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Long Time.

Since I have done any post! I am sorry! I have missed 2 blog parties! I have been so busy with cupcakes and party planning  that I have been forgetting to blog!

I promise to pop in to see everyones party posts. SO how is everyones fall season? Halloween is this weekend and my party. I am so excited!! halloween is my favorite.

This past weekend Curtis and I went to the mountains (: here are some lovely photos


I post more soon!! Thanks for all the lovely comments!




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Pumpkins and Cupcakes

This post is just going to have Photos! Happy Halloween!

I love the flowers with the pumpkin its so pretty!

Now here are the cupcakes! Chocolate Chip Cookies, Post recipe later or if just email me and I will send you the recipe!


thank you for reading!!



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This is for all the clown haters 😉

Halloween costume ideas… I love P!nk and her hair!

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The Witch Is IN!

Here is The Witch is in sign I made today! Wish I had prettier hand writing. It would look much nicer. Made the cute little hat too..

Here are some lovely photos of us when we went costume shopping (:


I would have edited them! but they are super cute! I hope you enjoy them!! Sorry I haven’t posted anything this week, I have been sick and just started getting better!!  Thanks for stopping by!

happy halloween!!


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Fall cold.


I am sick and I think with the flu. Be back soon, when I do I will do a big Spooky post (:

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The Countdown Begins!

Hi! Happy October!! This is going to be very short..

I am posting a photo of my doggies Halloween tees! They are very cute, I got them at Old Navy for $3!!

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