Fall is in the Air.

The 1st day of Autumn is Sept. 21!

Hey everyone!! Welcome the End of Tuesday. 8 o’clock is arriving and Charmed is going off. One of my favorite shows, along with True Blood! Which the last EP on Sunday was awesome!!  Today for me has been short. I woke up at 4:30 PM, but I didn’t sleep well at all! I kept tossing and turning, I woke at 5 this morning and stayed up at least for 30 mins.  But other than a bad night sleep, I made the pound cake again. I also made spiced apples to go with.  Very yummy, I love me some spiced apples. The thing is that my pound cake fell again!! I don’t understand why. Its Paul Adeens recipe. It just not working right, but it still taste yummy!!  Do any of yall might know why its falling???

Hmm well I have walked the pups today, they just have been acting up. Also I am trying to get my Fern back to life, when we went to DC and came back it was brown and dry in one spot as it still is. I don’t understand. When the cooler weather comes I am going to have to bring it in.

Well Halloween is also in the Fall! Which new beginnings begin! I am wanting to have a party for Halloween. I think it would be fun! Everyone dress up, have candy apples, cupcakes, fog, yummy food and just some fun! Just Halloween is on a Sunday this year. Who will be planning something on Sunday or will yall be doing something before?? I am not sure what I am going to do yet. Well I am going to post some photos 🙂

Some of my Faller  pound cake, spiced apples, Carter, and me in my favorite jeans!

What do you think wrong with it?

My Favorite Jeans!

I am going to make a new Categorie for fall. Even though it aint quit Fall yet. Thanks you for reading my blog! I always love getting comments. (:




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2 responses to “Fall is in the Air.

  1. Tiffany

    Ok, with the brown spots in the fern, that is just how they start dying off in the cool weather. Just take some snips and cut them out so the plant can focus on keeping the green parts fed and watered and not be trying to regenerate the dead ones. O, and about True Blood, the girl who plays Sookie and her vamp boyfriend Bill got married in real life not long ago….how romantic!!! Love u sis!!

  2. really I didn’t know that!! thanks! love ya too

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