Day 3

Hey yall sorry I didn’t post anything but a photo yesterday, but I went to my sisters and well I blew it… I ate chocolate pie and ate like 4 mini  things.. SO YESTERDAY I ate 1200 cals maybe more.. But today!!

Has been awesome!! I got my hair which is super cute!

But my food intake


Grilled Chicken Salad
Chichen: 170 cals
Salad: 6 cals
low fat dressing: 25 cals

total: 201 🙂

Anyways here is my new hair. I well update this post tonight!! (4:51)

at 8:30pm –

Chicken, same type that was used in the salad: 170 cals

Broccoli 27 cals 1/2 serving.

total: 197 🙂

Oh Goals:

  • Try to clean up some cutler
  • walk Chelsea /jog

I have done really well today.. and I am happy! ❤ I hope everyone is doing good this week!! My birthday is Friday and I am hoping to do something, but I am not sure yet.  Anyways Have a good night everyone!!

lots of love



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5 responses to “Day 3

  1. I know I’m 1 hour late (my time at least) but happy birthday! And that chicken salad sounded delish 😀

  2. Thanks girl!! and Yea the homemade ones are always the best.. 🙂

  3. dmcgirl37

    Wow, are you trying to lose weight? 1200 calories is so little!?

    Dana xo

  4. Asian Butterfly

    awesome pics and plan. =) good luck! i hope me too!

  5. Heather

    I hope that’s not all you ate that day, or that you’re eating like that all the time. That didn’t even add up to half of what you should be getting per day. Very unhealthy…

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