The Good Witch Blog Party!

Saturday I sat down and watched all three movies! I love them all, but since I am in the Christmas spirit I love the new one!  The Good Witch’s Gift. I love Christmas and I can’t wait for December to get here so I can put my tree and everything! I hoped everyone enjoyed the movies! I am going to post some lovely photos! I am going to be baking a small goodie later and re-watch the movie tonight! 

The Wedding was my favorite party! And their Wedding Cookie Cake was so Cute with all the sugar cookies! (: Very Lovely!




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6 responses to “The Good Witch Blog Party!

  1. Is this a movie on cable television? I haven’t heard of it (but then again, the movie hasn’t heard of me, so I guess things square up, so to speak)

  2. I am actually putting up the posts for the “real” party post I hope you will enjoy it thanks so much for hosting an awesome event I love the movies and this is a good way to honor them
    Post 1)
    Post 2) The Real Post
    there will be a third on (like the movies) and that will be recipes i will post those tomorrow.
    Thank you for this party

  3. they are playing the movies again? if so then i can call the cable company and find out what channel is.

  4. Beautiful!!! Do you have a button I can post on my page for your blog???? 🙂 ❤ me some cupcakes too!!! Im going to be doing a little girls slumber party (Christmas themed) soon…. 🙂 What would you think about doing my cupcakes… catch me on Facebook and we shall chat! 🙂

  5. I love to do you some cupcakes… I will send you a message on fb 🙂

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