Getting Ready for Fall.

Hey everyone!! How is everyone liking fall so far? Well down here in the south fall is still 90 degree weather, but we have cooler mornings and nights! Which I am getting ready for fall! I made a flower arrangement a few days ago. It’s very pretty. I am wanting to get some fall flowers for the front.. Curtis and I are planning for the Halloween party.. We are going to have Low country boil for the dinner.. We wanted something yummy, but easy to eat and serve! Having some cocktails too… Thinking of doing a drink and a shot…  Coming up with some invites too.. thinking of making them, but also have a FB invite too…

Last night I made a cute spider web, which I got the idea and help from A Fanciful Twist. (click on name) I put the web on my microwave door.. It is a very fun idea.. I wish I had some glitter but I didn’t. Enjoy the photo (:

I am getting ready for the Practical Magic Party!! I will post my post tomorrow at Midnight. So I have to get it finish!! I have an idea of what I am going to do…. Gotta get all ready to post.. I can’t wait to read everyones post!! I am going to watching the movie Saturday too and having little goodie to eat 🙂

I better go my pretties!! I got to go do some fall cleaning and gotta cook some supper!

Happy Fall!



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