I want to wish you a Happy Birthday even if you don’t think believe in them or not… This day should always be about you… I know you have had some bad ones in the past and it might be hard to move past them. If you even need some one to talk to I am here to listen even if I am 2,000 miles away!

I want to tell you I love you and I miss you tons!!! You mean the world to me! You have been there for me when I need someone to talk to… I want to say thank you! I hope your day is wonderful like all your days!

I can’t wait for you to come down! We all miss you lots! I hope you enjoy these photos! 🙂 Love you mama.

Love you!! Xoxo




Filed under Fall 2009

3 responses to “Mama,

  1. How sweet. Mom’s are the best!

  2. mom

    Thank you Sweetheart, I love you more than words can say.

  3. peytonsmommy07

    OMG! That first photo is is from so long ago! And look at how long your hair was when you were little! Great pics Kourtney!!!

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