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Cold November bur..

My 2nd post for today! Today for dinner I went to Denny’s because I wanted some breakfast and I wanted to see Curtis! Well They had Pumpkin pie but they were all out!!! So after dinner I went to Ingles and brought some Pumpkin Pie Creamer! There are so many different flavors and since its time for the holidays there are so many more!! I am wanting to go back and get many more!! So a nice big cup of coffee and a homemade chocolate cookies = warm November night, and the coffee made the house smell so good! So of course I took photos!! 

I am getting very excited about this Sunday! Curtis and I are getting photo taken! We are using the photos for Christmas Cards and for some frames. I am wanting to go for a Christmas feel so We are going to be wearing Black and Red. I hate matching and I just hope it wont freak me out to much. But I am wanting to a stylist matching look. Carter is also going to be the photos too, so I am going to look for a red sweater for him, since it will be chilly. Just trying to think were we going to take them at.  Any ideas??  ( here is her logo she makes beautiful photos!)

Also Please join me for The Good Witch Blog Party!! (: Have a good and warm night everyone!!



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The Good Witch Blog Party

Hello my friends! I am doing my 1st ever blog party! And what better is The Good Witch Movies.

The Good Witch, The Good Witch’s Garden, and her new one The Good Witch’s Gift that premiers Saturday Nov. 13th on Hallmark. All 3 movies start on the 13th at 4pm.  Hallmark Movie times and about the movies 🙂

Please Join me on Monday the 15th! Lets join together and enjoy the movies together!! Be as creative as you want, do giveaways, bake, show, spells, and peoms ! Lets us know what your favorite movie or favorite part!

If you like to join please just comment and leave your link! also grab the button and link it back here to this post. ON the day of the party Comment on the party post with the link of your party post!  🙂 if you have questions just ask!

many blessings



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