Diet Plan

Our Plan for the summer, my diet plan that is.

Ok I am in need for loosing weight, I was at Curtis’ sisters house and I weigh myself… the mean bad scale told me that I weighed 185.7!!! I about pooped in my pants.. 😦 Then I was thinking back a year ago when I met Curtis and I weighed 153.  I have gain over 20 pounds. I wish I would have stood on that scale over 2 months ago. Anyways so my plan and Curtis’ plan to loose weight.

I am starting on Monday so I have tonight and tomorrow to eat all the sweets and junk before Monday. !!

Week One goals:

  • loose 2 to 5 pounds by Sunday.
  • no sweets unless its sugar free and only one to two sugar free a week
  • no white bread
  • Jog/walk every evening with the pups.  (:
  • oh and buy a scale.
  • drinks lots of water

I will do at least one post every day to keep up with my daily goals and feelings of how I feel. and if I get urges to get any sweets. 🙂

Curtis plan is to cut out carbs and bread and anything white. Till next time..

lots of love

Court ❤



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3 responses to “Diet Plan

  1. Mommy

    Hi Sweetie

    I know what you mean about sweets! I have become addicted to ice cream! I think I have gained about 5 or 6 pounds in my tummy! My pants are tight and my tummy was almost flat before the ice cream! And the potatoes do not help either, but they are so good here in Maine. All of the potatoes are blooming in the fields now and it is so pretty here. Everything is so very green, and flowers are everywhere. Wish you could see it all. I love you and miss you lots. Mommy

  2. Hey Court,
    I figured I’d pass good Karma your way and check out your blog. GREAT plan to lose a bit of weight. You can go for WHOLE WHEAT bread it’s way HEALTHIER for you anyhow.

  3. Thanks… Yea.. I used to be much smaller.. and I cant fit into any of my clothes.. I dont know what happened. I did have an ED and i somewhat over came it.. but I still have urges to purged and not eat… but I think everyone still does after they do recover. I want to loose the weight just I want to do it the healthy way and not go back to the old ways.

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