Holiday Diet update/goals

Here is a small update; I am doing ok. I did really bad yesterday. I had pie and muffins. I made homemade apple spiced muffins. They were amazing though! I am going to have some re do some of my goals and eating.


  • buy water; drink it too
  • get up at 9 to jog
  • start working on some crafts I want to do
  • eat less sweets
  • workout more
  • try not to eat out
  • start my new book

Things not to eat:

  • beef
  • chicken
  • white bread
  • candy
  • chips
  • no soda

Things to eat less of:

  • sweet tea
  • coffee
  • chocolate
  • pork

Things to get more and do

  • fish
  • turkey
  • milk
  • eggs
  • veggies
  • fruit
  • salads
  • tofu
  • jog

I have do good today just the rain the past two days I haven’t been able to get out and jog. I hoping I get out tomorrow and go jogging and my bug should be fixed too. I am wanting to start eating 6 small meals a day. Breakfast (big) Snack (fruit, yogurt) Lunch ( salad, sandwich) snack (smoothie or snack bar) Dinner ( something small) snack Try not to eat after 7 pm

I am going to try not to get upset, I am going to try and stay positive!

Here are some photos of dinner

Tofu with noodles and veggies in soy sauce. Good but too salty






well this is it for now.

xoxo, Court. ❤


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13 responses to “Holiday Diet update/goals

  1. I’ve made it a goal to not drink starbucks at all. It’s going to be hard. I’ve started making coffee at home. Less sugar and saving money. 🙂

  2. That would be hard, when I lived near starbucks I would buy at least 4 coffees a day!! But I have no choice but make my coffee since I can’t find a coffee shop I like in my town.
    Good luck too you!! and thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. mommy

    Hi Sweetie!
    Veggies and tofu! Good stuff, make you some veggie burgers and get veggie-soy meat substitutes at bi-lo, good ones are tofurkey and smart dogs etc. in the fresh veggie section. Dont forget peanut butter! Veggies sauted in soy sauce are yummy! I love you and miss you

  4. Good luck! i like your goals except for the tofu! yuk…. sushi, can actually be fattening, there was something on the NY news about a month ago that people think it is so much better than having a burger…and they did this comparison thing, some sushi had as many calories or more.
    Eating out…I know I do too much also. coffee out…
    I found out several months back that half n half has sugar in it…WHY??? So I was using Fat free liquid coffee mate. guess what, that had sugar in it also…??????????
    so I was searching and searching and I found something in my Shop-Rite’s in a cardboard quart container a skim(fat free) half n half, and the ingredients listed NO SUGAR…YEA!!
    Now, I have none in the house and can’t remember the brand, sorry but it has a cow pattern on the carton.

    Good things to eat, that have gotten bad press:
    eggs…not so loaded with cholesterol, and an excellent source of protein
    Chicken…ok without the skin, and trimming any fat off
    Pork… a good for you white meat ( depending on the cut, like Bacon…not so good, LOL)

    I have to lose weight for bone and other health issues, but I am disabled and exercise is a vicious cycle of pain. I also suffer with depression and anxiety, and am isolated and alone 85% of the time, so eating is too easy. I so need to get a car and be able to get out of the house once in a while, and perhaps join WW.

    Continued wishes for success!

  5. Thank you! Maybe we can get coffee one day!

  6. Tiffany

    OOOh, I miss sushi! Thats what being pregnant does to you. Be careful with the turkey too. I know you are worried about the hormones and stuff, and they pump the turkeys full of them too. Any poultry actually will have them. I know you will do great! You are strong willed and once you put your mind to something you dont let anything get in your way. One thing to remember, it is scientifically proven that it takes 21 days to form a habbit, but only one day to break it. So, if you can make yourself do it for at least that long, the remaining time should be easy. I love you sis!!! Hope to see you Sunday for the baby shower!!!

  7. Serious goals! Here’s a few tips for reducing your intake of Sweet Tea (uhm, can Southerners stop drinking Sweet Tea? I thought it was mandatory!):

    Make tea with dried orange & lemon rind &/or other dried fruits
    Add frozen berries to your gallon of tea & let it sit overnight, the natural tartness & sweetness mellows out the tannins in the tea.
    Switch to green tea, it’s milder, & only allow it to steep for 5 minutes
    Switch from sugar to agave nectar. Agave is less sweet, has less calories, doesn’t drive your need for sugar & is a good transition to no sweetener.

    When you get really brave, experiment with other herbals instead of tea. I love Nettle tea (some people think it’s a bit strong), vervain tea, red clover tea, yerba matte…

    Wild & Bright Blessings!

  8. Oh wow all that food looks so yummy. I really need to cut strabucks out of my diet, I seriously can’t resist those Christmas drinks!!

  9. Thank you! I will so try this! 🙂

  10. I love it too! Its my weakness along with chocolate

  11. Asian Butterfly

    Oh Kourt, i need this too. I’m on a diet. I wanted to try the tofu, broccoli with noodle. Wanna share the recipe? thanks. hugs!

  12. My mama makes wonderful tofu burgers but I don’t know it. She coming down soon so I get her to show me how and I will share it! (:

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