Pumpkins and Cupcakes

This post is just going to have Photos! Happy Halloween!

I love the flowers with the pumpkin its so pretty!

Now here are the cupcakes! Chocolate Chip Cookies, Post recipe later or if just email me and I will send you the recipe!


thank you for reading!!




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9 responses to “Pumpkins and Cupcakes

  1. peytonsmommy07

    The cupcakes look yummy, I might get that recipe from you if you dont mind. And I love the pumpkin and the flowers! So Fall!! I love this time of year too. And the pumpkin is so shiny, did you put something on it?

  2. Not sure if this is your Halloween Party link, but great PICs…

    Please fly by for my giveaways too…
    Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy

    My Haunted Halloween Party Link:

  3. Lovely pictures! Those cupcakes look delicious 🙂 ~Lauren

  4. You captured the beauty of that pumpkin so well. It looks like the one, Cinderella rode to the ball. Great photos!

  5. The pictures are very vivd, only now they have me wanting to eat some muffins by some pumpkins outdoors underneath the afternoon sun we are enjoying today! Lovely post.

    Happy Halloween!

    If you like to come over for a visit , I am giving away some of my art prints.



  6. I love pumpkins and flowers together.

    The cupcakes are so pretty.

  7. Sometimes a picture shows a thousand words, I think I’d like a cupcake now!


  8. the cupcakes !! oh the cupcakes look beyond delicious…bet they smell incredible!

  9. Oh yummy looking cupcakes, thanks for the invite to tea.

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