A New Week, New goals, & New Things to See :]

Its me again, Sorry I have not updated again I am really going to try and do this daily. But anyways, how is everyone’s week/ July the 4th went? Mine was really good, Saw some old/new friends and just had a good old time. Saw some wonderful fireworks and listened to some great music and had some amazing brownies!!! 🙂 (dark chocolate) Anyways Its Monday night, about to be tomorrow. I have one or two photos of this week I might post them at the end or put them on my photo stream. Today I did not do much of anything, I got home early this morning, I got lunch about 11 and for some reason I fell asleep and did not get up till 5:30 p.m., so I am wide awake with nothing to do. I guess thats why I am updating this thing. haha So this week I am going to set some short term goals or maybe some for this month. I am taking down the diet page, I lost the 10 or so pounds and I am stopping at that. 🙂 OK so I am going to post some goals and see where it takes me.  

  • Find a job this month
  • Finish a book
  • Finish house breaking Chelsea ( did I post a photo of her?) 
  • Mix up the Ipod 
  • I am thinking of going jogging in the mornings i have been thinking of this for awhile and think  I might do it. 
  • I need a new hobby haha
  • oh yea stick with operation beautiful (.com) 
  • Add a photo to my book 🙂 
  • NO ICE CREAM  (alan been great at helping me at this one.. kinda )
  • Call Ervin. 

Ok so thats a lot I guess.. Anyways I think if i set this good but some silly goals it will make life more fulling Ok So that like 10 goals, I will update with I start or finish one. and give you details. I think this is good things. umm

Do you ever feel like something is missing in your life, but you think you found something to fill that missing spot? I think I have many missing spots in my life and I am trying to fill them. Thats why i go to college to fill that having a meaning or something to work for. I think we all have these so call holes and we go through life trying to fill them… Though right now happiness is the real big one for me right now, I am happy just trying to stay that way. Ya know what I mean? But I could go on and on about all this, but I am not. I am just trying to live life the way I want and be happy, and one day find love. Which I am in no hurry on that one. haha Moving on… 

Operation Beautiful: 
Ok I saw this on a friends blog and I thought this is an awesome idea… What you doing is your are taking post it notes and you are writing something good on it. Like you are beautiful and then you stick it wherever to promote self confidence. like the other day i went around wal mart taking little notes and putting it on diet foods and mags, basically you are saying don’t let society tell how to act, dress, live, and what to eat. (to stop fat talk)…. check the web site.  I think this is a great because you go around in stores and you see all this stuff promoting the thin/skinny is what the world wants and what men and so on wants. (sex sells) yea sex does sell, look at the tv and you see all the ads and the women and men are super hot and sexy. But a lot times that not real, you can do so much with a computer it ain’t funny. You can take a photo put it on photoshop and I can make you skinny, fat, blonde or whatever. So my point is we should not let the world tell us what to do. Love yourself, love what you do, be happy, and make love. Its your life and your life is what you make it. but still don’t let others tell you aint beautiful, because you are the most beautiful person inside and out. 🙂 So go out and spread the love. visit the sire http://www.operationbeautiful.com 

well I think this is it for now. i am at 734 words. 


love who you are, you are beautiful so smile like there ain't a tomorrow :)

love who you are, you are beautiful so smile like there ain't a tomorrow 🙂

Chelsea <3

Chelsea ❤


kourt ❤

Nightly night 



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5 responses to “A New Week, New goals, & New Things to See :]

  1. “I am thinking of going jogging in the mornings i have been thinking of this for awhile and think I might do it.”

    I have been planning to do that for a while! I’m going to start my first day of jogging in the morning on July 9th 🙂

    Also, I really like the idea of Operation Beautiful. I checked the official site and it really made me smile. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yea I am not sure when i am going to start hoping this week…
    Yes the Operation Beautiful brightens my day, I am recovered/recovery Ed and seeing this is amazing.
    And you are very welcome see ya around.

  3. Oh wow, then I can see how Operation Beautiful can have a positive impact on your life 🙂

    See you around here too!

  4. You’ve got a nice blog here. Keep it up. I know sometimes it’s hard to post every day, but the more you do it the easier it gets. And if you go a day or two without having anything to say, don’t be discouraged. Life happens, sometimes. 🙂

  5. thanks! and yea i try not to and yea life it happens 🙂 well see ya around

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