Cold November bur..

My 2nd post for today! Today for dinner I went to Denny’s because I wanted some breakfast and I wanted to see Curtis! Well They had Pumpkin pie but they were all out!!! So after dinner I went to Ingles and brought some Pumpkin Pie Creamer! There are so many different flavors and since its time for the holidays there are so many more!! I am wanting to go back and get many more!! So a nice big cup of coffee and a homemade chocolate cookies = warm November night, and the coffee made the house smell so good! So of course I took photos!! 

I am getting very excited about this Sunday! Curtis and I are getting photo taken! We are using the photos for Christmas Cards and for some frames. I am wanting to go for a Christmas feel so We are going to be wearing Black and Red. I hate matching and I just hope it wont freak me out to much. But I am wanting to a stylist matching look. Carter is also going to be the photos too, so I am going to look for a red sweater for him, since it will be chilly. Just trying to think were we going to take them at.  Any ideas??  ( here is her logo she makes beautiful photos!)

Also Please join me for The Good Witch Blog Party!! (: Have a good and warm night everyone!!



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7 responses to “Cold November bur..

  1. Oh my Goddess! Where is SC are you? I am in the upstate…(see my last blog post). I am so excited I found your blog and I will be following.



  2. I am so excited I found your blog! Where in SC are you? I am in the Upstate.

  3. I am in Anderson area 🙂

  4. NO WAY! I am in Easley. Small world! (sorry for the double post, I didnt think it worked.)

  5. Glad you find me! Nice to see someone close by that reads my blog! Thanks for reading! I saw that you were from easley I am from there.

  6. Who did your pics??? Jessica of Thousand word photo did ours and bo and mandy’s…. I love her so much!!! She has an awesome spirit and lots of talent! Oooohh and my fav coffee creamer is the Mint Choc. Truffle…. Drroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!! ❤

  7. We are getting some done on Sunday. Michelle Brooks is doing them. I love Bo and mandy pics there are beautiful!!
    I am wanting to try the MInt Choc. kind! (:

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