Talking Dogs. . .

Hahaha Watching UP! and there are talking odd dogs. lol
What if our pet dogs could to talk, what would they say. hahaha

Chelsea say… I don’t know. Maybe where is my  toy.

Kobie would yell at his damn Tail.

Carter would say Play with me!!

hahaha I am crazy. Anyways I am super bored.

post later.



Filed under Winter/Spring 2010

3 responses to “Talking Dogs. . .

  1. McKenzie

    Kobie poor thing. I miss my little round and round puppy Give the crazy thing kisses for me. He is my sweet thing Miss him

  2. Yes, he so silly.. He a sweetheart. Sometimes though, and yea I will . (:

  3. McKenzie

    Thank Girl…He will always be my sweet puppy!!!

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