Long Time.

Since I have done any post! I am sorry! I have missed 2 blog parties! I have been so busy with cupcakes and party planning  that I have been forgetting to blog!

I promise to pop in to see everyones party posts. SO how is everyones fall season? Halloween is this weekend and my party. I am so excited!! halloween is my favorite.

This past weekend Curtis and I went to the mountains (: here are some lovely photos


I post more soon!! Thanks for all the lovely comments!




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3 responses to “Long Time.

  1. Love your blog and the title. Good luck your posts and hope you have a Happy Halloween.

  2. Tasneem R

    Hello ! It’s ok to miss out on posting once in a while . Halloween seem to be the best of the best festival of every other person whom I’m talking to today!
    Here’s a fun link !
    Get Groovy This Halloween
    What does your sun sign predicts for this fiendish fun night?

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