Amazing (:

This post is going to really contain photos.. theses are just an hand full of what me and Curtis got taken.. they are on my Facebook.. but I am wanting to share them here… (:

This is week has been really amazing.. The 1st photo is of Tiffany and me at her college graduation.

ok all the rest are taken by Ginia.. she is self taught photographer… you can find her on my facebook 🙂

ok I have one more to share but I am replacing the blue headed girl with it… I love these.. I am waiting on the rest.. 🙂





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3 responses to “Amazing (:

  1. soitbeetold

    Lovely pictures girl. You need to post these on Facebook right away! And congratulations to your sister for graduating! You and Curtis are super cute 🙂

  2. thanks!! they are all on flickr

  3. imaginenamaste

    Those are awesome pictures!

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