My Thanksgiving and Weekend.


I have had a busy weekend and some news! Thanksgiving was great, just we cooked way too much food!! Which was nice to have family over and having people to cook a big dinner for. All the food turned out to be yummy and everything came out like it was planned! Also I went Black Friday shopping which it was crazy!!!! I went to Old Navy at 12 and stood in line for 2 hours to check just for some $5 pjs, which don’t get me wrong it was so worth it! I got some cute gifts and some pretty Christmas things for our Christmas tree. I am so excited about the Christmas Season and that I get to spend this season with my mommy that is coming down to the end of Dec. Also I will be coming an Aunt to twin Girls too! Well Also this weekend Chelsea had puppies!!, I am a nanny! She had five beautiful puppies! Also this weekend we put the tree and lights outside the house! Sunday we went to a Green Bay Packer game in GA. Which we lost 😦 but hey it was a great game and a close one. I think the Flacons went the crowed way out of the game. They won by a field goal, they should have man up and went into over time. Just saying. But if the Packers had a few more sec. they could have won!! Well this week I am going to try to stay on my diet, I can’t jog tomorrow it suppose to rain, if it doesn’t I am going to try and get out and walk/run some. Hmmm I am not sure what I have plan for this week, I brought a book today so I hope to start reading it this week!

Well Here are some photos enjoy!!

They are Mixed with Lab and Aussie Shep. Some have white feet, they are getting so big!

Our Thanksgiving Turkey, it was so yummy!!

Care Bear Toppers that I made for a cupcake order. For this past Saturday, they were so much fun to make! 🙂


Our Christmas Tree. Pink, red, and lime Green is our Christmas colors oh and sliver!

Curtis and I 2nd Christmas together! 2010. so pretty!!

Ok so now I am going to post photos from the game, just a few though~ I have so many!!!

Well thats going to be all the photos for now! I post something fun tomorrow.. Thinking of doing a Things I love day… thinking of doing once a week and do a baking post on Sundays. Hmmm Ideas Ideas 🙂 Night and Good Morning my lovely Readers!

xoxo, Courtney



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2 responses to “My Thanksgiving and Weekend.

  1. 🙂 Love the new update, and the awesome carebears!!! 😉 Those are GREAT!!!! Tree looks great!! 🙂 xoxo- Trashy Betty

  2. Love this post!! Beautiful tree!
    Full Moon and New Moon is a great time to do Vision Boards but I have found when the desire strikes me, it doesn’t matter what time of the Moon, Day, Week, etc…it’s all in your desire and intention.

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