Well I am going to head out.

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Though today has not been good. I have been down and my knees hurt. I just want to go lay down and sleep today. I just dont feel like doing anything today. I have been doing school work, but I think I am going to take a shower. But I need to finish school work, clean the house, and eat real food other than oreos.

❤ Court


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