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SC 1st Snow Fall

The last South Carolina White Christmas was 47 years ago, till 2010 Christmas. It starting Snowing Christmas Day around 3pm. It was pretty! There was about 2 inches on the ground about 11 Pm that night. I have never seen a white Christmas here in SC. I have seen snow during Christmas time last year while in Maine. Well Here are some Chilly Photos!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and if you got snow, a fun snow day! Of Course our snow only lasted about a day or so. But we enjoyed all of the snow. Carter was scared of the snow, he didn’t want to go outside, he just didn’t really know what to think of it I suppose. I am not a big fan of snow either but it was nice and I like to look at it. Maybe we get some more snow soon. SO  who is ready for the new year? I am making a list the list for 2011. On Jan 1st is my 2 year date from when I started this blog. Which My blog has came a long way from then. I hope to do a fun post then! Well i am going to go I hope to update soon! I am going to my Grandmothers tomorrow for a Christmas Gathering. It should be fun.

Night my lovely Readers!


Our House Christmas Night all lit up! Very pretty!!

Us in the Snow at my Aunts for Christmas Dinner.

Cute Little Snowman



The Day After Christmas! So pretty!

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Busy Holiday!

It has and still a busy time for me! Sorry I haven’t Posted anything, I have not forgotten about my lovely readers! My mom is in town from Maine along with my little brother Adrian. I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and soon to be New Years eve!!!

I hope to be back soon, so look out for a post! Also I will be doing a post for Trashy Betty! Link is on the right, look for it Friday! Thank you and love you all dearly!


Court! 🙂

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Christmas Wish List…

Hi! Since I was going to post a recipe today, but I remember that I did earlier this week so I am going to post my Christmas Wish List! I am just wishing and well I thought to share…  I hope everyone is having a great Christmas Month. I am baking a lot more, and needing to get some more shopping done! Then Wrapping, my favorite part of the shopping! My mom is flying down on the 25th! I am very excited about seeing her! This is a busy month! I am also working on Christmas cards and finishing up making the home Christmasy, so look out for some more Christmas post! In the mean time enjoy this post!

H0 Ho Merry Christmas!

I saw this in the Bed Bath and Beyond Paper, and well I fell in Love!! It makes 8 mini Cupcakes.


(Rudolph Red Velvet Cupcake; pic from They ship cupcakes, so why not. Their Red Velvet are my favorite from GeorgeTown Cupcakes! $30 for a dozen 🙂


Black UGG boots!! I have been wanting some boots to wear over my skinny jeans. They are are super cute.

And here is something wear with the lovely boots!

Lovely White Wool Coat from Old Navy! $80 (:

Last but not least!


A pink stand mixer! i am needing a new one, so why not pink!

Thanks for Reading and Wishing with me!



ps here is Taylor Swift ~ Last Christmas 🙂


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Christmas Cookies!

Hey! I was going to post this yesterday for the Dec. 1st, but I didn’t get around to it. Tuesday I made home made sugar cookies, they turned out yummy! They were so much fun to decorate them. I am trying to get into the Christmas spirit! So who is ready to start counting down to Christmas!! Well Everyone should try this recipe! They are very soft when done and stay soft. Tip before cooking them. After cutting them out put them back in the fridge to chill for a sec, they will keep shape. Well if anyone does make them let me know!! happy Thursday, I gotta run!

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