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Its Almost time…

… to head on out on our adventured!

♥ Hi Y’all! Happy Thursday lovelies!! ♥

This time tomorrow we will be in good old Gatlinburg, TN! We are super excited and can’t wait to hit the road!
I have cleaned, washed, and freshen our cozy house! And don’t forget about laundry and painting the door red!!!  I have been all this week. While Curtis is been working. But is all nice and ready for our House-sitter and when we get home.

I am also having to pack for the both of us. Oh-My!

Curtis, Justin, Ingrid and I will be heading on out at 7AM  and won’t be returning till Tuesday. Us girls will be spending a romantic 4 days with our love muffins in a warm cozy cabin! What a great way to spend Valentines!

Things we hope to be doing!

♥ Ice Skating

♥ Skiing

♥ Shopping!

♥ Drinking yummy Drinks!!

♥ haunted Houses??! :/

♥ Hopefully playing in snow! 🙂

♥ Relaxing!

♥ And hot tubing!

…. & much more!

I hope every one has a wonderful  weekend and Valentine’s Day!!! I will be back for a smoky post!!!

♥ xoxo ♥


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A little love

I first off wanna start off with a lovely song by Mindy Gledhill. I found this video over at A Fanciful Twisther blog is very lovely, which the song inspired me to do a love/Valentines post. I wasn’t going to do a post today but I said why not! Over at her blog she made some lovely Valentine’s Day Cards, which you can go on over there and print them out if you like. (:


This is one of her lovely cards, I saw this and I fell in love! She made these herself!

I am going to post some lovely thing today, some photos, some lovelies of Curtis and I, cupcakes, and a recipe.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Movies:

The Notebook ♥
Hope Floats
Eat Pray Love ♥
10 Things I hate About You ♥
Valentine’s Day
The House Sitter
Dear John ♥
The Proposal
Pride and Prejudice ♥
AND….. Pretty Woman ♥
♥ = My favorites!

Those are some really lovely dovely movies some new and some old! If you have any to share please do!

Now who wants that Cupcake Recipe! I love this one, its a Red Velvet cupcake… It so moist and tasty! top it with some cream cheese frosting and you have a little taste of haven!!

For Recipe go here : Recipegirl Let me know if you try it!! I use apple Cider vinegar  makes it a little more sweeter.

Here are some lovely gift ideas for your special someone!

If you someone a gal:

M&M You can go on over their and you can custom the M&Ms with photos, words and different colors!

Roses every girl wants flowers the simple things is what gets us the most!
Box of chocolate
And every girl would love a personal love note, hand written. Something us girls can keep and love!

Now what are we going to get are guys??? Guys are not picky so don’t stress out.  If you don’t want to spend a lot of moo-la here are some cute, fun ideas!

Bake him something! My guy loves Cupcakes with out the frosting or no  bake oatmeal cookies. But want to make it more Valentine’s Make some yummy sugar cookies and make them into hearts!

Arent these cute!

You can also make him a tee, or get him some crazy boxers. There are many things you could do.

here are some lovely photo of Curtis and I:

So who are you celebrating Valentine’s Day with? What is something you love?






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Happy Thursday (:

Its a Raining, cold day here in the good old south… So I get down in the blues because of the rain, sometimes it just messes up all my plans. So I am trying to look a happy things and think of ways to stay happy and not be blue…

5 ways to be happy!

  • Cupcakes, I love cupcakes as you all know! I love going somewhere I can get a cupcake or something sweet. Either a cupcake shop which there is none here in Anderson, sc so I like to go to the local coffee shop. Ecity Java. When I get down in the blues and tired of being in the house, so I grab my laptop or iPad and head on over and get a warm cup of coffee and a little treat. ( if you go to Ecity java their peanut butter cookies are amazing!)
  • Taking your doggie for a walk, not only you are in the bright warm sun you are getting to spend good, fun time with your dog. And while you enjoying this you are getting a good dose of Vitamin D. If you don’t have a dog, take a small walk, grab your iPod or mp3 player. Put on some up beat music and smile!
  • funny movies and pjs, one pick-me up is that I love to grab my favorite funny movie and some comfy pjs. Laughing is the greatest thing to make you feel better so watching something sunny helps.. Dont watch some crazy lifetime movie, they can be depressing!
  • Bubble baths. Need to get unstressed from a long hard day…. run you a big warm bubble bath, light some candles, and some wine… now thats is very relaxing and if you are relaxed it helps with your happiness.
  • Hanging with your girlfriends. Have a girls night.

Well those are some of my happy pick-me ups… do you have any you like to share? Email me and I will post them if you like. Thanks for stopping by!


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The Good Witch Blog Party

Hello my friends! I am doing my 1st ever blog party! And what better is The Good Witch Movies.

The Good Witch, The Good Witch’s Garden, and her new one The Good Witch’s Gift that premiers Saturday Nov. 13th on Hallmark. All 3 movies start on the 13th at 4pm.  Hallmark Movie times and about the movies 🙂

Please Join me on Monday the 15th! Lets join together and enjoy the movies together!! Be as creative as you want, do giveaways, bake, show, spells, and peoms ! Lets us know what your favorite movie or favorite part!

If you like to join please just comment and leave your link! also grab the button and link it back here to this post. ON the day of the party Comment on the party post with the link of your party post!  🙂 if you have questions just ask!

many blessings



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Long Time.

Since I have done any post! I am sorry! I have missed 2 blog parties! I have been so busy with cupcakes and party planning  that I have been forgetting to blog!

I promise to pop in to see everyones party posts. SO how is everyones fall season? Halloween is this weekend and my party. I am so excited!! halloween is my favorite.

This past weekend Curtis and I went to the mountains (: here are some lovely photos


I post more soon!! Thanks for all the lovely comments!




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Granny’s Coffee and CatNip Tea.

Hey I went to my Granny’s today. She gave me some coffee cups. I really like them (:

I brought some CatNip today, I was told it will help with Sleep. I have been having problems  sleeping here lately so I am going to try it. I hope it works! I will let you know if it does! All I was told to do is boil some water then add the Cat Nip in a tea bag and boil for 10 mins to add honey or lemon. Also its good for headaches.

I will post tomorrow if it works!



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Washington DC Photos and whatever lol

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Its August

Just a quit update!

How is everyone? I have  stopped of some what of dieting, I just don’t think too and I just dont eat as much I as I have been.  Anyways I am trying to get my Cupcake Buss. up and running. Anyways the summer has been really good. Its going by super fast and its almost to an end… Though its not over till Sept.

Well to end our summer we are going to Washington DC!! I can’t wait! We are going after Curtis birthday, we will be staying with our friend Justin and we are seeing a concert.. But we are staying a week.

Also in Dec, my mama is coming down from Christmas!! Hopefuly my little brother will come down too! I just can’t wait for the cooler weather to get here!

Well i am going to call it a night!



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July, My Birthday Month. lol

Hey everyone!!!

How is all my beautiful readers???
I am doing great! Summer has been awesome so far! We just got back from the Smokeout on Sunday, we had a really good time. We made some new friends and kept the old ones. lol There was some drama, drinking, and some good old burnouts. It just wasn’t I thought it would be. I thought it was going to be bigger and lots of people don’t get me wrong there was a lot of people but still not as big as what I thought. I hope I get to go next year with Curtis bike. lol He going to try and start working on it soon. He said he is going to rebuild it himself insead of paying someone to fix it.

Well Its July and my Birthday is this month!! I still don’t know what I am going to do.  Also this month I am have a Pure Romance Party on the 24th.   Miss. Heather Moore is the one that I know that sells it. I thought it would be fun to have us girls over at the house for some drinks and some fun.. I hope it all works out and just fun!

hmm Well I am going to post some pics.. below.. I’ll will try to update more often!!! love yall

I have more I just post some more later… They are also on my Facebook

lots of love



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Summer Lovin’

In Anderson…

Hey everyone!!
How is everyone’s summer going? Mine is going good so far!  I never really got to say much about our Charleston trip, well we really enjoyed it. We walked a lot and ate a lot. lol We walked 2 miles in the rain just to get a cupcake! Which I have photos of them. They were really cute. The strawberry was my favorite. It was just a relaxing trip together.  🙂

At the end of June we are going to the Smokeout with some friends which I think will be fun. The smokeout is a bike rally in NC. We aren’t able to take Curtis’ bike, is way too much stuff that is wrong with it.  Also Curtis is wanting to go to the mountains for July the 4th?? We were talking about it today at dinner. I think that would be fun, but what is there to do?? idk Maybe a romantic weekend??  Who knows.

haha Anyways. Lifetime movies are crazy good. Well my birthday is next month and I am wanting to have a birthday party, but I don’t know what I am going to do yet. I was think 50’s or a luau??

Well I am going to go know. I update more laters.

lots of love


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