Southern Sweet Tea

Hi! I know this is a kinda Random post, but I have had some friends ask how do I make my tea. Because its “real Sweet” Which to sweet tea is not sweet tea unless its sweet. So I thought to share how I make my sweet tea the southern way and Courtney’s way.

Step one! You need Lipton tea bags.. family size! And you need 3 of the bags. Get a pot fill with water, add  the bags and add to stove top. Bring to boil.

Step Two. While pot on stove put 2 Cups of real sugar in 1 gal pitcher!

Step Three! Pour the hot tea in the pitcher, stir till sugar is melted. Fill with cold water. let it sit out for about 10 mins then let it chill.

To serve fill glasses with lots of ice if serving warm.. then pour! If serving cold just add some ice! Enjoy!!  Oh yea don’t forget the lemon!

Now if you wanting to have a nice little cocktail add some firefly to some sweet tea or to some lemon. Which just for a fun fact, firefly is made here in the good old south in good old Charleston!!!!

I hope you enjoy!




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3 responses to “Southern Sweet Tea

  1. OH MY GOD, THAT SOUNDS SO REFRESHING RIGHT ABOUT NOW! I’m going through a tea phase right now. I used to order caramel macchiato from starbucks but now I only order iced shaken black tea lemonade. Today I had this mango sparkling tea from amanzi tea (not sure how popular they are) and it was so good! And now your blog is making me THIRSTY AGAIN! I must try this. Thanks for sharing!

    And you look so BEAUTIFUL in profile picture (default one)! The place is gorgeous too! Where is that?

  2. soitbeetold

    Your blog is super cute! I love it! And thanks for the sweet tea recipe, I will definitely be using it! Miss you girly! Hope you’re having a wonderful time in DC with Curtis! 🙂

  3. Hey Sorry i have replied. It was taken in hawaii. I hope yall do try the tea.. I couldnt live without it. When I was in DC I couldn’t find sweet tea!! lol

    We had a great time!

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