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Pen-Pals and Egg Salad??

Hey Y’all! How is everyone on the fine Wednesday afternoon?? I am doing great, I have had a good day today, though it has been low-key and relax day… The weather man is calling for rain today… so the clouds are getting dark and I hear a storm coming. So I thought lets do a post before the storm and maybe take a nap (: I love some rainy day nap taken!!! 🙂

Well Today when I checked the mail I had a Pen-Pal letter!! I have also go another one last week… But this one was pink! lol I Have a couple I am going to get mailed out that I written today. I think it is so cool that people are still hand-writing letters. It is so old fashion and neat. 🙂 Miss Kellie has started the whole pen-pal thing… you can go on over there and sign up!! Just click on her name 🙂

Miss Cuppy is the one who sent me this pinky letter (: you can check her blog out too..   Her blog is super cute!

So you are probley thinking where is the egg salad???? Well Last night I made egg Salad which I craving… Odd?? So I made egg salad and Carter watched hoping he would get some! I added tuna to my egg salad to add some meat to it plus I love tuna!! I tried the new Olive Oil Mayo.. which it was pretty tasty for mayo.. Even though it wasn’t Dukes Mayo… hehe. So I took some photos! (:

My yummy Egg salad sandwich!

Carter, the goofy Boxer with his famous Puppy dog face!!

This was me last night waiting for the eggs to cook!

So there you have it!! A lovely post for today. I am still working on my new blog, I am thinking of launching it here pretty soon. Still not sure if I should move all my post over to blogger or I should just start new… Maybe this summer or first of May. Anywho have a great rest of a Wednesday!


Me and my love Muffin today before he left for work!! 🙂



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Modern Dog Magazine

Hello my lovelies! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Yesterday I brought a magazine a dog one. Modern Dog. I have never seen a dog magazine like this before.

There are few things I like to share with you out of the magazine. I have found 3 or so things/ topics that are perfect for my three Pups, Chelsea, Kobie, and Carter. There is also a great story in the mag. that is about Food Allergies. It is a must read! All dog owners need to know about all the different food allergies. It is importnet for our babies to be healthy and free of theses! For a small peek in; At a glance:

  • Some of the breeds most prone to food allergies
    include: Boxer, cocker spaniel, springer spaniel, collie, dalmatian, German shepherd, Lhasa Apso, Miniature schnauzer, retriever, Shar Pei, Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, Dachshund, and West Highland White Terrier.
  • Most Common Food Allergies
    include: beef, dairy, and wheat.
  • Least common Food Allergies
    are fish and rabbit
  • General Signs and symptoms of allergies
    include: dry itchy skin, excessive scratching or licking, bald patches, a high frequency of hot spots, eat infections, skin infections, diarrhea, and vomiting.

[from Modern Dog; by Elizabeth Pask and Laura Scott; pg. 82. Winter 10-11]


Miss Chelsea. I saw this and I thought Chelsea and Carter need this food bowl set. It is super cute! They are both very messy when it come to dinner time. I also think this might help them eat a little slower wouldn’t you think? Here is their website, they come in many different sizes and they even have videos! http://www.neaterfeeder.com/

I love to try some of these products for Kobie, I am not sure he would play with the ball, but the bed and the treats would bed a hit. He loves to lay one something soft and a bed that is made just for his age would be perfect for him!

I saw this and read this and thought of Carter! Running to the door is most favorite thing to do beside chewing on a big dog bone. He has a really bad problem of darting for door when we are want to go outside, letting guest in, or when someone just comes to the door. It is becoming a really bad problem. I read this and it tells you how to teach your dog not to run to the door every time you go the door or answer it. It seems pretty easy, but it going to take some time I see. But I willing to try it and I hope it works!! I will keep you updated on it, if yall like.

I have one thing to share and then I am going to call it a night I am almost on 500 word count!

A dog photo contest, I am very temped to enter it!!

Well my readers I hope you enjoy this post tonight! I had fun writing it!! Also don’t forget about my 2 year Giveaway!!! Please enter if you can I know you will enjoy it! Thank you and love you all!!!

Courtney! 🙂


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The Countdown Begins!

Hi! Happy October!! This is going to be very short..

I am posting a photo of my doggies Halloween tees! They are very cute, I got them at Old Navy for $3!!

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