This Week Book, Findings, & Ramblings (:

Hello! First off I would like to say thank you very much for all the past visitors!! I hope you like what you see and read! I am working on creating a button, but not sure how a go about doing it.

Secondly how was everyones weekend?? Mine was good, we went to the flea market Sunday. Not very busy at all.. I got some yummy doughnuts and bought a book, which is Nicholas Sparks new one.. Safe Haven. I am going to be reading it this week, which it shouldn’t take me long to read. Its not that thick of a book and well his books are easy to read. Has anyone read the book yet or is reading it? It came out last Tuesday. So that is this week goal… So if I don’t update this week you know I am sipping on some coffee and reading 🙂

Today as in Monday I have been working on the guest room, I am wanting to make part of the room a craft area. Which where I can go and do my thing. As in reading, scrap booking, writing, blogging, photography, studying, crafts, and the list could go on.. But on there is a place for a guest to relax and sleep if need be. 🙂 The colors in the room are brown, white, and purple oh and some splash of pink! When it is finish I will post some photos.

So while I was packing up things and going thru things I came along with some of my Mama’s China…. Which is so pretty and just too cute! I thought to share it with you. Its something you would see at a tea party, maybe the Mad Hatters 🙂 I will one day have a place to store and show it all at the same time. So I pulled out a tea cup and plate for you all… I love the pinks and yellows in it.. Reminds me of Spring time..

I want to also say that the month of October I am going to be in crafty mood! Since I am doing the Countdown to Halloween and the blog halloween party too… So I have to get post together for this up coming month which is like 2 weeks away!! Also Sept. 25 is PM Blog Party!!! I am needing to get my hands on that movie again….  Back to the Crafty mood… I was talking to Curtis about it and he thinks its a good idea.. it will keep me busy! We are having a Halloween Party on Saturday the 30th! So I am going to make all the decor. for the party! I Have some ideas. But I was thinking I could do a craft a week for the decor. and on the other days I can post about other things… SO with the whole countdown to halloween I am going to make it about planning for the party and getting up ideas and so on! I hope that makes sense!  But whatever I do there will be lots of photos!!! I hope you enjoyed reading!! Please leave a comment to let me know you were here!!! Happy Soon to be Fall!! 🙂

Hmm I think that is about it… this is a really long post!!



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2 responses to “This Week Book, Findings, & Ramblings (:

  1. Tiffany

    Hey sweetie, just be really careful with the China, I believe it was Big Grannys and is the last thing momma has left of hers. It is beautiful, isnt it! And so dainty! I love it. Hope your week is going good, i really enjoyed our shopping day yesterday!

  2. its all packed up! in my trunk…. I just thought to take out some pieces to share… but I love it so pretty! Yes the shopping day was fun!!

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